Varimathras Normal + Heroic Guide - FATBOSS

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MrGeorge102 on 5. Dec. 2017.
This boss brings so many memories ;D W3 Daaaaaamn Im glad I still remember thse!
AnsaMafan on 4. Dec. 2017.
If you're a DK you can use anti-magic shell to fully absorb the tank-hit etc. and thus only get the debuff every 2nd strike.
Emarline on 4. Dec. 2017.
A note for Holy Priests: Misery eats Guardian Spirit. So you can't save people who mess up with it, unfortunately.
Johnney07 on 3. Dec. 2017.
We got our kill 4 tanking it last Tuesday. XD
J.J. Shank on 3. Dec. 2017.
Worst boss in the instance?
Juro S on 3. Dec. 2017.
pretty sure the tank mechanic is a frontal cone on normal as well
Taedrem on 3. Dec. 2017.
Dead channel? 1000 views in 1 hour
Banano bot on 3. Dec. 2017.
You forgot to mention the insane FPS problems on HC difficulty that seem to appear for a lot of people on this boss :D Half of my guild had like 5 fps on pull and I was dipping below 60 on pull as well. (this boss was the only one that this happened on) anyone else had this issue?
Norbert Stefanics on 3. Dec. 2017.
Anyone knows the song name in the background?
sean shindelbower on 3. Dec. 2017.
I think we found a bug... The marked prey is knocking the tank back inside of the player(group).... And I'm talking about the current tank who is tanking.... Any fix for this?
KotWIN on 3. Dec. 2017.
It is 5 minutes enrage timer for both normal and heroic modes (can be checked in logs with filter for fights with over 301 seconds duration)
Ryan W on 3. Dec. 2017.
Also known as the tank fight, they fck up u wipe