TOP 10 Overwatch Skins We NEED For Halloween!

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Veloclaw on 5. Oct. 2017.
Magician Genji and Minotaur Orisa needs to happen
Datgucciboi 9000 on 5. Oct. 2017.
The mcree skin is actually going to be a skin
batyr Meiir on 5. Oct. 2017.
I need this tyrael mercy scin
John Baumgartner on 5. Oct. 2017.
I never knew i wanted Tyrael Mercy so bad
Captain Here on 5. Oct. 2017.
1 Problem Darth Genji= Darth walk and genji is fast as hell
ohyeaparagon sux on 5. Oct. 2017.
Dr jackal and Mr Hyde Winston would be sweet
SavtrakGaming on 5. Oct. 2017.
Neybell Sounen on 5. Oct. 2017.
I don't play McCree, but his skin is making me think about it XD
Necronaut The last dark magic weilder on 5. Oct. 2017.
Mei is a yokai
Captain Chromosome on 5. Oct. 2017.
Lemme get a spooky mei. I aint get enough skins 4 my main
Gengu on 5. Oct. 2017.
pls darth genji
Bell Idrael on 5. Oct. 2017.
The fact that you think they would add a second Witch Mercy skin just because it's a little different xD
Leo Udechukwu on 5. Oct. 2017.
The mei skin is the Chinese representation of zombies basically
Sergey Kirichenko on 5. Oct. 2017.
"Hanzo, I'm your brother!"(с) Darth Genji
PiqZhuls on 5. Oct. 2017.
We need Genji as Luke Skywalker, Mercy as Princess Leia and Hanzo as Han Solo xD
Alfred Picklechips on 5. Oct. 2017.
they are not gonna do darth genji they need copy right shit dumbass
Dragnum on 5. Oct. 2017.
Hanzo... I am your brother. SAKE!
Ragnar558 Gray on 5. Oct. 2017.
If there is no star wars genji skin I will f*#$ing sue the $h!t out of blizzard
Claes Petersson on 5. Oct. 2017.
DarthGenji would be impossible to make. The amount of money they will have to pay for using that would be too much vs the reaction from OW's players. Is it Disney that owns Starwars franchise? Magician Genji on the other hand, best skin i have seen in OW and i dont even like Genji.
Sparkleflash on 5. Oct. 2017.
Oh boy another Witch mercy.
Zebra Popcorn on 4. Oct. 2017.
Ironically that mcree skin is coming, but it's changed a bit
CynicalSwede on 4. Oct. 2017.
gipehtonhceT on 4. Oct. 2017.
Skins that we need: Reaper Princess skin Pharah jetpack cat skin Darth daddy skin for soldier (I'm not your father xD) Mei Satan skin Terry Crews skin for doomfist All of the overwatch skins in Heroes Of the Storm.
Kawaii Hamburger on 4. Oct. 2017.
Btw they are going o make a doomfist or orisa skin
Luc Marco on 4. Oct. 2017.
The reaper one looks like androxus
SuperSpaghetti Spy on 4. Oct. 2017.
Mathwizard Gaming on 4. Oct. 2017.
I'm still hoping for magician genji. Just too perfect
MarcusAuraleius on 4. Oct. 2017.
Spider Orisa tho
SClique01 on 4. Oct. 2017.
They predicted the McCree one lol
SClique01 on 4. Oct. 2017.
I want that zen one so bad
Suiren on 4. Oct. 2017.
The Mei also has a seal on her head showing her inner demon
bred bloekk on 4. Oct. 2017.
That McRae skin JUST leaked
Eybi Solorzano on 4. Oct. 2017.
I love the orisa skin
Ito You on 4. Oct. 2017.
What about a gargoyle pharah
William Strong on 4. Oct. 2017.
Nobody going to mention that Orisa's skin is very reminiscent of the new Doom game?
Zombie slime Marquardt on 4. Oct. 2017.
Well he called number 4
Jaidian Sanchez on 4. Oct. 2017.
RICHEY099 on 4. Oct. 2017.
I kinda wanna see an officer 76
famous cholo on 4. Oct. 2017.
Who watchin in 1456?
VenomSnake03 on 3. Oct. 2017.
I just want some Hanzo skins... Legendary ones..
Astro Mini on 3. Oct. 2017.
Blizzard is too boring for this
Zain Klassen on 3. Oct. 2017.
mei is basicly chiness vampier or zombie one of the two but it dose come from china and it bee nice to see wear wolf reinhardt
Ninjamine x on 3. Oct. 2017.
Blizzard please please please make the Darth Genji please
Magicc Gam3r on 3. Oct. 2017.
100th DISLIKE!!!!!!!
Kenny Phan on 3. Oct. 2017.
I personally think the Genji skins look the best
Jose Soler Crespo on 3. Oct. 2017.
Hanzo better get a skin after that disappointing Epic skin he got last year. He still needs more legendaries.
InfernotheFox on 3. Oct. 2017.
I saw a skin for Reinhardt that turns him into this Heavy Metal Rock inspired powerhouse with a giant battle axe that doubles as a Guitar. If they add that, I certainly hope they reference Morterkaiser fom LoL who says "I like my weapons, how I like my music... HEAVY AND METAL!!"
Malice on 3. Oct. 2017.
That Zenyatta skin at the start is too amazing for words IMO
Mr.ElephantGaming on 3. Oct. 2017.
The Reinhardt one at the end I want it
Axel Bakke on 3. Oct. 2017.
Zombie roadhog skin