Top Things To Do in WoW Before Battle for Azeroth Launches! [Preparation/Removed Content]

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mark richardson on 30. Dec. 2017.
I did the same. I dabbled with everything during legion. I mained a hunter for 8 years but try as hard as I could I just couldn't click with him anymore. Finally got around to trying my monk and never looked back.
Tanax13 on 30. Dec. 2017.
Will the starting zones (1-60) be vastly different in BFA? Was thinking of leveling up a new character once revamped leveling system is released with 7.3.5
Desperado070 on 30. Dec. 2017.
Its alright over 10 years we got legion servers back again...
azure dreams on 30. Dec. 2017.
So i have this question. Holy paladin Silver Hand artifact is a Warhamer,which is technically 2 hand weapon,so my question is will we be able to transmog to let's say some 2 hand maces for Retribution in BoA. Or its considered a 1hand weapon because of that off hand tome?
RuneDemoN on 30. Dec. 2017.
I don't want to level a character until 7.3.5 is out :( But I actually want to level lol
Mercy Day on 30. Dec. 2017.
Imagine walking into a Pizza Hut to tell everyone there how much you hate their Pizza, that you dislike it so much you don't just throw out but burn every Pizza Hut pizza box you've ever acquired, and you're loudly yelling this for everyone to hear while you're seated at a table ordering a large pepperoni. Can you imagine doing something so wild?
Zadster on 30. Dec. 2017.
Have Blizzard totally lost the plot? No content for nearly a year, on a paid subscription game?
real mcgeehe on 30. Dec. 2017.
My only goal is Lightforged Warframe.... it will be mine.
Zadster on 30. Dec. 2017.
I guess someone didn't preview the audio levels...
Adolfo Quijada on 30. Dec. 2017.
what addon are u ussing for the enemy's lifebars :)?
TheOneTrueKing on 30. Dec. 2017.
If battle comes out in September I will be happy as shit
Visoth on 30. Dec. 2017.
I'll just be doing my own thing in Vanilla WoW while waiting for BFA
Jamie Wilkinson on 30. Dec. 2017.
Divinity: Original Sin II is a pretty good game. That's what I'm using as my WoW-break.
Flávio Abreu on 30. Dec. 2017.
Just a small note Bellular, even though those 2 tints you mentioned are the only ones you won't be able to obtain after Legion, you won't be able to transmog to any appearance you get after Battle is launched. So, in a way, all of the appearances will be unobtainable after Legion, since there's really no point in getting a tint that can only be used with an obsolete weapon.
Matt Kingsbury on 30. Dec. 2017.
Still recovering from the horror that was Archmage Xylem and Highlord Kruul, and now you want me to go do MORE Mage Tower Challenges? I can feel the month-long migraines coming already...
Violet Bliss on 30. Dec. 2017.
I really need to wait for more info before deciding on main. I have some characters that may carry the flag, but it all depends on what artifact things are kept or not, and to what degree the class is incomplete in PvE due to pvp talents or messy design, such as Demonology.
KineticMango on 30. Dec. 2017.
Im just gonna save some money and wait until the pre-patch to resub to WoW.
Dick Gori on 30. Dec. 2017.
J Corley on 30. Dec. 2017.
I've taken time away from WoW and got a Nintendo switch. Mario Odyssey and Xenoblade 2 are fantastic.
MEWN on 30. Dec. 2017.
unfortunately last point on the list is the best
JealotGaming on 30. Dec. 2017.
Are the Balance of Power skins also going to be locked?
Hailstorm on 30. Dec. 2017.
When choosing sata ssd speed is not important as the interface will be the bottleneck, so don't overspend there.
David Moreira on 30. Dec. 2017.
Going for battlemaster achievement then
Ramazan Tekin on 30. Dec. 2017.
oh man i still remember your pre-legion "what to do in WoD" video as if i watched it yesterday. damn man time indeed flies...
Dane Train on 30. Dec. 2017.
How do you think this is going to effect the achievements linked to the artifact weapons? Do you think there are going to be some that we will no longer be able to get? Or do you think that we will be able to still get them all after?
Barsardelris on 30. Dec. 2017.
I've been maining a rogue through legion. I have started leveling a DK and thinking about it becoming my main. How does End Game DK feel?
Evani Collects on 30. Dec. 2017.
One thing i would recommend is getting the pvp rewards from the current honor system, Blizzard have not yet stated if the system will be going forward in to b4a and even it is it may be reset to level 1 with new rewards and retiring the current ones. Better to farm them now than risk it or at least get you're level not too far behind max i like to be no more than 4-6 levels behind the current cap.
A D on 30. Dec. 2017.
did you make another vid just to get another advert in? xD pointless info that you'll put in another vid closer the time
ShinArts on 30. Dec. 2017.
good video, unfortunately i had to wait 1:25 til it started...
Keihndeth on 30. Dec. 2017.
The SSD plug is already getting old. I think we all know SSD are infinitely superior. Just put their logo or a picture of the product in the corner of your video and be done with it. We don't need to keep hearing about it.
CutiePatooti • on 30. Dec. 2017.
rather 9 months and awesomepawsome content than 3 months and poor content
Zoe Egan on 30. Dec. 2017.
When do you intend to do either Priest or Druid class reviews? ^^
SebisGamingHöhle on 30. Dec. 2017.
get taeshalach and the argus scythe beacause i think they won t be avilable in bfa anymore being the challenge mode replacement
Gorbachoph on 30. Dec. 2017.
Fucking sellout cunt
Andrew Sulpizio on 30. Dec. 2017.
You make great videos man. Thank you
Dellerium Worgen on 30. Dec. 2017.
You can easily do mage tower on all classes and specs with gear we have now.most mobs die in 10 secs with 950 ilvl if you decide to cheese and burst it.Same goes for 15+ not hard at all with so much gear.
CloverKnight on 30. Dec. 2017.
To shorten it: 1. Complete all mage tower challenges. 2.Complete Mythic +15. 3.Decide your main ( Because the differences are not as broad as they were from WoD to Legion). 4,Level up Alts. 5.Get rep for the new Allied Races (such as Highmountain, Lightforged,etc). 6.Complete the Raids. 7. Grind Reputation and Gold. 8.Go Outside and play something else.
SgtFrie on 30. Dec. 2017.
I've been playing rainbow six siege as well it a great game and a great game to break up the blah of end wow content.
George Staykov on 30. Dec. 2017.
Wish i could just boost all my characters to max like you bel :/ still got 4 shmucks left at various 100-110 levels.
jvjd on 30. Dec. 2017.
Get the artifact skins you want, finish the brawler's guilds ( like last boss need 500k 600k deeps pff), get the pvp prestige stuff you want
Knightmare on 30. Dec. 2017.
Guess ill level a shadow priest
Tias on 30. Dec. 2017.
When I get back to wow again I was planning to actually do the mage tower for the artifact appearances. Considering that it gets easier as time goes on since they add catch-up mechanics I hope it won't be TOO hard. Only did havoc for DH back when the tower was new. Shit was hard.
The Akasaurus on 30. Dec. 2017.
I keep wondering if I want to keep a sub up and for once I am defo just going to let it sit. I can't see the allied races being availible before the expac hits maybe at 8.0 and the content in 7.3.5 looks cool but not worth it for me. I am so pumped for Battle that I am going to do that 6 month fee payment and probs open up a second EU account to try and make some EU friends I'm a sucker for european accents lol Thinking of having all Horde on one and all Alliance on the other, with the leveling revamp and allied races I'll be playing it a ton. Also finally got Diablo 2 on console and its frakkin amazing not too mention all the other amazing games out there. I would recomment folks to take a break as well, especially if Legion content is not very attractive, I have ZERO interest in farming on Argus or the Broken shore, I think the Suramar quest line and the pathfinder reqs broke/burned me out 100 percent on Legion content.
Mike D on 30. Dec. 2017.
I'm hoping that by BFA they'll have changed the Warlock Demo spec, but knowing IoN, the chances are not so high of the spec being changed much, if at all. Getting those skins and mythic+ cheevos are gonna be a nice challenge though. I'm definitely looking forward to the world scaling update. I'll be going through all the old world/new world content again on classes I never played, as well as classes I dropped off playing some years back, so that'll give me something to do (and I also love re-reading the lore as times goes on).
Jesp on 30. Dec. 2017.
What game is that at 8:44 ?
toombz11 on 30. Dec. 2017.
#1 unsub
Serock on 30. Dec. 2017.
Volume is all over the place in this video
HippoButtSecks on 30. Dec. 2017.
stop showing your face
King James on 30. Dec. 2017.
Ummm, I was going to YouTube to search for the best SSD for my PC am gunna build, before I could search, I clicked this video and he started talking about SSDs
Regnever on 30. Dec. 2017.
Bellular the master of consistency :D ... atleast wear the same jacket when you do the promo mate :D also the sound levels are way way different