The Temple Arena | LET'S BRAWL! | Heroes of the Storm Brawl Mode

Creator: TGN Squadron Views: 6282
Uploaded: 25 May 2017 Likes: 254
Patch: One Night Disikes: 9

Garrett Lloyd on 29. May. 2017.
Lol @ Dan, "I had to bail, cuz they gots so many god dam laserz"
Paraelix Configuration on 26. May. 2017.
AverageAdam's game is so bright and washed out >_>
matt troxler on 26. May. 2017.
Liem Neesons....from Tooken??? THAT'S MY JAM!!!!!!!!!!!
Lunumbrus on 26. May. 2017.
Stitches' Helping Gorge would make Pyroblast really balanced. It's too good right now, mana cost is too low, CD too short, does too much damage. Buff Gorge, nerf Pyro.
FayceTwitch on 26. May. 2017.
"I'm suckin Jimmy... got em!"
PopcornMax179 on 26. May. 2017.
Double bladestorm is OP
henrihell on 26. May. 2017.
Does anyone else think there should be a much higher chance of everyone playing the same hero? Like 1½ hours of playing short ~5 minute games and not a single one was like that. I personally think those are the most fun to play, but I think I've only played those twice, as Butcher and Rag.
Hazeman on 26. May. 2017.
Mike: "Kharazim or Uther?" Me: "AURIEL! ! !"