UPDATE: Tracer, Genji, Mercy, and more! (Overwatch Lore & Backstory Analysis)

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Samuel Reyes on 11. Apr. 2017.
When does update release
Dbz Articon on 11. Apr. 2017.
If nexus challenge 2.0 is that genji skin I'm going to freak out cuz I'm on console and don't know how to get it
Unknown Fusion on 11. Apr. 2017.
I dont know why im not subbed to you I like your videos but only really your Overwatch ones
Rekijan on 11. Apr. 2017.
So the TL;DW is Rhykker wants more overwatch skins :P
bozzwick on 11. Apr. 2017.
2:40 fly cam 27 I feel bad for who ever is on that fan the hammer, remember folks, this was pre-nerf... RIP
dvas doritos on 10. Apr. 2017.
another 100 loot boxes yes :3
eternalgear on 9. Apr. 2017.
see, this is interesting, Reaper, or Gabriel Reyes kind of defends the omnics + Mondatta, but in the future he's part of the team that kills Mondatta, an omnic symbol of peace.(Yes it was Widowmaker that kills him but they're both part of Talon) Has Reaper given up on his beliefs?
Finger Blaster 9000 on 9. Apr. 2017.
Please don't tell me I have to I have to play another 15 games of Heroes of the Shit to get this Genji skin. As a Genji main, I just want cool Genji skins without bullshit promotions.
Chase Madrie on 9. Apr. 2017.
you missed the hint at the new tracer skin on the left monitor as well
Soon on 9. Apr. 2017.
didn't hanzo's father force him to kill genji? To take the head of the clan?
Aaron Obsiana on 8. Apr. 2017.
Another kind of event like in Halloween Horror when you battle junkrat?
LL-Hunter5 on 8. Apr. 2017.
I NEED that genii skin I'm soooooo hyped
NigerianMale on 8. Apr. 2017.
8:05 you can see tracer art too to the left of winston
Jason Cruz on 8. Apr. 2017.
Another fucking challenge for a genji skin fuck that
Yahir Hernandez on 8. Apr. 2017.
dude if that is the new genji skin and its only available by nexus challenge then you can fuck offfff
Juan Carlos Alarcon on 8. Apr. 2017.
ikea torbjorn skin confirmed
rasmuskp93 on 8. Apr. 2017.
seriosly whats wrong with tracers legs, i mean they're like way longer then they should be
nada saud on 8. Apr. 2017.
Genji looks like he's giving tracer the middle finger lul
actual meme on 8. Apr. 2017.
im pretty sure when ana was part of overwatch she wasnt a healer? she was a sniper like widowmaker, and she went to healing after the accident. mercy was the original healer if i remember, and mercy even says to ana in game "i dont appreciate what you've done with my biotic technology" which is referring to mercy's medicinal technology and advances idk its just what i think
nada saud on 8. Apr. 2017.
IFunny Modbot on 7. Apr. 2017.
I think most of these skins will be exclusive for origins edition
Handsoap on 7. Apr. 2017.
I hope Blackwatch Genji is NOT the next nexus thing. It's unfair for console players that can’t even play HOTS. It’s the same for the PC players like myself, that don’t have HOTS. (Because i dont have that much money Blizzard) If they did decide to put BW Genji as the next nexus, Players will rage, because half of the players couldn’t even get Oni Genji. It’s mainly because blizzard wants people to waste more of their money buying HOTS, just to get a skin. Then never play HOTS again, until blizz brings out another nexus skin, like they did for the oni Genji. Blizzard better prepare for the rage, if they put BW Genji as the next nexus skin. I grantee they will get backlash, if they do this. (sorry for my bad grammar)
LaVrajeala on 7. Apr. 2017.
I love your voice #nohomo
zSTALKn Gaming on 7. Apr. 2017.
1:53 "He is - Robot Ghandi." I blow the whistle because of this reason; The name Mondatta closely matches with Gautama which is who founded Buddhism. So Mondatta is not Robot Ghandi, he's Robot Buddha
Logan Meador on 7. Apr. 2017.
I want a Mondatta Zen skin
Christian Cunningham on 7. Apr. 2017.
We need more PVE !
redpotter on 7. Apr. 2017.
Yep Tracer definitely needs more event skins (salt)
The Hypetrain on 7. Apr. 2017.
Dude your Videos are still the best
Joaquin009 on 7. Apr. 2017.
Anybody notice McCree has his right Ear pierced?
Celine Abraas on 7. Apr. 2017.
that genji skin better not be Nexus challenge 2
mummy mamoria on 7. Apr. 2017.
I NEED this blue Mercy skin!!
Yousef Al Bayati on 7. Apr. 2017.
Love how he is so detailed while being logical
ColaMachine on 7. Apr. 2017.
+Rhykker Nice use of the Overwatch text font. Fits very well with your Overwatch videos.
SnowScales on 7. Apr. 2017.
Reyes shrug needs to become an emote.
Nemesis on 7. Apr. 2017.
this comic is more of a reason as to why we need an "Uncle/Dad 76 in an ugly christmas sweater" skin
Cross_saber on 7. Apr. 2017.
I'd love some more pve
LuppyLuptonium on 7. Apr. 2017.
PVE events like this should be done fairly often and get archived in a campaign mode, which would still be multiplayer but would essentially let us play the lore.
Matheus Ossiliere on 7. Apr. 2017.
Sombra threatened genji on interactions voice samples, something like digging his past...
Brett Edwards on 7. Apr. 2017.
I really hope that this next genji skin is not a god damn nexus thing. I wanted the other skin but didn't have heros of the storm. By the time i knew about the skin and how to get it, the limited time to get it was over. Plus, im not really into having to download and play a different game just to get a skin. Its kind of ridiculous.
Reece Shaw on 7. Apr. 2017.
Hey folks; this is Rhykkerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
Lucio Ball on 7. Apr. 2017.
I'd love to see a comic with Genji meeting zenyatta
Cameron Labbe on 7. Apr. 2017.
Prepare for the rise of the Nurcy skin lol (Nurse+Mercy)
yousquiddinme on 7. Apr. 2017.
Tracer's speech was so bad lol
The Scoup on 7. Apr. 2017.
I bet Gabriel is somewhat behind the uprising and McCree was there to make sure that things fell in line.
Алексей Гладких on 7. Apr. 2017.
how da hell rein aged so horribly since that comic, it's only 7 years
Xodis99 on 7. Apr. 2017.
Because of the Halloween coming I'm expecting NONE of the alternate looks will become skins... still really annoyed at the lack of a McCree van hellsing skin
FollowingTheRain on 7. Apr. 2017.
I'm so excited for this event and yes that Mercy skin has to happen. Awesome vid!
Francisco DeTonne on 7. Apr. 2017.
With that skin Mercy will have 2 waifu skins haha
Sebry on 7. Apr. 2017.
I, for one, do not want to see more PvE events following Junkenstein's Revenge...after about 3 playthroughs, that brawl felt really stale and mechanical since you knew exactly when the next boss would show up, when the next wave of adds would show up and where everything would be coming from. The photobombs were a testament to that. I would much rather Blizzard put that time and effort into making stuff like more skins or more features that can be edited in the custom game settings, etc, than a PvE mode. Unless, it's a story driven campaign, then, yeah, I'd be excited for that.
Raistlin Brown on 7. Apr. 2017.
hey blizzard, listen up. you better make that fucking Genji skin