Toxic coaching: bronze soldier who can't self heal 950sr

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DeEvilBanana on 29. Jun. 2017.
"ragtagg can you please stop singing in your toxic coaching videos? it's cringy as fuck"
k on 4. Jul. 2017.
I thought i was about to watch a video of a toxic smurf screaming at people through the mic and telling them how to play the game... great video
david halnzosoft on 4. Jul. 2017.
about 15 mins ago I was playing soldier and I'm almost positive I almost got all head shots one of the best games I had. I mean I was just melting everything
adi chisalita on 4. Jul. 2017.
he has a golden weapon on Reinhardt but he is gold, this guy was stuck in bronze from season 1 hahahahah
TheCheckerBoard on 4. Jul. 2017.
Nobody going to pay attention to the silver torb in bronze? No just me?
RybickOneTwo on 4. Jul. 2017.
I swear I've subbed like 3 times
Stormforce VII on 4. Jul. 2017.
i only played ow on pc, is there much aim assist on the console version?
Temprel Storm on 3. Jul. 2017.
*Mutes Volume* Ahhh much better.
paras khan on 3. Jul. 2017.
Gold weap are for people that are skilled in comp...HOW THE FU** DID HE WIN 300 GAMES
those1kidds on 3. Jul. 2017.
his singing rocks!!!! People who don't realize that are freaking fools!
Just a Trash Player on 3. Jul. 2017.
when soldier popped his ult, the whole team was focusing him and could not kill him........that is some fucking god awful aim.
Lieutenant Paskapää on 3. Jul. 2017.
people give bronze and silver so much shit. why you gotta feel superior that you are at playing a game than me? I admit I am in high bronze and I care but at the same time it is no big deal. I still have fun playing competitive trying to climb out and that is all that really matters is if you are having fun . I love winning but if I get a team going all out 100 percent and we end up losing I am totally cool with it. Video games are meant for entertainment stop being elitist for being better at some fucking game. Not referring to Rags commentary referring to the basement dwellers in the comments. Might not be as good as you diamond overwatch players but I am confident I am 5 times more physically fit.Sorry had to let out this rant
Lieutenant Paskapää on 3. Jul. 2017.
your singing is amazing dude
Alexander wolf on 3. Jul. 2017.
the singing is the best part.
Caenlorn on 3. Jul. 2017.
Clocked over 300h on Rein and by God did I want Jeff Kaplan to slit my digital wrists after watching this guy. I see that type of gameplay in high plat/low diamond too...Trickle in syndrome.
Rx6 iKeZu on 3. Jul. 2017.
ragg tagg today i started playing hanzo! a few games in i got the double SCATTER! i didnt know how strong that cunt really is xD
haydnr01 on 2. Jul. 2017.
How is it possible to be level 200+ and still have such shit aim?
Jonas Franzén on 2. Jul. 2017.
I just cant muster to watch plays this fukken bad..
Da Brotherhood on 2. Jul. 2017.
fucking shit aim donkey positioning
Bhut_Trolokia on 2. Jul. 2017.
That soldier is bloody cat shite.
Momchil Dochev on 2. Jul. 2017.
Rag Tagg, that bulgarian saying you quoted does not fucking exist or is too ancient. Otherwise: You are going back to being you, I like it!
Callum W on 2. Jul. 2017.
first time I heard you sing I actually thought you dubbed it In, had no idea you used to to opera.
Nock on 2. Jul. 2017.
bronze on console you know you're not a gamer but at least you're having fun.
kingdomfox99 on 2. Jul. 2017.
I'm convinced these bronze console players are all 5 years old, so not bad actually.
online gamer on 2. Jul. 2017.
We need the cringy music
iMezzo on 2. Jul. 2017.
rag tagg stop being a drunk
Nathaniel _ on 1. Jul. 2017.
It's hard to watch these retard bronzes
Xestern on 1. Jul. 2017.
Hanzo>This soldier
Deventh on 1. Jul. 2017.
I am actually a Bulgarian and never heard of this phrase lmao xD. We have a lot more phrases like this though.
Cameron Kinney on 1. Jul. 2017.
Great video Rag Tagg :)
GiblyTheRanger on 1. Jul. 2017.
I'm gonna make a channel where I coach ragtagg on his singing
j deez on 1. Jul. 2017.
wow, the has to have some kind of mental disability
Klaash D on 1. Jul. 2017.
The singing is hilarious!
The_Waze on 1. Jul. 2017.
HAHAHHAH as good as usual ragtagg!
Kevin Arnold on 1. Jul. 2017.
I don't think overwatch looks this bad even on lowest settings. Did this guy tinker with the game files to make it look even worse?
Random Dark souls 3 and Nier: Automata enthusiast on 1. Jul. 2017.
"Orisa's go fuck yourself ability" that's very accurate, it's pretty much a giant middle finger in the face of every enemy Mei, Reinhardt or anyone who relies on croud control abilities
Random Dark souls 3 and Nier: Automata enthusiast on 1. Jul. 2017.
4:22 didn't know roadhog himself played overwatch, the heavily breathing fat fuck
k0cc4 on 30. Jun. 2017.
8:24 is the go-fuck-yourself ability minigrav or the hardon mode? becuase she was just out of her hardon mode I don't think she can get m2 out that fast at that distance unless she predicts the charge even in diamond :o
SpicyBoiClinton on 30. Jun. 2017.
Does the gameplay have to be a loss
Ollie Topps on 30. Jun. 2017.
wtf was this game? that was like <500 bronze gameplay. I've seen battle mercys do more.
Thomas J on 30. Jun. 2017.
Do they have a locked FOV on Console?
JackDagnaIs on 30. Jun. 2017.
These vids are funny as fuck but I truly cannot comprehend how someone playing this bad can still have fun.
Nick Marten on 30. Jun. 2017.
I don't get how people can be 200+ and still be dog shit
Jinx - CodaBass on 30. Jun. 2017.
XD laughing before the first 40 seconds of your video, as usual. Keep up the great vids. Hope you're feeling better
Nils Böker on 30. Jun. 2017.
Why would anyone turn the kill feed off?!? That shouldn't even be an option...
KMC LIVE GETS BEAT on 30. Jun. 2017.
I have a silver Smurf on console where I main hanzo/Winston and throw(should I try a match and send it in?)
G. Morad on 30. Jun. 2017.
playing ow on ps4 made me switch back to pc. if you hadn't played ow on console you have no idea how bad people play there. I thought I was an OW god then I switched to PC and realized I was a mid-plat player :/
Mikkelson on 30. Jun. 2017.
Don't ever stop singing in your videos, they are the best! :D
ghost on 30. Jun. 2017.
i love you so much ragtagg
Samurai_Totoro on 30. Jun. 2017.
As a GM.., i can only say.. good job!