The Underdogs | MFPallytime, Mewnfarez & Horsepants! Heroes of the Storm

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Uploaded: 19 Oct 2017 Likes: 383
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Doomgull on 19. Oct. 2017.
Black Olives on pizza are awesome.
Outer Entity Studios on 19. Oct. 2017.
Do squadron videos get demonetized too??
Trueon on 19. Oct. 2017.
I want to be known that the match at 31:12, I was the abysmal Genji. I don't play Genji often, and only know the absolute basics. Anyways, that Medivh was legendary. Tomaeater and I have played a lot of Medivh and we rarely come across good players of Medivh. It was amazing seeing the plays you guys pulled off on us.
Tyler Robinson on 19. Oct. 2017.
I am surprised you won that towers of doom game, I always though that Wu Tang Clan was nothing to fuck with.
Handsomely Masked on 19. Oct. 2017.
hates Garrosh, wins a game against him. Dislikes Lunara wins the game with her, all this in one game
Matt Pearl on 19. Oct. 2017.
ATL Best Airport NA
Nathan Boyd on 19. Oct. 2017.
The skin thing is a known bug. If you switch to anything else in the loadout (mount, banner, etc.) it'll switch to the correct skin.
wingfighter2 on 19. Oct. 2017.
Your camera position has gone to shit, please put it back over the hero or don't have it up at all.
Sylvanas Windrunner on 19. Oct. 2017.
1:13:02 That Alarak had 100 stacks?!
greatmajingo on 19. Oct. 2017.
Awh no mewn pov?
Vini Salonga on 19. Oct. 2017.
Horsepants looks so hot in a tank top lol
Sean Young on 19. Oct. 2017.
26:48 #microaggression
Colin Wakefield on 19. Oct. 2017.
Hawaiian pizza is the best! Love pineapple on my pizza. But no olives on pizza...
matt troxler on 19. Oct. 2017.
Haha that genji totally sacrificed morales at 39:55 wonder what chat was like after LUL . Also, mewn’s joke at the outro made me crack up lmao
Bryan Hamilton on 19. Oct. 2017.
2hp on the god palm on himself in the first game... dang
The8 thdeadlysin on 19. Oct. 2017.
Who else wants pally make a play or walk though of South park
Brandon's Revenge on 19. Oct. 2017.
MVP: "Looks like this is a good time for some... jalapeño pretzels." XD
Jar Jar Binks on 19. Oct. 2017.
Does anyone else experience the same thing with the kins as Pally does 2:46?
JetBrink on 19. Oct. 2017.
I never wanna hear about jalapeno pretzels ever again..
botkilla on 19. Oct. 2017.
What’s the brand of the jalapeño pretzels?! I need to know