The True Size of Azeroth, THE PLANET, Revealed! - World of Warcraft

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Bolle Gamer on 12. Apr. 2018.
Makes sence on travel time in game, where you can basically walk from one end of a continent and to the other end in a few hours.
aedivian on 9. Apr. 2018.
Ingame scalings do not match the real size. Even goldshire is alot bigger than it's ingame representation. This video is a waste of time
Wrathsdemise on 8. Apr. 2018.
PEEKABOO!! 6:51 - 6:53
Brian Bailey on 7. Apr. 2018.
love this vid!
Dávid Ispán on 7. Apr. 2018.
Azeroth is flat.
Marlockie on 6. Apr. 2018.
Is anyone else concerned about the amount of speed lost from the sword plunge.. people may have been flattened on the other side of Azeroth, while others may have been sent in the air a good mile.
NerdSlapper on 5. Apr. 2018.
Skillshare is pretty bad. You don't get 2 months of anything but free stuff. Also, their web is terribly optimized.
SuperVigormortis on 5. Apr. 2018.
Shit, 2 Bellulars on screen at 6:53
Sportsquirrel on 5. Apr. 2018.
Next question, what does the composition of the planet have to be to have a more or less earth normal gravity?
Anitoon 99 on 5. Apr. 2018.
i like this video
Laserred01 on 4. Apr. 2018.
Interesting. I was thinking it was closer to the size of the moon. So what would the gravity be on a planet that small? I guess that's how we're able to carry 5 bags of junk on a broom handle!
AeluronLightsong on 3. Apr. 2018.
You missed the important question. Does Earth have a world soul. :O
Becca Boys on 3. Apr. 2018.
Heh. Fuckin nerd
Peips on 3. Apr. 2018.
Lol, long winded until you reach the real meat! ...the ad
phoenix7289 on 2. Apr. 2018.
Always knew Azeroth seemed small. Imagine how much more exploration there'd be if we got to explore a world even half as big as Earth. ;o Come on Blizzard... <3
Jason Short on 2. Apr. 2018.
Azeroth isn't going through space on the back of a giant turtle? Come on.
RMJ1984 on 1. Apr. 2018.
The real question we gotta ask is. Where is the tsunami ? when the huge sword struck. there should be a 1000 meter tall tsunami, there should be earthquakes. What about his giant hand? if that was also in the ocean, thats billions of liters of water displaced, that will also create tsunamis, not to mention the fact that the sword is big enough to stick into space and into the center of the planet, which would probably stop the planets rotation.
Ernesto Pineda B. on 1. Apr. 2018.
t=413 (6:53) whats up with that?? (screen, bottom left)
Arcade Alchemist on 1. Apr. 2018.
Flat Azeroth
Infamous Iguana on 1. Apr. 2018.
You are one of the top 5 wow youtubers keep up the good work
lolarthaslol on 31. Mar. 2018.
Azeroth is no sphere, its flat. Flat Azeroth society
Richard Hoffman on 31. Mar. 2018.
Hey man, there is a globe of Azeroth that spins in Ulduar. Might help?
GIBFACTOR on 31. Mar. 2018.
am i the only person who saw the guy at @6.52 enter the screen?
Gordon Douglass on 31. Mar. 2018.
it was Singed the whole time
Skoll Shorties on 31. Mar. 2018.
pierce kelly on 31. Mar. 2018.
Whose head is that @6:52
Mathias Valentin on 31. Mar. 2018.
my brain hurts
Baelfyer on 30. Mar. 2018.
As a philosopher- I love this. (Geometry is basically the physical manifestation of philosophy)
iResonate on 30. Mar. 2018.
Canon wise I'm sure it's much bigger than that lol. Blizzard has said almost the entire planet is covered in mists with unexplored lands.
Kevlar88 on 30. Mar. 2018.
You know... Your assessment of 1000x smaller. i remember in mid vanilla 2005 time, one of the devs mentioned the cities were scaled down. And the distances to everything is obviously scaled down to make the game playable. So your assessment to 1000x smaller than earth could be accurate.
Mark Miller on 30. Mar. 2018.
I'd be interested in seeing the physics on a planet of this size if it was to exist in real life. How it's gravity would work, if it could hold itself together, etc.
Kaisergun on 30. Mar. 2018.
Yeah, except for example going from Elwynn to Duskwood takes days in lore. So either Azerothians are by far the universe's slowest walkers, or Azeroth isn't that small.
Anase Skyrider on 30. Mar. 2018.
Hey, Bellular. I did a quick Google search for some math stuff, and it turns out that the Blue Marble photo you referenced a few times was taken at a distance of 29,000 km from the surface, and since the Earth's radius is roughly 6,731 km, that means that around 41% of the Earth's surface was visible in the photo. Just thought you might want to know. EDIT: There's also a Japanese satellite that takes frequent photos of the Japan-Australia side of the Earth, called the Himawari 8, and you can easily find its photos online. It's in a geostationary orbit, which is at 35,786 km from Earth's surface -- so it's an additional 6,786 km difference -- and that brings the visible percent of Earth's surface up to 42.4%.
xxxAimOnexxx on 30. Mar. 2018.
This is a lie, Azeroth is flat!
I am Fluffeh on 30. Mar. 2018.
so azeroth is a moon?
Max Mercer on 30. Mar. 2018.
I’m a math major and even I think that this is too much math. Also: Love the video! Keep up the great work!
Lystrad on 30. Mar. 2018.
This is very interesting from a calculation standpoint but it does make some canon timeframes really odd. Like, the fact that it takes a transport ship 2 months to get from the eastern plaguelands to northrend, as stated in the journal of s scarlet crusader, or the fact that apparently it takes a day to cross the Arathi Highlands by air. I remember someone doing similar calculations to this a few years back using travel times from books and in game sources and they came out to the eastern kingdoms being roughly from the northern coast of England to about 2/3rds of the way to the sourthern tip of africa in size. It's interesting to see the how the math differs when you do the calculations visually vs other information!
Joseph Cormier on 30. Mar. 2018.
You can get a different scale of the planet via in game references. For instance in the Howling Fjord, Vice Admiral Keller tells the player the nearest Alliance port is several hundred miles away in the Borean Tundra.
kmd subs on 30. Mar. 2018.
This is a pretty interesting, but I promise, Bellular has spent more time thinking about this than even Blizzard has.
Cinder Woods on 30. Mar. 2018.
Azeroth smol Titan.
Marc Rolle on 29. Mar. 2018.
So Azeroth is a death star. ok. got it.
Thrash on 29. Mar. 2018.
Could the planet have even formed and maintained an atmosphere being that size?
K Greene on 29. Mar. 2018.
So, we really shouldn't need flying in Legion or BfA because being on such a small planet there is much lower gravity and so we can pretty much bounce wherever we want to go?
Scourgelord Nathreim on 29. Mar. 2018.
This is completely useless as the in game world is not to scale with lore. It would be impossible to make the game to scale so it has to be shrunk. A better scale would be to use Arthas' voyage to Northrend which took one month. It took about 2 months for Columbus to sail from Spain to the Caribbean. So Azeroth is most likely larger than Earth which makes sense because physics dictates planets have to be earth size or larger to sustain life.
Aleck Depp on 29. Mar. 2018.
The Azeroth is Plane!
Amerethx on 29. Mar. 2018.
This might be the nerdiest video I've ever seen, and I mean ever. That is truly saying something.
gildan on 29. Mar. 2018.
Flat Earthers disagree with your calculations
Syn_6661 on 29. Mar. 2018.
and just like that... the magic was gone
Calvin - Freerun on 29. Mar. 2018.
The canon on Azshara would have a much shorter way when fired in the other direction. because the way from Azshara to the Maelstorm is already as long as the way from Aszshara all the way around thr back of azeroth across the veiled sea till Kalimdor You can easily see that from the Vindicar Therefore all zeppelines from the horde flying to Kalimdor are taking a wrong way too long route to fly
Derek JCG on 29. Mar. 2018.
It's simple, we STILL haven't seen the back of Azeroth!