Uh Oh... BFA Alpha Azerite Problem: Pros, Cons, Confusion & What You Need To Know!

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TheAngryAArdvark on 12. Apr. 2018.
I Love all new content, it means that for another small amount of time all are safe from the BeLUMonster feeding.
wolfenspeign on 11. Apr. 2018.
I think it's simply to early to tell at this point. Like most people, I feel initially put off by this system. I feel (preliminary..) that I have less choice, that I'm collecting gear that functions as quasi-Relic-Trait-Armor pieces. Obviously this will easily spaghetti explode into vast time consumption ~ min/max'ing for some, while the rest of us might just throw up our hands and say, meh screw it, As long as my dps is generally good, its fine. Am I excited by this system? No. Like some people have mentioned, just give us an Azerite TALENT tree. Simple. One Ui element, not unlike the previous Artifact-Weapons, however perhaps give it a small twist that there's unlockable Shoulder Armor, or Helm's or something like that would definitely be more fun for me. --As for the talents themselves, I would like to see more utility choices beyond just direct/indirect Dps gains. Especially for classes that have less utility than some.
kk kat piter on 10. Apr. 2018.
hopefully with the spec issue, when you change specs you will select the trait for that spec - even if it is only once
Matthias Neuharth on 10. Apr. 2018.
Did they remove berserker rage on alpha
Neonnite on 9. Apr. 2018.
I would say that they should allow the changing of traits in rested areas just like your talent tree. This looks to me like it could easily be an overcomplicated mess.
Jershu Muyo on 9. Apr. 2018.
As someone on the alpha I think the problem in itself isn't the Azerite gear. It's just one ilvl185 piece that you will replace the second you get something out of the tested dungeons. The problem is because of the huge pruning from legion, without our artifacts, all the classes feel gutted. The chest is just 1/3 of the component but unless they give something way more impactful like gold traits or the artifact on use... You are coming out of legion feeling like a god to being nothing. It's just not satisfying. Higher levels should feel like you are becoming more powerful (and im not talking about the squish that's fine). Instead it feels like we are back to vanilla or TBC with how small the toolkits are.
Common Sense on 9. Apr. 2018.
Blizzard time to make a new mmo
HOBOTw1tcH on 8. Apr. 2018.
your outro music is like 1000000000 times louder than your voice was. blew out my ear drums
Ikelos on 8. Apr. 2018.
The azerite traits are all terrible so far. They're basically "Increase damage/Healing/Reduce damage by X%" but written in a fancy way. It's bait for idiots. Take "Latent Chill" for Frost DKs for example: "Frost Strike deals an additional [94 + (94 / 2)] damage if you have at least 3 empty runes." Sounds cool on the surface, but if you play Frost DK you know that you never have any reason to use Frost Strike unless you're out of runes. So that's effectively just a damage increase on Frost Strike, made to sound fancy.
5fjdhv gd646bh on 8. Apr. 2018.
Kinda sad to see that Blizzard is also not able to come up with cool features. Although I don't play WoW (I only played 2 months after it was released) it's kinda trolling the players to present them with recoloured versions of the initial races as supposedly "new" content. It would've been cool to see a new race that walks quadrupedal and doesn't equip any armor/weapon, having new systems of strengthening and providing better gameplay&tactical aspects into a rather static game. Instead, you now have to level your equipment to improve it(which is kinda like TOS' transcendence system). Dunno if that's supposed to be enticing for possible new players to pick up the game...
Wayne Gilliland on 8. Apr. 2018.
I accidently picked the wrong spec azerite trait and am stuck with it now. Not the best way to run this new system
Species Gaming on 8. Apr. 2018.
Greetings Warcraft community! From what I've seen, there are alot of changes coming with BfA, Azerite gear being one of them. My honest opinion is that they really took the the current Artifact weapons and reworked them, in principle, into this new type of gear. Now, I'm not totally against that, but it is refreshing to have regular weapons back again, but at the same time, not refreshing to have them morphed into what appears to be just a different item slot. Now, I know it isn't identical to the way Artifact weapons work now, but the idea is pretty close in what has been shown so far. Hopefully all of the kinks and bugs will work out throughout the Alpha testing, and when August 14th comes, we can have a decently polished package! Thanks guys.
Seethe ious on 8. Apr. 2018.
Artifact comparison doesn't hold, there was no actual "customization", they basically abandoned the concept very quickly when they just gave you all the traits, after that it had no actual choice. The new system forces choice, you can't have choices that 'matter' if you can change them at the press of a button, people didn't complain about 'timegating' when they had to grind sets from dungeons for different specs yet it can serve the same function with less obtuse RNG, just dealing with dungeon drop rates of 5-60% is not as bad as the legendary system or AP grind because it becomes about obtaining 'pieces' which feels more rewarding. A set per spec can work if they rework it so you can consolidate a gear set into a single item or some sort of compact subcategory. They give people "customization" with this system and now people call it a "clusterfuck". Do people want actual choices or not?
Simon Heath on 8. Apr. 2018.
Great video, but does bellular look a little down in the video? Hope I'm wrong, keep up the good work
Eric Wills on 8. Apr. 2018.
“Getting a new piece of gear, and customizing how your class plays.” You mean “taking the one boring trait selection for your spec and not customizing at all and just adding another annoying chore.”? Is that what we’re supposed to be excited about? Azerite gear sucks and it will kill this game.
Bullitt on 8. Apr. 2018.
what happened to the audio lol
PinkDevilFish on 8. Apr. 2018.
I'd rather just have tier than this stuff. Sounds kinda awful to me.
gwak on 8. Apr. 2018.
passives aren't customization m8
Raiden777 on 8. Apr. 2018.
"So you get to customize your spec a little to your playstyle." But that's entirely not true. Because there's only one trait for each spec, and you even mention that the later tiers aren't that class specific. Which means it'll tie in less to what your spec does. You're not customizing your spec to your playstyle, you're just picking what the best choice is.
Sunwalker Edaaga on 8. Apr. 2018.
Isn’t it about customizing your character to the content you’re doing, the way that tier sets were? There will be one setup per spec per game mode. But a holy paladin running Mythic+ won’t want the same gear as a holy paladin who is raiding. That gets the raiders out of M+ thus getting rid of the “must be overgeared to get in” mentality. I’m pretty sure they aren’t trying to add more customization than is already in the game, just change the way the customization that IS in the game works. We’ll go back to the days of Wrath and Cata when raiders geared up by well...raiding. I know
Logan Braveheart on 7. Apr. 2018.
this shit sounds born give us the artifact weapon back
zaekeon on 7. Apr. 2018.
Devs on slootbag interview said you’ll be able to respec the armor
hell bot on 7. Apr. 2018.
I mean maybe they could just add some new talents... wheres our level 120 talent....
27Zangle on 7. Apr. 2018.
Looking forward to BFA. I really disliked Legion and feel other than the neat artifact system the game is nearly as bad as MOP (subjective, I know). However, I'll admit I am going to miss my artifact weapon immensely because many times since release my gear has been amazing, but my weapons were horrible and usually had to resort to pvp weapons due to bad luck and even those were not that great. Artifact weapons were the great equalizer.
Jason on 7. Apr. 2018.
it looks like a smaller version of the old talent tree system.
The Best Bilbo on 7. Apr. 2018.
My only initial issue with this is the fact that they are trying to do one gear per class, instead of per spec. The issue comes in two factors: lack of choice and 2 classes destroy this idea. Druids would need 1 per of their 4, leaving no room for the "neutral" choice while Demon Hunters would only need 2, leaving either 2 neutrals or 2 per spec. I'd say gear should be tied to cLass but the traits tied to specs instead. Add choice to it all.
thecanadianwill on 7. Apr. 2018.
I can tell you the flaw.....nothing about the new armor system is interesting or nessesay......it is just creating the illusion of something new when it really isn't and it will not bring me back for this expansion. this expansion has the least to offer and only further ruins many classes I previously found fun. the artifacts brought me back last time, they were fun and new but this time I have no reason or interest in WoW....
kooken58 on 7. Apr. 2018.
What happened to the giant wheel with 3 rings and over a dozen of choices? This looks like netherlight crucible...Honestly Blizzard, if you want to re-introduce a Vanilla - Wrath Talent tree, just do it already and keep it in the game.
Kody on 7. Apr. 2018.
dude no respecing has to be not in yet but fuck please keep this way. I could have two fucking characters of the same class and feel like I have two separate characters just like in classic with two specs
JFCTheDeadWalk on 7. Apr. 2018.
Are you by chance going to do some more content on the classes themselves? You’re videos by far are the most informative on actual changes and approaches
Vitor Ribeiro on 7. Apr. 2018.
Babe, say something dirty im my ear! " Hey everyone and welcome back to one more World of Warcraft video.. " Yeeeesssss...
Sean Boyle on 7. Apr. 2018.
You move alot when you talk, like your moving your hands but we cant even see them, stop plz
Synhowl on 7. Apr. 2018.
Blizz, we liked the return of iconic oldschool talents/abilities from Vanilla, but ... having backpacks full of different gear pieces to have to swap between for different benefits is NOT one of the parts of the oldschool experience that we wanted back, LOL.
Gerben de Hoog on 7. Apr. 2018.
customization? what are you talking about? you have 1 trait for each spec? where is the customization in that? as fury warr you will never ever touch the other traits, so whats the point...
HaZe Days on 7. Apr. 2018.
I’m sure this has been asked in a previous video but what is the music you use at the end of your videos? Keep up the good work
Brox Prox on 7. Apr. 2018.
Wah wah, everything should be automated
Markus Schiefer on 7. Apr. 2018.
Yeah, they combined the disadvantages of the old spec specific set items with the disadvantages of legendary items, threw in the artifact grind and named it azerite gear. I like the world they built, but I am getting to old for this time consuming and frankly boring / partially frustrating item progression as we saw it in legion.
Akandofaul on 7. Apr. 2018.
This is funnier if you imagine him recording this in a bathroom stall at the press event. :p
monkeysayin on 7. Apr. 2018.
Didn't they say the catch-up mechanic was that you will need less and less azerite per point instead of legions where you got more and more AP
SmartMario on 7. Apr. 2018.
Are you a vampire? Do you even sleep? O_O
Meadowarch on 7. Apr. 2018.
Does horde get humans as allied race? In the embassy there is a shadow human is horde getting humans!? Also mm hunter looks preety boring
GunvorPlays on 7. Apr. 2018.
Man, Belluar looks like he hasn't slept in weeks.
Richard Meacham on 7. Apr. 2018.
Devs stated in the media day they want multiple sets of gear for spec s. Quote: "Collecting multiple gear sets and having those for specific purposes and roles is an interesting an healthy part of gameplay" so down to us the player base to agree but seems like that's the plan.
TooSalty on 7. Apr. 2018.
This looks horrible
Mihajlo Bisenic on 7. Apr. 2018.
IMO they should make wow2 or something after lvl 100 I mean it's really silly to say I'm lvl 120
Canadian Muffin on 7. Apr. 2018.
Azerite armour is just the new artifact relics. Literally 3 pieces of gear, only locks onto one spec, etc.
Boris Schwarz on 7. Apr. 2018.
Maybe different Items will have different Talents and you can only respecc them for a higher cost.
WcTheory on 7. Apr. 2018.
You look a bit tired Bellular.
Lord Thovarisk on 7. Apr. 2018.
you look tired dude...
Jaigarful on 7. Apr. 2018.
Gearing separate specs in WoW has always meant different itemization. In WoD they dumped the tier-set for every spec thing which was great. Now they want to get back to that system?