Top 10 Best Builds for Diablo 3 2.4.3 Season 9 (All classes)

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Tomislav Hasnek on 31. Jan. 2017.
Im selling game and acc for 15€ contact me
DOSsector on 31. Jan. 2017.
What class and build is the most fun to play solo? (I guess WD, but i didn't play d3 since vanilla)
UniFir3 on 31. Jan. 2017.
The charge barb gets a crap ton of Legends and set items and just leaves them!?!?!
Zadig on 31. Jan. 2017.
Can someone give me the full list of the exact number 10 build please ? :)
Jakob Field on 30. Jan. 2017.
Is the reason no one plays diablo 3 on console because of preference? Competition? Other reasons? I have yet to see a good gameplay on a console. All replies are appreciated
Rich Gill on 30. Jan. 2017.
I tried my 1st GR last night. :) Got killed one the 1st set of mobs, I don't know why but it was set to T1 GR 13, dose anyone know why. I would of thought it would of been set at GR 11 no Tgoing to try again tonight but at GR 11or 12 not GR 13 T1
Danteresurected on 29. Jan. 2017.
When will the Group video be released?
evan water on 28. Jan. 2017.
Been doing hammerdin build. Doing well need some improvements. I don't use Laws of Valor though I use horse which I am sure is a set back for grifts
Luke Cruz on 28. Jan. 2017.
"Hey folks, just do the same shit you all did in seasons 7 and 8, thats it" Edit: I'm actually happy u started to reffer to it as "Americas", that's a thumbs up for you Rhykker sire <3
Kevin Lippincott on 28. Jan. 2017.
4 piece bonus of Fire Bird and 6 piece bonus of Tal'Rasha to cursh anything in my path. (still working on this build)
Trent Smith on 28. Jan. 2017.
I have seen pretty much all 4 barb specs in the top 20. but yeh only 1 or 2 above 90
CowOfGlory on 28. Jan. 2017.
What weapon Transmog is he using for the Charge barb?
lol_itsgonenow on 27. Jan. 2017.
should've tossed in whirldwind barb as a bonus featured class
Khasca on 27. Jan. 2017.
Hi dude! There is any news about the update this video?? Great job btw ;)
Vladimir Ursua on 27. Jan. 2017.
Hello Rhykker, i have been playing D3 ROS ps4 for a long time. Im having difficulty farming for Angelic Wings. Can you please help me. CN you duplicate some of your wings to my account. ptboy_99 is my account for d3.
Bruno Guimarães on 27. Jan. 2017.
Hey man, wassup? I'm kinda new in the game and I was have a doubt. Can I get the season sets for all heroes?
Yukmout B on 26. Jan. 2017.
legacy of nightmares, legacy of nightmares, legacy of nightmares. get ur free set without having to actually find it. same trashy builds. no mercenary options. I don't know how anyone could still be playing this fake diablo.
Brant Snow on 26. Jan. 2017.
rhykker, does the Legacy of Nightmares 100% damage per Ancient increase your thorns damage, IE the damage you can do when running through with your horse, or does it only increase your Bombardment damage, to the end, you also mentioned in a video that your weapon damage stats are completely irrelevant, IE sheet damage is irrelevant, only thorns damage, is that true?
Raul Adorian Ghiorghe Pauliuc on 26. Jan. 2017.
Hello Rhykker my name is Adorian,and i have a question,where can i find the legendary Hack axe because i din't find it and dont know where or how it drops, can u help me pls?
Notshife on 26. Jan. 2017.
Do you think you could cover how people manage to survive as manald heal wizard GR 95+ without using Halo or teleport? I have been trying to do it, but i INSTANTLY die.
Keiscecs Utube on 26. Jan. 2017.
Hey man! Don't you have the build Anarchy set for the witch doctor? I really looking forward to it!
Sanran on 26. Jan. 2017.
Everytime I watch one of these and hear you mention, "the meta," I spend 10-15 minutes trying to figure out why this is referred to as meta. There doesn't seem to be any abstraction reference layer. This is just playing the game. Unless you are referring to a separate, actual meta, which you aren't really covering in these videos (at least not in the dozen or so i have seen).
Gun Smoke on 26. Jan. 2017.
lol Wujo? You missed like 3 letters and a whole syllable bud... Wudijo
Kowser Parvez on 25. Jan. 2017.
have a dumb question for you ... so i have brand new account ..just started playing i got one monk to L70 and got a mail with set items ... i clicked on the mail and there was nothing in my inventory ... and there is no more mails ... any idea what happened to the gift ? .. thanks for your time ...
Sage on 25. Jan. 2017.
WW barb is in the 90's. Thoughts?
Frank Ang on 25. Jan. 2017.
your voice so sexy, makes me wanna play diablo3
TheGamingGatsby on 25. Jan. 2017.
dude you need to add annotations so i can just get straight to my class
Carlos Medina on 25. Jan. 2017.
Question? so does the Monk Raiment Generator build does not go to GR100 no more?
xiBlacKouTzx360 on 25. Jan. 2017.
Holy crap so many legendaries wtf is that barbs magic find
Frink77 on 25. Jan. 2017.
Hello, i just started playing Diablo and i play Demon Hunter. I'm level 70 (43) and im not sure what skills/runes/build is best and how to farm/get the build? any tips? Thank you :)
Gregory William on 25. Jan. 2017.
Could you do an arachyr build video? i think its one of the few youre missing, love ur vids btw keep it up
Fede T on 24. Jan. 2017.
thx man!
Jaden “FearBeats” Smith on 24. Jan. 2017.
Theres an Innas build that can clear 100s. 2 piece rainments, 6 set innas, and Shenlongs. I have one and its insane. Hits from anywhere between 300 - 600 bill when CoE and flying dragon procs.
Don Santos on 24. Jan. 2017.
Top 10 list: Nr. 10 ==> 1. Monk ==> 1:05 Nr. 09 ==> Barb ==> 2:09 Nr. 08 ==> 1. DH ==> 3:15 Nr. 07 ==> 2. Monk ==> 3:46 Nr. 06 ==> 1. Wizzard ==> 4:39 Nr. 05 ==> Witchdoc ==> 5:42 Nr. 04 ==> 1. Crusader ==> 6:40 Nr. 03 ==> 2. Crusader ==> 7:52 Nr. 02 ==> 2. DH ==> 8:24 Nr. 01 ==> 2. Wizzard ==> 10:05 You're welcome, guys.
Current Mood on 24. Jan. 2017.
Thanks Rhykker, as always, top report. love it.
j dan on 24. Jan. 2017.
I wish they would bring back zeal paladins and smitedins... Everything in this game seems magic based , even with the meee characters
Anthony Evans on 24. Jan. 2017.
Nice video buddy! x
Matt Franks on 24. Jan. 2017.
I haven't been playing the game intently but this season I rolled a WD because I never play them and want to explore what they can do.
Gustavo Vargas on 24. Jan. 2017.
Lol I started playing the game one month ago and my first class was wizard! Luck or not?
Thore Cseti on 24. Jan. 2017.
can't believe ppl are still playing this failed game 30 m copies sold only 10 k or less play it way to go haha
Edge Clan on 24. Jan. 2017.
I wish Quin69 get back to season soon he always get R1 solo monk
Chrisv1965 on 23. Jan. 2017.
D3 just sucks so hard. do ppl really play that? eveyone who playes D2 must hate it.
Penzig on 23. Jan. 2017.
Just wait until disintigration wave bug (beam while in Archon) is fixed, and wiz is gonna become redicolous. I'm almost gonna guess they will NOT fix the bug in order to keep more or less balanced.
Bensonders on 23. Jan. 2017.
Honestly, I played Firebird for 3 seasons because its so strong, but I'm just so tired of it. Gearing up is painful, the playstyle is super boring (especially when you start pushing higher GR) and you need to switch sets a few times, because bounties/speedruns are some of the worst things you can do with Firebird. I just wanted something that actually synergizes with the kind of game Diablo actually is (killing hordes of enemies), so I ran with DH, not knowing that the new marauder is such a monster. I geard up for unholy first and then saw whats going on on the leaderboards.
Iustin Traista on 23. Jan. 2017.
God finally got rid of Firebird Archon, it was boring af.
Ham Bros' Gaming on 23. Jan. 2017.
Awesome vid man! We'll be using this going forward this season, for sure.