Top 5 Overwatch Plays Ep. 4 | w/ Awall | Overwatch Gameplay | McCree, Bastion, Winston, Soldier 76

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Shaked Fish (NineLord) on 15. Nov. 2015.
there is not diff from each player but their only skill. really annoying
pgnsantos on 15. Nov. 2015.
I just wanna play it...
Maks Gerber on 14. Nov. 2015.
good job
Zentor on 13. Nov. 2015.
I really liked the video editing. Especially after every play there's a rewind in slow motion. It would even better if the editor tried a bit of the introduction style like in the Plays/Fails of the week in HoTS. :DD
orilevi7 on 12. Nov. 2015.
1:24 I like how he killed Jengest
meesert on 12. Nov. 2015.
6666 views illuminatie confirmed
Dionysius Lam on 12. Nov. 2015.
I have seen some more awesome moves from CS GO global elite players in the stream and it was their "normal" move in everygame
Rios Wong on 12. Nov. 2015.
The Beta for Overwatch isn't even out yet in Hong Kong....
Jovink8 on 12. Nov. 2015.
Woah, take it easy Awall. Remember to breath between clips.
Sage Berserker on 12. Nov. 2015.
I think this video is misnamed
novademon on 12. Nov. 2015.
Love TGN content, but I have to mute all these videos because I cant stand Awall's fake announcer voice. It's atrocious.
Bruno Kartmann on 12. Nov. 2015.
How are people suposed to send in replays if only few "chosen ones" have access?
Darth Terraplex on 11. Nov. 2015.
you mean "Q" of the week.
Ronaldinho Gaucho on 11. Nov. 2015.
So, does this mean that the HotS plays of the week are going to be coming out left often? Haven't seen one in a long time :(
Delmardruid13 on 11. Nov. 2015.
Wasnt this uploaded the other day?
Dieifyoureadthis on 11. Nov. 2015.
I feel like the fifth play is equivalent as Katarina getting a triple kill on Cait, Graves and Heimerdinger. Jump in on one target get the resets and kill the rest. I obvi know Reaper does not have the reset mechanic but, it still looked as easy as jumping on 3 squishies as a Katarina with Deathcap, Fully stacked Mejai's and a Voidstaff
Kofi Lacefield (RedWolv) on 11. Nov. 2015.
I am still angry that overwatch is not free, don't hate me
Kajinking on 11. Nov. 2015.
I seriously interested in this game but I need to upgrade first. Would a GTX 970 handle this well?
Silent Dream on 11. Nov. 2015.
I was so hoping for the Ultimatematemate on the Reinhard play haha nice vid
TheZarbis on 11. Nov. 2015.
"Submit your games" Oh, if we could, man :D
fernando Iranzo on 11. Nov. 2015.
40€ game sorry but not interested anymore
Pedro Valcugoes on 11. Nov. 2015.