The Underdogs | Mewnfarez, Rentaro & Horsepants! Heroes of the Storm

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Uploaded: 5 Oct 2017 Likes: 228
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Kododie on 5. Oct. 2017.
Valeera teleports behind you: " Nothing personal Brad."
pochaocco on 5. Oct. 2017.
Underdogs was really chill this week. What kind of voodoo magic allowed you to get no-Garrosh mode in QM! Also can we have more Rennie on Squadron? I already miss Stormettes
minun5 on 5. Oct. 2017.
Oa mewn, you don't have to say that you are not pally. We love you as much as we love pally as well. XD
shredium on 5. Oct. 2017.
Yeah, these games were quite Underdoggy-style.
Flame Sk8er on 5. Oct. 2017.
when you look at the thumbnail and dont see any pallytime false advertisement, i am glad :D
Corvo Attano on 5. Oct. 2017.
The bruiser camp is 3 ground-form vikings and 1 raven. Not goliaths. Hots gave up on my beloved goliaths by throwing them at :'(
NephilimHunter on 5. Oct. 2017.
Mewn should just change his name to not pallytime
Tony Salthammer on 5. Oct. 2017.
No one can say "Oh no" like Rentaro <3. Imma make it the ringtone for when my mom calls.
A2Zephyr on 5. Oct. 2017.
Leoric's rework is based off the Bop-It
beka najm on 5. Oct. 2017.
Zagaras creep infects merc camps
ReklawRoyale on 5. Oct. 2017.
I really enjoyed Rentaro on the show this week. I like her analysis and explanations.
gildarmesh on 5. Oct. 2017.
what is with the weird flips though time at about 51:50 ?
Edwin Corona on 5. Oct. 2017.
Where's pally
gildarmesh on 5. Oct. 2017.
You know how sonya weaves her slam with auto attacks in order to get amazing damage? What if she were stim and nano boosted?
BandOfTheHawk on 5. Oct. 2017.
I felt bad for that Zagara, had no business being in that game with Mewn and got punished mercilessly.