WAR MODE! Bringing Sandbox Gameplay To World of Warcraft? | + New BfA PvP Gear System

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Smashmambo on 12. Apr. 2018.
I love having world pvp turned on it makes the game more exciting and unpredictable. I hope everyone is hyped for some levelling carnage :D
NiggBamma on 12. Apr. 2018.
pop cd, press 1 2 3 , dead ? no ? rinse n repeat
kheath580 on 12. Apr. 2018.
war mode will just be a melee fest. rip casters and healers when you are constantly being trained by warriors ww monks and rogues.
LolWutBrandon on 12. Apr. 2018.
How is war mode going to work when playing on the new bfa zones if they are faction specific?
mark clark on 12. Apr. 2018.
Given that there is no EXP bonus, or any other bonus for that matter, currently associated with playing on a pvp server, I'm not sure why an incentive is needed now for war mode 14 years after the game released. Shouldn't people simply choose to pvp because it is more fun for them? Why does Blizzard always want to try to force or convince people to play a certain way? World pvp is dead and has been dead for over a decade. The reason is the grotesque toxicity of the pvp community. It's great though that the vast majority of players who choose to pve won't have to deal with all the troublemakers now at least.
k01dsv on 12. Apr. 2018.
Horde and alliance will be leveling on different continents, so why wouldn't everyone just turn on warmode in the beginning of the expansion if it gives an experience boost?
greg z on 11. Apr. 2018.
If raid gear beats pvp gear in pvp again I'm done. I don't want to do mythic raids just to win a damn arena. What was wrong with the old gearing system? You start off piss weak an slowly piece by piece you become a hardened beast. blizzard needs to adopt the "if it's not broken don't fix it" mentality every once an a while
BigGun Gaming on 11. Apr. 2018.
I need help anyone got a spare graphics card higher than a gtx450 and a camera i could use the help.
Ash Miller on 11. Apr. 2018.
Yep...been pve since Vanilla.  BFA has me all atwitter for PvP.  Can't wait!
Jonas von Winterstein on 11. Apr. 2018.
what addons are u using
Ici, Maxime on 11. Apr. 2018.
PvPhits on 11. Apr. 2018.
Lose the camera man, it doesn't add anything.
The Howling Forge on 11. Apr. 2018.
Since they're doing away with pve/PvP servers. How will this work if I'm grouped with pve players but don't mind hitting the opposite faction in the world while waiting for my pve friends to get to a dungeon or something? Will I not see my group of pve friends even though I'm in the party just flagged for PvP?
Trevillus on 11. Apr. 2018.
make pvp a little more rewarding by giving players lootables gold and exp for killing other players
Grasshopper! on 11. Apr. 2018.
25 Man vs. 25 Man World PVP - oh let the good times roll :-)
Darkauron on 11. Apr. 2018.
So if i want mount from 25th prestige i can get it on BFA?
aleksey _ on 11. Apr. 2018.
So Blizzard is putting in a World with the WORLD of Warcraft?! When is vanilla server getting released...
Gubzs on 11. Apr. 2018.
Awesome, so when does PvP stop being "hit the enemy healer like a pinata and hope it dies before your healer dies"?
Zac Miller on 11. Apr. 2018.
Will War Mode still be busted if on the wrong server? It feels 6 to 1 Alliance to Horde on Sargeras and makes it impossible to win fights due to being out numbered.
Nick Nukes on 11. Apr. 2018.
Doesn't sound too bad, but they're going to have to do some (Turtling) overhauls for this system like nerfing Turtle concepts or something.. because I can already see it now.. Nobody on these big "hardcore" PvP servers, are going to try to quest alone or even with a 2 or 3 man group.. no.. instead they need a 5, 10, 25 man raid to go with them, because they'll be too afraid of dying. Kind of like how battlegrounds seems to work.. all of the bad players avoid playing by themselves, kind of reminds me of certain guilds from Darkspear, Illidan, and Emerald Dream. The people were so terrible at PvP, they actually needed a 5 man group just to quest anywhere. But then they wanted to turn around and gank people who were minding their own business, I wouldn't really say it's kids.. but I would definitely say it's bad people who have an ego too large for their own body to handle.. lol On another note however though, if they do away with gear factoring in the PvP or "War mode" system.. it may n
Justin Mountford on 11. Apr. 2018.
PVP FINALLY they do some real work to pvp!!
Hunter Wallen on 10. Apr. 2018.
Hope Warmode supply drops have a chance to 'drop' in Panda Land and Northrend, and even Broken Shore. Maybe a bigger drop daily or weekly.
Reid Freeman on 10. Apr. 2018.
Bellular, you are talking about The Division dark zone. Its a pretty cool system.
Sean on 10. Apr. 2018.
Another reason to not play Alliance.
Flawzz TV on 10. Apr. 2018.
Pretty much anyone can keep up with high end raiders gear wise. Blizzard is killing mythic raiding.
dimitriuss on 10. Apr. 2018.
So you either group find supply drop farming groups and steamroll everyone, or you get steamrolled cause you play solo. That's what this system will become. World pvp will never work with this cross server instant group garbage, it's just another queue to join once a week.
Andaer Locien on 10. Apr. 2018.
So...with separated zones where you will only see max level enemies from the opposite faction...how would this drop feature be beneficial to those who enjoy the threat of pvp while leveling (vs at level opposition)?
Johnhundred on 10. Apr. 2018.
As long as they use PvP templates and those templates aren't turned on outside arenas/BGs, world PvP is fucking dead.
Spyki/Kadora on 10. Apr. 2018.
so the new "prestige" system is account wide?
Asmoroth on 10. Apr. 2018.
In Albion online, they had hourly or daily supply chests with a circle around them, entering the circle flagged you for PVP, a full loot game is obviously much different but a similar system could work well in wow id imagine.
Merkin 101 on 10. Apr. 2018.
lol *reads comments, realizes nobody pvps that watches this channel LMFAO!!!
Merkin 101 on 10. Apr. 2018.
sigh, dont think the fact that there are pvp/pve servers has really anything to do with why wpvp isnt around...pretty sure it has to do with blizzard only balancing the game around pve, and lack of wpvp rewards?......you honestly think ppl are gonna choose to be flagged, this is going to eliminate alot of organic wpvp that occurs now...I honestly dont see how this will improve wpvp at all realistically....a supply crate is lmfao! maybe if the crate gave gear, but highly doubt it will be worth it... Also...let me buy my pvp gear srsrly why they adding more RNG to pvp.....I can't express the amount of frustration I have with blizzard and how they handle/handling pvp in a 14 year old game....esp considering their other huge title is pvp only....shit makes no goddamn sense....they STILL can't even make a proper matchmaking to get same amount of healers on each team in random bgs...shits a fucking joke, the neglect is so real.
1k1 Nights on 10. Apr. 2018.
No, not sandbox gameplay. Not really even a little.
Texaco on 10. Apr. 2018.
Just hope its not gona be very gear depandent.
StraussWyldeTT on 10. Apr. 2018.
How would they address faction imbalanced? As it is, all PvP servers combined are Horde heavy. Even if not everyone on PvP servers really enjoy WorldPvP, it's still a big disadvantage for alliance. Maybe Tenacity needs a comeback.
Lance Mccarthy on 10. Apr. 2018.
i feel like blizzard is going to keep gear away from lower rated players again and pvp gear wont be best in slot again the always make the same mistakes over and over again
Dr.4G on 10. Apr. 2018.
what made you think it's necessary to have your face in the video
Samurioka on 10. Apr. 2018.
Give me a completely new game engine and über graphics!! And SWTOR -styled story progression! And more customization!! And more coffeine!!!
Jordan Jackiewiecz on 10. Apr. 2018.
So if there is no more Prestige system, what does this mean for PvP artifact appearances? We were told we can still unlock the PvP appearances in BfA. I was looking forward to that because I still want my disc priest artifact appearance to fit with my Tidesage transmog, and a few others, but grinding all of them before launch is not on my to do list.
joe reardon on 10. Apr. 2018.
didn't H1Z1 or Day Z do "supply drops" a few years ago? and wasn't the big problem with them (the supply drops) that they were bought by the players for real money and had RNG gear in them? if blizzard does random (or planned) drops as a plot device, I think it's a great idea. but I am apprehensive to see if they make these drops a "paid for" or "loot crate" type of mechanic. I don't mind randomness without monetization, I just hope they don't end up going down the same roads that other "coulda-been-great" games did before they inevitably failed...
Nicholas Timmins on 10. Apr. 2018.
I’m excited for war mode but I’m on a 1 sided server and if they start doing crate drops there will hardly ever be anyone in pvp mode. Wonder if there will b a captor balancing purposes
Flogge11 on 10. Apr. 2018.
Best pvp was in vanilla when Alliance would attack Orgrimar trying to kill Thrall.
Razahir Khemse on 10. Apr. 2018.
What are the nameplates you're using around 6 minutes in?
Jon_X9 on 10. Apr. 2018.
Supply crate... loot literally raining from the skies, exactly like it does now except not figuratively anymore. ;)
Technicolour on 10. Apr. 2018.
I've never gotten into WoW, but if Blizz nails world pvp I'm going all in
Eric Theodore Cartman on 10. Apr. 2018.
random gear again .. big big NO
Red Mushroom on 10. Apr. 2018.
Wait so if you have war mode on or off it'll decide who you can see. So pretty much they're making the game even more anti-social?
James Knight on 10. Apr. 2018.
How awesome! Its like the Dark Zone baby, but wowish.
P Anjai on 10. Apr. 2018.
what's that UI ??
Seystuff on 10. Apr. 2018.
Cue all the "they're killing world pvp with war mode!" cries from people that think world pvp can only happen if one party is drag into it involuntarily... Guess no one ever clicked on that little war games queue button of their own volition, huh?