UPDATE: Diablo 3 2.6.1 Best Builds (All Classes) - Season 12 Tier List

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Tom Tom on 1. Dec. 2017.
Anyone have access to groups of people who play actively and legit on ps4? I can't seem to find people to play with who have mics. Psn snake518894 add me and lmk it's about diablo. I'd love to start playing with people.
JaimeG88 on 1. Dec. 2017.
subbed. bro can you make videos on the best builds for 4-player teams for this season?
banmia suadi on 1. Dec. 2017.
ah its rhykker the anal lord :)
André Martins on 1. Dec. 2017.
I'm pretty happy with this season, it shows a lot off buids for my solo wizard gameplay
Kryptixx on 1. Dec. 2017.
you should release those kinds of video on the day you make them cuz since november 22 a lot of builds moved on the tier list
octart on 1. Dec. 2017.
my life for aiur
Herman Toothrot on 1. Dec. 2017.
Necromancer? never heard of him, in my game is called CORPSE LANCE.
Nerulon Skyven on 1. Dec. 2017.
I dont know man but on EU I can't find any of these B tier classes around 90... on PTR Whirlwind Barbarian owned everything now where is it ? or is it just on EU ? WW is on A tier should be 5 level under the S, but not a single one in the 1000 player leaderboard.. how ?
Sebastien Dumond-Ruffel on 1. Dec. 2017.
come on man you know d3 sucks.... poe is waaaaaaaaaaaay better just do like everyone else and switch
Matheus Inguaggiato Nora Rosa on 1. Dec. 2017.
Where did you see a crusader clear a solo 122 grift? the leaderboard doesnt show that..
Myskoxe _ on 1. Dec. 2017.
Anyone know of a good guide for the vyr frozen orb build?
Alim Kanca on 1. Dec. 2017.
Where can i find the "Fb channel" wizard build ? Is it the meteor 2.6.1 build ?
EasyKrieg on 1. Dec. 2017.
@Rhykker I'm using a 6Akkhan/4Invoker thorns build with Hack and Vo'Toyias this season and it is awesome, I've seen it clear a GR101 already. I feel it is way better then the Invoker build, why is it not in this list?
NetjunkyXXX on 1. Dec. 2017.
Some thought's on the DMO Twister Build which cleared a 120 after just 2 Weeks of season on ps4?
Jimmy Post on 1. Dec. 2017.
Love these lists man! Great work. (Twitch sub: Sharknad0)
Mr Kozi on 1. Dec. 2017.
I think Jade is stronger than HT firebats and HT Garg and should be in A Tier.
W1LLTACULAR on 1. Dec. 2017.
Im currently in a weird predicament. I am upgrading to a 1080ti i7800k 32 gig ram from a 1060 6g i73770k 16 gig of ram. now I have this new monitor that is 144hz i think and my current one is a 60hz. Basically idk what monitor to use with my new computer. obviously both would be ideal but i do not have the room atm. I like the 60 hz one because I have tons of single player games that I like to use v sync for to get 60 fps if the game doesnt have a limiter. Now with the 144hz one idk how vsync will work especially with a card that powerful. Im not sure what screen I should use with the new comp the new 144hz one or the 60hz one I have been using.
Nzo Nzo on 1. Dec. 2017.
@Rhykker can you not use female icons for both DH and Wizard in your tier list? They’re almost impossible to tell apart when made so small.
Esfix Macz on 1. Dec. 2017.
I'm surprised no one is doing an A6 I4 thorn sader build
SSJ1Igor on 1. Dec. 2017.
So happy to see Crusader finally make it to the big league. The only reason I never played Sader literally since ROS dropped is because other builds were always on a whole other level.
Michael Martin on 1. Dec. 2017.
Great video!
Sarah Kerrigan on 1. Dec. 2017.
DMO arcane orb is undeniably stronger than the LoN F tier builds and at least on par with the D tiers. That classic buils deserves a mention.
MatthiasAI on 1. Dec. 2017.
I got further in this season in 3 days then I got last season in a month and a half... so Iv kind of stopped playing, even tho it was nice I was kind of peeved at how hard i had to try to get nowhere last season xD... The RNG is just... :'(
KK on 1. Dec. 2017.
Well, Archon Frozen Orb was my build even before the Archon Vyr set came out. I remembered the time the Arcane per crit was so high that allowed me to spam Frozen Orb constantly then pop Archon for Ellite and stuff. That time was gold, now I can happily live in that age once again. People get bored of Archon build? I don't really care because to me Archon is way so cool and Frozen Orb's explosion is so satisfying.
tehjoch on 1. Dec. 2017.
thanks Rhykker! Will you be covering 4-man meta some time as well? It seems it's rahtma/barb only, while DH are represented well in the A-tier, I don't feel welcome in any 4-man groups. I do am greatly appreciated in t13 runs...
Saelos demarus on 1. Dec. 2017.
M6 multiplier is 15000% and N6 multiplier is 3500%,but the diff is that M4 says sentries deal 400% more dmg and you have another 3500% multiplier that increases its damage multiplicatively so you have 5 sentries dealing lot of dmg for you,and the thing is each cluster arrow is weaker than cluster arrow you have in M6 but you have 5sentries dealing dmg so it becomes better.
Xiangpaw on 1. Dec. 2017.
how well can homemade builds work? and is it possible to get a "pro" to test your build and see if it would be worthy of a ranking in one of these lists, or maybe even on icyveins?
Gradus Mike on 1. Dec. 2017.
It's so damn funny when someone comes to comment "how are you guys still playing this? its a dead game!" well lemme tell you something, for me its one of the best games ever thats why i still enjoy playing it, and no its not a dead game! as far as i can find party whenever i want its not a dead game. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean i should too, grow up kiddos. And btw please 600 paragon guys nothing against you but dont judge the game at your paragons for fcks sake! And if after 300 hours you are still 600 paragons blame your skill to play this game and not the game.
Eniclac on 1. Dec. 2017.
I'm guessing this is just for "solo builds" right? would there be a synergy/updated list for group play?
Ace Strife on 1. Dec. 2017.
I tried the Vyr Orb build but it needs some serious gear to perform well. CDR on practically everything, sacking main stats and VIT to get needed rolls.. not something for low paragon. I do better with DMO; easier to gear for, easier to play, but still not fun. Vyr is ehh, the super speed is fun, but not having a way to recover resource isn't. Channeling? Not very fun since you're locked into one specific skill set, unlike pre-RoS. The only fun wizard build that can do anything is EB, and it's a speed farm only build.. which many other classes do better. Still sucks to be a Wizard if your goal is fun gameplay and not meta leaderboard pushing.
eleazar espinoza on 1. Dec. 2017.
I just made a shadow impale demon hunter and hes doing great, im thinking of making a charge barb next
IDthief on 1. Dec. 2017.
yess!! tier list video.
Rosiv Damotil on 1. Dec. 2017.
Why using archon with slow time rune with Vyrs set?
Belfor09 on 1. Dec. 2017.
Take multishit DH and degrade it into a F tier. This build has ZERO survivability. None. Once you're in 95, you get one shoted by every mob in the game. So dissapointed.
Joseph Q. Pham on 1. Dec. 2017.
Isn't DH Marauder's max bonus 15000% instead of 3000%?
James yue on 1. Dec. 2017.
diablo 3 'NEW CONTENT' = reuse reduce and recycle
BloodRedWing on 1. Dec. 2017.
glenn kesteleyn on 1. Dec. 2017.
@rhykker what happend with raiment monk ? it was so strong last season ? why did they nerfed it so hard ?
Amine-y on 1. Dec. 2017.
I change my seasonal character every season (S10 being a Wizard - S11 being a Demon Hunter) and on S12 I got lucky by choosing the Crusader on a Condemn build... Wow. I can go for GR85 solo, I can do GR90 but I need toughness/Vitality.
Andrew Maclachlan on 1. Dec. 2017.
Ive been trying to push GR70 this season as i have never been that committed to a season before, i have a necromancer who has a pestilence and Trag'Ouls lance build, and i cannot get it to work. I have all gems to 50, all armour rolled to have decent stats (not perfect yet), legendary procs that are almost perfect, and i just get one tapped by almost anything. My DPS is insane, its just there absolutely no sustain. (even when spamming devour). What am i doing wrong if it is listed as no.2....
Steve Hash on 1. Dec. 2017.
So basically WOL was shit bruh you ranked him on top not even close but it's very good on low side where most ppl are.. DH has a shit build for top rating but actually THE BEST Low ranking builds.. 102 gr top 1000 so thats impressive cause i always watch how they're doing on 1000 place cause thats more like 95% of everyones potential.. and it says alot about the builds. .. Ranking in USA are very easy to get in top 1000 but in EU its hard AF..
Iron Maiden on 1. Dec. 2017.
Invoker should be A-tier.
ichhassedenscheiss on 1. Dec. 2017.
Pls do a frozen orb vyr break down Video ( :
Arjen Smit on 1. Dec. 2017.
Tals channel -7 and below Whirlwind ? I've got them both. No way, not even close. If i replace the deathwish with an aether walker, giving up a 300% dmg multiplier,, then they are comparable. Tals channel is the strongest thing i ever had in D3. Whirlwind is useful to speed farm for perfecting your hota or charge gear which can actually do something. Oh what ?!!! you ranked hota below WW O.o I dont know where you get your info. If you have seen a WW barb on any leaderboard at all, anywhere in the top 1000, that is because he changed to his WW farming build after achieving that position with his hota or charge build. The DMO orb, Tals channel and FB channel are all very close to eachother, within 3 GR levels i would say.
Tomáš Pistovčák on 1. Dec. 2017.
Leapquake should be at A tier, because in Europe its 3rd in whole ladder.
Allerdyne on 1. Dec. 2017.
My favorite build is either the Wave of Light monk or the Rathma mage build. The WOL monk seems to do more damage overall, but I tend to die more quickly and sometimes end up getting killed by rift guardians, whereas the Rathma build has more potential for single-target damage (it can totally DESTROY rift guardians if you know the right tricks), and I seem to have better survivability, but it seems a bit weaker when there are lots of enemies--especially shamans.
Rémi Marchese on 1. Dec. 2017.
tal is the op farming build that's why people start pushig with it they use it to farm DB and gear , for their "real pushing" build
Synn on 1. Dec. 2017.
uploaded 8 days after recording? Lol.
Khajonsak Jermprapai on 1. Dec. 2017.
Go Rathma (Solo)!