Tons of New Battle for Azeroth Information! Potential Release Date, Titanforging, PvP, and More!

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Alex Smith on 26. Feb. 2018.
This fuckin' guy is an actual skeleton, how does he live?
spoke1183 on 24. Feb. 2018.
This game has been fucked whole expansion pvp is total crap absolutely no balance between classes. Raiding and titanforging is pure crap. Whole expansion was a soak fest. Game is total bullshit. FUCK BLIZZARD
Gamecrazed613 on 23. Feb. 2018.
I don't know if it's me only just noticing this or if it's actually true. But have you started posting videos less often?
wLs ow on 21. Feb. 2018.
Shrew the Immortal on 20. Feb. 2018.
The fact that allied races is one of the expansions mayor selling points makes me very scared for the expansion. Have same feeling i had with Panda. Which is a bad sign so far.
Goobin Pls on 18. Feb. 2018.
Nigel Thornberry?
Cory Summerz on 18. Feb. 2018.
The ending though, yes, so much yes. I've never had anything titanforge, ever, on any character, even my main of which I farm mythic+ back to back almost constantly. Feelsfuckingbadman.
Nonnative on 18. Feb. 2018.
i hope they will remove all kinds of bloodlust and just keep it for shamans
ASMR Lifts on 18. Feb. 2018.
No offense but i dont like this guy
Pegasus on 17. Feb. 2018.
Hey Aasmon! Just wondering if it's still possible to get the llothien Prowler from withered army training and world quests in suramar? Or can u just get it from one of them or can you still even get it at all. Thank you!
Collapze on 17. Feb. 2018.
if theyre implying we should be able to queue as a certain class we haven't leveled and geared and get to play it - no, fuck that and this is coming from someone so lazy i dont even do the shit on WoW im that one 900 ilvl guy that whispers an explanation as to why you should accept him to your LFG group rather than an achievement
Gianluca Horrocks on 17. Feb. 2018.
I'm happy about the release date, because I came back to WoW much later than everyone else. I started wayyy into Legion, so at least this gives me a chance to complete everything I want to. I'm currently working my way through Suramar to unlock the Nightborne since I haven't even set foot there, like ever!
Schmonkee Shomky on 16. Feb. 2018.
You get a job? Where you been?
Rex Sobb on 15. Feb. 2018.
Assmangold... you fucking jewish weasel, die of cancer.
mathiaspoulson on 13. Feb. 2018.
the intro cracks me up everytime
Gery Bock on 13. Feb. 2018.
Play a female character
Donald Turner on 12. Feb. 2018.
glad to see you back brother. good piece. I really agree with your thoughts on the TF/WF etc.
Hugh Jaines on 12. Feb. 2018.
"what was that other race for horde again?" starts thinking even harder "you had highmountain tauren and... an-oh yeah nightborne, the race nobody gives a fuck about" i laughed so hard xD
BasedRogue on 12. Feb. 2018.
we need a woodchuck race for you.
Otter on 11. Feb. 2018.
He said it PogChamp
Jnez on 11. Feb. 2018.
dont understand why ppl wanner look on this asmongold........ the most boring and dumb wow player of alltimes..
theoflax on 10. Feb. 2018.
You still live at home? I'm only curious, not judging.
The Golden Mop on 10. Feb. 2018.
Maybe I'm missing something but why are you not on Twitch anymore?
SaberZ SaberZ on 10. Feb. 2018.
hi all, can you tell me what nameplate addon Asmongold is using ?
XSaitou on 10. Feb. 2018.
What about professions, any news about them?
Miami Mutilator on 9. Feb. 2018.
I think they should remove Titans Grip. There's SO many badass 1-handers that you can't even transmog as a fury warrior. Gotta be Prot to use 1-handers effectivly, or rogue or whatever. (Yes, transmog is important as fuck)
Mithrandir on 8. Feb. 2018.
Hey i wondered if u could make a guide for warrior 7.3.5
EarlRegent on 8. Feb. 2018.
Why even worry about something most probably half a year away? So much can happen better its released,. Why fill our heads with this?
Matthew ford on 7. Feb. 2018.
exalted with suramar? fuck you a dumb redneck.
Monk Farmer on 7. Feb. 2018.
Excellent information Asmongold. Thank you for the video looking forward to the next one.
Dezeria on 7. Feb. 2018.
I find a lot of people don't enjoy the end of expansion content because there isn't a new raid coming. I enjoy it for the opposite reason, I like there being an "end goal" for the expansion, if I get 985 ilvl I'm super geared and a random patch isn't gonna come and devalue that instantly for quite a while. Satisfying doing content at the end because you do have access to anything you want from the current and previous expansions. I like making a list of stuff I want to accomplish and working on it now that it's all laid out and ready for me to do it at my leisure.
nereshadow on 7. Feb. 2018.
Watch out for the stingrays xD
Scotty on 7. Feb. 2018.
WSG / AB Esports ? Fuck i would watch that
Simon10362 on 6. Feb. 2018.
Funny you mention thunderforging. I Hated it too when it showed up, because we were a 10 man(thus, obv.) But now, years later I realise that it did have a purpose to it, at least... To incentivise 25-man, because of the higher drop rate(which in turn, as you've also experienced, still made it possible for getting BiS). Nowadays, the whole system is just senseless, purposeless and utterly annoying and aggravating. It's not funny anymore Blizzard. Honest question, when is it going to go? Or will you wait for more people to get mad at it?
dcn on 6. Feb. 2018.
LOL as someone who is subscribed to this game like 10% of the time I must say you need to get a life my dude You are finding reasons to keep playing a game for a 9 month content drought why not do something better with your time?
Abdullah f mojil on 6. Feb. 2018.
Am I the only one who saw a random bubble just run around the embassy in the video, I thought that was an enemy rouge just stealthing around.
Mario Sanchez-Diaz on 6. Feb. 2018.
I think the Nightborne are probably the most interesting out of the allied races so far.
Merkin 101 on 5. Feb. 2018.
Merkin 101 on 5. Feb. 2018.
they have a pacing issue when it comes to content really.....argus will have been out for like a year by the time Sept 21 comes around...thats uncalled for really....any non super neckbeard nolifer like yourself assmongold are bound to get bored af long before BFA why dont they just pace things always gonna be unhappy people I get that but currently its bad...its gonna turn into WOD very soon. also the allied race preorder shit is on purpose.....but not as for the reasons you stated, sure it helps "build hype"....but if you realize they have quarterly earnings reports and how quarters work and when they are, then it makes more sense when they dropped bfa preorder when they did.. sadly WoW is a recolored version of itself and has been for years now, I just hope they use BFA as an chance to make things better like they were.....where people earned gear from putting in work, where epic gear was epic, pvp wasnt a shit show with terrible templates, pruned glpyhs n
Brian G on 5. Feb. 2018.
I love this dork!!!! he and all of his A1 steak sauce bottles :) hehehe
duje Roso on 5. Feb. 2018.
he allmost showed a middlefinger
Tyuriil Loan on 5. Feb. 2018.
shoobed on 5. Feb. 2018.
Never joke about Steve Irwin, asmon. You've crossed the line.
Curious Angel on 5. Feb. 2018.
What's the new info asides the potential release date? Everything else has been talked from blizzcon up to now..
luc skywalker on 5. Feb. 2018.
do we care bout your fking void elfes ? people will play them just because of passiv or transmo please kys when your saying no one care bout nightborn rofl
Daniel Ortega on 5. Feb. 2018.
Plenty of people care about Nighborne. I've seen more hype (and more race changes) for Nightborne, on the horde side at least.
Cory Martin on 5. Feb. 2018.
I think they should dump the prestige system. It's super flawed.
ILLBEBACK on 4. Feb. 2018.
Can u please do a Fury warrior guide?
SennT on 4. Feb. 2018.
They just need to add PvP Resilliance back and PvP gear
Jurgen B on 4. Feb. 2018.
September for the new expansion? Ooh... then atleast i can lvl the allied races on a slow pace