The Story of The Titan Facilities on Azeroth [Lore]

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TaelD1232 on 12. Apr. 2018.
Love when you do a lore vid on anything Titan and old god related. I love all the vids but titans and old gods are probably the most interesting to me. Love the channel man keep it up!
E Smo on 11. Apr. 2018.
I'm here as much for your voice as I am for the lore
Andrew Murzul on 10. Apr. 2018.
hey i was wondering if you do a video on the wild gods of wow since you did the video on the other gods in wow
Joyde on 10. Apr. 2018.
Nobbel, is it possible that Azeroth is a natural Fel Titan? I mean, apart from all the insanity and chaos going up on her surface, the bursts of flame which precede the appearance of Azerite on the surface have the same model/effects as felfire does. You can see this clearly during the new battleground. Thoughts?
Morgan Varg on 10. Apr. 2018.
Nice upskirt
supergeno128ds on 10. Apr. 2018.
My god do I love Brann! That bit about the lever made me laugh!
dexter floy on 10. Apr. 2018.
Cornishman's Tushy on 10. Apr. 2018.
C'thun is the best sounding Old God around "You are already dead."
ObligedUniform on 10. Apr. 2018.
How long until they run out of 'UL' dungeons raids and zones I wonder?
Alexanderiii on 9. Apr. 2018.
What's with all the ads that you can't skip at the start and in the middle of your video?
Gianturtlecow on 9. Apr. 2018.
Amalgam: uh-MALL-gum
antrill on 9. Apr. 2018.
Hey Nobbel, mind clearing something for me? What happens to the planet hosting a titan soul when it awakens? Does the planet break apart when the titan leaves or does the titan teleport out or something?
Jackie Graves on 9. Apr. 2018.
Fantastic video!! Can’t wait until the next one.
Bradley Lalonde on 9. Apr. 2018.
Curious if there is any lore about the Maidens/Titan facility under the Tomb of Sargeras that I missed.
1GiancarloD on 9. Apr. 2018.
I never knew about that Path of the Titans! So cool!
juicy ben on 9. Apr. 2018.
can you do lore on Nathanos Blightcaller?
ArkhamAxonn on 9. Apr. 2018.
wait a second,if I remember right, after y'shaaraj (sorry if i spelled it wrong) was ripped out like a weed ARCANE energies seeped from the wound which was lifeblood of the titan spirit not some form of liquid form of azerite?I could be mistaken and missed something but I just thought of it.
Lerquiy of Nirlac on 9. Apr. 2018.
It's cute how Azeroth has time to drag the Speaker and the High Priest around to take in abandoned pets while being corrupted and stuff.
Krister krimm on 9. Apr. 2018.
We need Lore about ALL the zones!!!
Masoud Niko on 9. Apr. 2018.
2:39 thank you
Alinnala Stargazer on 9. Apr. 2018.
Ok, I been wondering, am I better at making websites? Because I just joined this guild and I mange to edit it. It isn't quite finished yet. Yes this Alinnala Shatterheart again. I hope I did well.
Max Casper on 9. Apr. 2018.
There's an Old God that gets summoned by the Arakkoa in Outland, but it has never been given a name. Are there other Old Gods that we don't know much about?
Jason Crew on 9. Apr. 2018.
Next week: The story of Naruto Uzumaki - Part 1 of 2 [Lore]
Viktor10 Lazovski on 9. Apr. 2018.
христос воскресе Nobbel
james evarts on 9. Apr. 2018.
John Angelo Tenorio on 9. Apr. 2018.
13:17 NANI!!?
George2001k on 9. Apr. 2018.
It was fun seeing the order hall mount quest chain for the priest. Can you do a video for all the Legion class mounts? Haven’t seen any other than the Warlock one.
Bysentenial on 9. Apr. 2018.
Chronicles 3 goes up to cataclysm. Was Wrathion mentioned? Just wondering if he's still part of the story.
Mick Liss on 9. Apr. 2018.
When Nobble says Y'Shaarj :D So smooth, love it!
Yaibatsu on 9. Apr. 2018.
I'm curious, is there a form of chronical description someone could follow for Warcraft? With that I mean how we have 10.000 BC and the likes. Does something like that exist for the World of Warcraft, or is just just vague "10 thousand years ago" and major events like the War of the Ancients are used as a determination of time?
DixieHB on 9. Apr. 2018.
"Algalon was moved by our resolve..." Resolve. Synonyms: DPS, defeat, death
Przemek Wielgosz on 9. Apr. 2018.
I don't think Loken was ever corrupted, we're the corruption, we bear the gift/curse of flesh. Loken was creating new pure earthen that wouldn't bear our gift. That's how the Titans created the world, that's how they wanted it to be and we're abominations in their order.
Just a Noob on 9. Apr. 2018.
Could you do a specific video about each keeper know and Where is now/ What is should be doing rn? I know that mimiron is reparing things on ulduar but the others i dont know. Thanks :)
Mindaugas JM on 9. Apr. 2018.
I have an unrelated question - what's the deal with the satyrs? Where do they come from and who do they serve?
Sarmad Asif on 9. Apr. 2018.
Hey Nobbel87 can you do a video about the WIld Gods and how are they linked to Elune or Eonar and which ones of them were killed during the war of the ancients and who survived. Their offsprings and their role in the Azeroth that we see today. Would be awesome!
René Larsen on 9. Apr. 2018.
Pretty sure you found the Forge of Origination when looked up under skirt of Freya :)
PringlesFTW on 9. Apr. 2018.
Now I feel bad for Archavon
Starfals on 9. Apr. 2018.
Great, finally something more interesting. :) I love lore videos of old and past things. ( Yes, i refuse to watch BFA videos ;p)
Arri on 9. Apr. 2018.
Yes!!! This was MY comment! Ahhhh! I feel like I've looted Invincibles Reins! Thanks Nobbel
Scott on 9. Apr. 2018.
How do you make your character invisible?
Shawna Pelander on 9. Apr. 2018.
Good question, anonymous!
Odelein on 9. Apr. 2018.
13:18 Omae wa mou shindeiru
Henriette Oxbye on 9. Apr. 2018.
nice nobbel.. thx. very interesting :)
TiqoHunt on 9. Apr. 2018.
Are all the old gods prisons starting with the letter U? Ulduar Uldir Whats next
Adsew on 9. Apr. 2018.
Really hope they do more with Wrathion. Especially if hes the prince sitting at the masters table
linkzellda on 9. Apr. 2018.
Hey Nobbel... What do you think will happen to our Order Hall and to the Illidari after Legion?
Dead Pool on 9. Apr. 2018.
2:39 lmao you did that on purpose
Enthused Norseman on 9. Apr. 2018.
Nobbel, I have a question; why did the Titans' essences go to their titan-forged servants on Azeroth and not on some other titan-altered planet in the Great Dark Beyond? Is it because the World Soul in Azeroth is special, or was it something else?
Eydis on 9. Apr. 2018.
11:25 I expected Citizen of Dalaran joke.
exxor9108 on 9. Apr. 2018.
C'thun: Omae wa mou... shindeiru.