Top 10 Best Builds for Diablo 3 2.6 Season 11 (All Classes, Tier List)

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Jan Nif on 22. Jul. 2017.
Which build would you recommend if I want do deal constant DMG, without stacking anything like archon or smth
Neaerra Dragonblight on 22. Jul. 2017.
ur TRAG OULS BULD IS CRAP MUCH DMG 0 survivability
David Larouche on 22. Jul. 2017.
Rhykker, what are the best group builds? I think your video is oriented to the best solo builds, isn't it?
Nick Steele on 22. Jul. 2017.
@rhykker why don't ww barbs use rend?
Yukmout B on 22. Jul. 2017.
Hey lets make a 15 dollar character the best in the game so everyone will buy it if they give a shit about this dead game. august 4th poe 3.0 and this game is even more dead than it is now.
soren777 on 22. Jul. 2017.
Can you make a vid with best group builds?
Marci Varga on 22. Jul. 2017.
will u upload a build guide for the duo gen monk?
INKS on 22. Jul. 2017.
How do you gear out your companions. Guide for that anywhere?
Yuki Ito on 22. Jul. 2017.
Never played LON Spirit barrage or Lightning archon which one is better, is more fun (+reasons) and which of these 2 classes has the better farm build
Peter Pan on 21. Jul. 2017.
holy cow. i am commin back to season 11 since at least 5 seasons... and these are exactly the informations i wanna know! very nice! greetings from germany
Integer on 21. Jul. 2017.
Dude are you serious? B tier? S Tier? WTF is this bulshit????? people accomplish different torment lvl base on their skills and knowledge about their class. Please do not try put us players in your nonsense bucket with some letters on it. I cant disagree more with this video and your categorys. Im not going to waste any more time to explain myself, its clear that you trying to implement some standards that you come up with overnight. Please stop copying build from other youtubers just to make videos as well. Be creative make your own build, explore the game. Most semi inteligent people can check leader board and see which build top everything. many times certain build tops everything not because is superior but because thousands people are playing it and this is just statistic.
lfodffi on 21. Jul. 2017.
I'm so tired of the meta.... Make the game balanced, already
Trasheye on 21. Jul. 2017.
I¨m here for my normal Season guide LUL
artagant on 21. Jul. 2017.
I'm playing the crap out of the necromancer right now. I don't think I will want to start over when the season starts. I had a mage and a crusader last season, so I will probably aim for the LoN Spirit Barrage build.
fuktfursten on 21. Jul. 2017.
I really miss the 10 minute max length video limit that used to be many eons ago... Good video tho.
Timothy Munoz on 21. Jul. 2017.
LOL the R logo on the lower left hand side lines up perfectly with "Necromancer".
djvast01 on 21. Jul. 2017.
Hey feauques
TheTehMaster on 21. Jul. 2017.
*Any barbarian players out there?* [*]
xXtenseXx on 21. Jul. 2017.
Well who would have thought that blizz will make necro op. Pffff lame.
Holly on 21. Jul. 2017.
i hope they nerf the top necro build in oblivion its so boring
Holly on 21. Jul. 2017.
on level 7 u forgot to put the demon hunter onto the list on the right side,, and also the crusader build on that level u show necromancer skills xD also on level 10 u always say lvl 8
Holly on 21. Jul. 2017.
why did they nerf bonestorm its by far the most fun .......................
Ulloa on 21. Jul. 2017.
no guide to the best WD build... i was waiting for that one... hoping for a better WD.
Dyrian on 21. Jul. 2017.
Im going for barb ik, raekor. fuck you all -,-
Dyrian on 21. Jul. 2017.
witha a necromancer less than a month year old, and already topping the leaderboard''..... DUDE HE IS BROKEN AF! -,-
Naenlor on 21. Jul. 2017.
Wait, You had the wrong skill list for Roland Sweep. But also what about Roland Shield Bash? I am doing really well with it, and it thanks to finally getting a certain bracer, and can down right murder elites and bosses.
jonas karlsson on 21. Jul. 2017.
Somehow it feels like when they added a cost to play necro it was just another way to suck the game dry one last time :P
Edgar Akopyan on 21. Jul. 2017.
Might stop playing untill they buff Barb by 5000%
Hookahbeastface on 21. Jul. 2017.
These videos are sweet
Alvin Shaw on 20. Jul. 2017.
poor barb
thedhbusiness on 20. Jul. 2017.
So tired of generator monk, that shits been #1 for like 7 seasons. NERF PLZ BLIZZ
Violate on 20. Jul. 2017.
Why do u get those pants? u dont use sacrifice
Kruck crusher on 20. Jul. 2017.
So you are telling me I am wasting my time with my impale demon hunter and Unhallowed Multi-shot demon hunter?
Bruno Campos on 20. Jul. 2017.
RIP Mirinae, wish they had left it was it was, now the gem is useless once more and the build is somewhat dead =/
BladeOfNyx on 20. Jul. 2017.
What I don't understand is how does the Shadow Impale build NOT get higher? (It's got the best single target damage in the game) so ya... can somebody explain that to me? >.>;;
Eleven Eleven on 20. Jul. 2017.
Waiting up to 8 seconds on high GR just to attack is really lame. I hate the CoE ring and I wish it wasn't viable because it makes the game unfun to play.
Be- -yn on 20. Jul. 2017.
what about frenzy barb?
Michael Negro on 20. Jul. 2017.
Builds for Best Builds are just viable Builds that aren't bad Builds. So check out these Builds!
CC123Aus on 20. Jul. 2017.
For barb fans playing only barb this season I recommend the following. IK6WW with FnR, cubed SG and BK set for early game key farming. IK6 is a better WW set for early game, no hard rolls to look for. End game, its behind WOTW (but not by much) so switch to it eventually if you want to push solo leaderboard. Top clear with IK6WW atm is my rank 118 last era GR 90 (check leaderboard for build). Best GR 70 set for early game is MOTE. It scales the highest DPS for lowest paragons. Personally, I pass my GR 70 with MOTE, ditch it and use IK6 WW for speed farming keys/bounties. For speed build, use FC with WW, sprint, wreath of lighting/BotT&Taguk with STPS, and cust waist guard in cube. Great speed farmer and lots of fun. Cheers CC123
Joey Bleu on 20. Jul. 2017.
please explain how i wait 120 seconds for land of the dead 6 times and finish a greater rift in 4 minutes. even if i wait only 90 seconds how exactly does that work?
badandy19 on 20. Jul. 2017.
Why no skele mage?
Peter Koenig on 20. Jul. 2017.
why does Rathma have str gems in chest and legs over intell?...
domaren12345 on 20. Jul. 2017.
gonna play poe instead
trixer2430 on 20. Jul. 2017.
Can you make a vid for best builds for group rifting
Marian Ciglan on 20. Jul. 2017.
where's steed akarat&invoker?
John Hatfield on 20. Jul. 2017.
I have always been a fan of the DMO wizard build I know it's way down in the rankings ie. Not even mentioned but where does that build fall in regards to gr caps
max power on 20. Jul. 2017.
barb, is, crap.
Mitchell Pyrtle on 20. Jul. 2017.
*Timestamps and Breakdowns :)* *F Tier: ************0:39************ ("F For Real, You're Using One Of These Builds?" Tier)* *[ Builds ]* * [ Honorable Mentions ] * 12) 02:04 - (Monk) Uliana 12) 03:00 - (Necro) Inarius Bonestorm 12) 04:00 - (Barb) LON Thorn 12) 04:30 - (Cru) Invoker's Thorn 12) 04:52 - (WD) Jade Harvester 12) 05:13 - (Barb) Charge 12) 05:32 - (WD) Helltooth Garg 12) 05:58 - (Barb) Leapquake *D Tier: ************6:28************ ("D Definitely Viable, But Also Definitely Not The Best Builds" Tier)* *[ Builds ]* * [ Honorable Mentions ] * 11) 06:36 - (DH) Marauder Grenades 11) 06:53 - (WD) Helltooth Firebats * [ 4-Way Tie for 10th ] * 10) 06:53 - (WD) Arachyr Firebats 10) 07:37 - (Monk) Sunwuko Lashing Tailkick (LTK) 10) 08:09 - (Monk) LON LTK 10) 08:34 - (DH) Shadow Impale *C Tier: ************9:15************ ("C Certainly Mediocre" Tier)* *[ Builds ]* * [ 2-Way Tie for 9th ] * 09) 09:25 - (Necro) Rathma Singularity 09) 10:12 - (DH) LON Fan of Knives (FOK)
Garrett Joy on 20. Jul. 2017.
Great video! I would love to see one of these for best builds for team grift levels. I know you mentioned in a few of the classes that they are good in teams but I would love to see the support builds highlighted since those obviously wont be pushing the highest greater rifts solo. Maybe what team or build synergies are good as well? Just an idea!
Leo on 20. Jul. 2017.
I'm interested to know how you guys could achieve such high objectives in a season.. I have been playing Diablo 3 on PC since it came out, and D3 on PS4 since 2016, and have yet beaten GR 71. I simply don't get competitive ancient legendary drops and replied on set-1 ring for a month until I got the right set for my monk... How do you live a reasonable life and meanwhile beat GR75 within a season's time?