Top 10 Best Builds for Diablo 3 2.6.1 Season 12 (All Classes, Tier List)

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Henry Gaughan on 30. Oct. 2017.
Well I've tried the Blessed shield crusader, the fire bat WD and the Frozen orb wiz and they are trash. I don't know if it's something I'm doing or what but I can't even push 70 with these builds.
MarkFivek on 30. Oct. 2017.
What about Necro blood mage? They do T13 speedruns on PTR in around 1.14 min with 2mill life and 60mill toughness
Leesa Michaels on 30. Oct. 2017.
Someone should point out to newer players that you don't have to REPLACE Everything with 2.6.1:  --All of the Set Pieces automatically have all the 2.6.1 Stats applied once you patch the Game. --It's the same with anything in the Cube.  All the New Legendary Stats of Gear already in your cube are automatically change with the Patch.  The odd thing is that if you're using a Legendary that's had the Stats changed, it will have been removed from that Character's Cube Skill Set.  The good thing is you don't have to re-farm it, you just add it back to the Character's Cube Powers. --So the only thing you need to Re-Farm are Legendaries not in the Cube... and as far as I can tell, even a crappy 2.6.1 Legendary is MUCH better than a 2.6.0 Ancient.  I found a crappy Yang's and Deadman's for my Multi-shot DH and the 2.6.1 Gear really kick's ass... almost too much.  It makes it a bit boring for me. Also:  2.6.0 Legendaries will NOT UPGRADE to 2.6.1 in the Cube.  You'll have to find new ones to
Leesa Michaels on 30. Oct. 2017.
Blizz should have added 3 or 4 or 7 Torment Levels.  Now the Endgame is even more just blasting through GRs.  Boring. When I was a kid and first started playing Guitar, I thought being a great soloist was all about the Speed.  It took a little while and I finally realized that was bullshit.  Speed is cool but if that's all you got then you're boring.
BenBCR Gritter on 30. Oct. 2017.
@Rhykker, Thank you very much for this video...been out for a couple of seasons and this catches me up. Keep making your great videos!!
dobreanflorin on 30. Oct. 2017.
great video
Kim Jonsson on 30. Oct. 2017.
I have a grenade unhallowed with 2.2m dps, lvl 85 gems and I'm using BigJohnasty's exact build from diablofans, and it can't even do grift 75. My Multishot with around 100k more dps do 30x more damage and can solo 95. I really don't understand why tf my grenade build can't do shit.
EasyKrieg on 30. Oct. 2017.
I´m going for a Crusader in Season 12, definetly not a Hammerdin though. I am curious about the Invoker build, guess I'll go for that.
John Kon on 30. Oct. 2017.
im so fucking glad that i picked up the grim dawn expansion with 2 more acts, 2 new classes and tons more... and the best thing about GD: u dont grind for endgame... u play the game from beginning to end and have fun... like old days with d2 ;)
Yehuda Halfon on 30. Oct. 2017.
So, since I'm good at this. What's the best class "free" set is good to get? I really want to play the Captain America, but It's a farming set.
c0refreAk on 30. Oct. 2017.
You can't use Diablo 2 Music on shitty Diablo 3 it feels so wrong
Geil3Domin4 on 30. Oct. 2017.
I hoped that Jade would be strongest WD build, bc it's so fun to play and I do not like Arachyr... WD was so fun to play in the seasons before Arachyr and then LON WD were the strongests builds and I was so glad to see that LON WD is finally gone down and now: we're back to firebats... -.-
Rainyboy on 30. Oct. 2017.
i used Necro Inarius poison custom powerful enough for me.not ease dead(like Necro CLT Set),good for 4 man meta,solo GR higher n ease to setup.i love my LazyStorm build XD
drkro on 30. Oct. 2017.
I like big buffs and I cannot lie
jigglefloyd on 30. Oct. 2017.
@Rhykker Awesome analysis! Could you do the same thing for best supports? Obviously the list won't be nearly as exhaustive but it would be great to get some kind of update regarding the support meta out there. Playing support is really the only way a relatively low PL player can play GR 100+.
Rumble Fish on 30. Oct. 2017.
As a WD player, I feel screwed. They effed it up for WDs.
kaiad666 on 30. Oct. 2017.
maybe I missed it and crazy but what about holy shotgun probably worded differently as well. Where is Holy shotgun build?? o.o tier wise??
Miodrag Petrovič on 30. Oct. 2017.
ill just leave this game uninstalled... Sorry but grinding out a new character every so often is a retarded concept. It's just busy work with no real sense of accomplishment. I'll wait for Monster Hunter World on PS4 and Lost Ark on PC if it ends up not changing too much by the time it comes to the US.
Webbwulf on 30. Oct. 2017.
I'll be going hammerdin
Mandatory Profile on 30. Oct. 2017.
Does this apply to normal (non-season) play too? I've never played seasons so I don't know whether anything works differently there or not.
TFossS on 30. Oct. 2017.
Rhykker, in your opinion, what is going to be the fastest T13 DB farm build?...IK Barb? Akkhan Crusader? Nat's DH? Sunwuko's Monk? Inna's Monk? Zunni's WD?...I doubt a either a Tal's or FB Wiz would be the fastest....You have the Akkhan and IK in your "A Tier", you have Sunwukos in both the "S Tier" and "C Tier"...Or do the main build guides do T13 so much faster than a DB farm build such that you would actually find more DBs with the normal build than you would if you modify a build to include 2 pieces of Sage's set and a RORG...Thanks in advance.
Agent Smith on 30. Oct. 2017.
Blizzard and Balance are two opposite things for one more update
alex s on 30. Oct. 2017.
when does the patch start?
zilentkiller on 30. Oct. 2017.
Thanks the seven gods for heavenly buffs of Barbs set!
Ashley Goggs on 30. Oct. 2017.
dont know whether you made my life easier or harder with this ranking list, SO MANY BUILDS!!!! good job rhykker top notch diablo content as always.
Tri Quang on 30. Oct. 2017.
Where is Jade Wd?
ANGLE DELAMUERTE on 30. Oct. 2017.
It only took 12 seasons to make other builds playable wow gj blizz
Johnny McBride on 30. Oct. 2017.
Why is rathma so low ? Personally I can only compare it to my tal/vyr archon. Tal/vyr can't even kill an elite at gr100 unless I have a power shrine(with literally perfect gear everywhere paragon 1800) while my Rathma will never fail a gr100.
Tale of the Misanthrop on 30. Oct. 2017.
love your content rhykker THE BEST.. AROUUUUND !
Gerry Davis on 29. Oct. 2017.
You have a guide for those of us who haven't done Diablo in a long while? ie I can't remember much about the cube and all that. .. I know I want to do season 12 but yeah the basics review would be helpful.
Marco Garcia on 29. Oct. 2017.
lol POE better but goddamn I love Rhkkers voice.
Balthazzarr on 29. Oct. 2017.
Damn, that's a lot of good builds. Now, if only Blizzard would stop with the skimping on stash space nonsense. I'll give you my money for stash space Blizzard. I'll give you $15, or maybe even $20, for 5000 slots. (I play on PS4 which has a far superior stash setup than PC) 5000 slots may seem like a lot, which it is, but I'm just tired of having to worry about stash space. I spend nearly as much time managing items as I do playing the game. Having this ridiculous amount of space would mean that I could spend way more time playing the game and putting builds together than gambling on getting rid of an item that I may want to use in a build later on. I stopped playing for around 3-4 months last year, because I just got burnt out on having to do this. It turned me off to the game, and I fear that, even though I've been playing a ton since the patch, it may happen again if Blizzard doesn't stop this nonsense. Also, *wipes away tear* Uliana and WoL Monks are back. I-It's so beau
ishmael arc on 29. Oct. 2017.
I haven't played Diablo in a few months what's the best way to get to level 70?
Hanyue Li on 29. Oct. 2017.
I don’t understand, why use “S” tier like Japanese?
DjuntasGaming on 29. Oct. 2017.
Rofl 14 mins into the video and first Wizard build :) Should give it a roll this game again...
JusAKidTrynaMakeIt on 29. Oct. 2017.
Do you have a community channel in game?
Morrigan Fury on 29. Oct. 2017.
Guys, what do u thing . we can make a DUO GR with WW barb + wiz FB channel?
A Crazy Jedi on 29. Oct. 2017.
I think you are sleeping on Inarius, it's really powerful and has consistent damage, just sayin
SuperElfhunter on 29. Oct. 2017.
The lies! The top builds for non-Demon Hunter Class, a more appropriate title XD
mkloven101 on 29. Oct. 2017.
Thank you dad
KennFTW - Latest Gaming Trailers on 29. Oct. 2017.
Holy shotgun crusader?
Silmarieni C on 29. Oct. 2017.
Please do a build list sorted by tiers of how challenging/difficult they are to play at top level
Lachlan Barling on 29. Oct. 2017.
Im just sitting here playing my Chain Lightning Wizard...
Raiju7 on 29. Oct. 2017.
and i just got destiny 2.. now i have to re download d3 too. hahah
max power on 29. Oct. 2017.
glad to see Crusader and Barb have A tier builds
Sarumsa on 29. Oct. 2017.
i love tier list videos thx Rhykker <3
Andy van der Straeten on 29. Oct. 2017.
Best build still corpse lance? Thank you blizzard for nothing
MuRReC on 29. Oct. 2017.
Among the top 10, which is the easiest one? Which ones are strongest for quick rift farming?
Michał Danaj on 29. Oct. 2017.
so, which build would you reccomend for a POE semi-veteran who is just starting playing d3 with upcoming seson? like, easy to gear and hit high gr, learn mechanics etc. cheers love the channel btw.
Ulxaaf on 29. Oct. 2017.
IMO we need more GR group builds. Groups are so fossil. I dont personally like solo playing - its boring.