We Need To Talk About This Diablo 3 Exploit; AWESOME Buffs Coming to Overwatch (Gameplay)

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Begus on 15. Jul. 2017.
99% of those people would not have lvl 132 gems without the exploit anyways so whoopty doo
LagKnight1 on 15. Jul. 2017.
regarding the d3 exploit... in a game without player competition, cause by a seek of rng in a gr ain't a competition it's a game of luck, you could argue that luck is a skill, but let's be serious a bit, there is no pvp, no clear paragon cap, no first to max out something, if for example players that did the exploit after 1 rift got paragon 5000, even that in itself it's not a problem in a game without any clear skill vs skill, so, blizz would not punish 40% of the players or more that did the exploit in the situation they cannot afford to lose any players due to the low player count that actually play diablo, monetization interests, it's not path of exile to get infinite money from some people for mtx's or stash tabs, so activision blizzard ..they won't care if you have paragon 4000 or paragon 4, they consider you the same most of the time, and if the dev team fucks with the monetization plans.. the team won't last long the way it is... diablo is already the worst link in blizz games,
Александър Тренчев on 15. Jul. 2017.
Guys, my account is suspended for 24 hours but i didn't use the exploit. Yesterday some people reported me for "abusive chat"... so, the question is - did i get suspended because of the abusive chat?
SilentBigsteve on 15. Jul. 2017.
I just want a play offline mode so I don't have to worry about wifi
Chase Sye on 15. Jul. 2017.
Honestly, i'm on the fence, yes it was an unintended use of two skills that the devs missed, but was it actually a bug or glitch? Like yeah I see where purists are coming from, you spend hours a day trying to push GR's and i respect that, i couldn't do it, i've tried. But I also see the other side of it, I mean two skills interacting to do obscene damage, anyone would use it. At the end of the day yes, blizzard realized they done goofed, but it was blizzard that goofed. Also, y u nerf bonestorm blizzard? oh people having fun on a set? NERRRRFFFF ITTTTTTT
Sema Pamir on 15. Jul. 2017.
I find your voice and tone uber annoying
Kyledk13 on 15. Jul. 2017.
"Painted" skin or GTFO
ihanvarmasti on 15. Jul. 2017.
I stopped playing after i heard the exploit and had a break for blizzard to fix things. Now what ive heard i shouldve rather used the exploit to lvl up my gems to 132 to keep up with other players. Actually now i dont feel like playing too much nemore since ppl have that high gems and cant compete with regular players anymore since they got off with so easy... such a bummer cuz i just payed for necro expansion... and now stuck with 110 gems -> fuck blizzard<-
Larry Jones on 15. Jul. 2017.
That bank analogy was perfect
lefthandedpolack on 15. Jul. 2017.
blizzard died a year or two ago dont kid yourself. ea-zynga says buy more loot boxes. and yeah the wow team claimed the same better communication bullcrap about a year ago. and have probably gone in the other direction in reality.
Savage Wesker on 15. Jul. 2017.
whats the highest greatest rift that can be cleared
Lucia Finstra on 15. Jul. 2017.
Buff Mirinae to 45%, buff Plague set, profit!
darkdomino on 15. Jul. 2017.
Telling PC players not to cheat is pretty pointless. The PC community basically celebrates cheating, hacking, and modding of games. It's ingrained in the culture and it's one of the reasons why I quit PC gaming and am exclusively on PS4 now.
RRogue 2 on 15. Jul. 2017.
Maybe I'm boring but I'm just going to be maining UE Demon Hunter in the next season lol
adradox on 15. Jul. 2017.
Don't have anything against Hanzo, but they really need to change Widowmaker, it's too popular amongst unskilled players while being the most skillbased hero in OW.
malataur on 15. Jul. 2017.
I'm sick of D3 items not doing what they say they do (for example, LoN rings say each ancient adds 100% damage, not 100% BASE damage - big difference), and damage being arbitrarily distributed between additive and multiplicative. Blizzard needs to quit obfuscating everything and just be honest about the game mechanics. That is how you gain player loyalty.
Goons Capelo on 15. Jul. 2017.
In my opinion if this Exploit as you call it made it out of beta when it was widely discussed mentioned on reddit and videos made on youtube while the beta was still goimg on and they still didnt fix it before releasing the expansion. ITS NOT A EXPLOIT.....
Deagletime on 15. Jul. 2017.
myrelink osu! on 15. Jul. 2017.
Blizzard should have just left the bug in to keep Mirinae alive lol
J Dxvx on 15. Jul. 2017.
Blizzard's fault. It's in the Live version of the game and requires no file altering, mods, hacks, etc etc. In short, fix your shit you lazy hacks and stop blaming players. Also not everyone reads the forums, so therefor you also can't expect people to know of exploit via forums... F**k You Blizz! Never used the unintended gameplay interaction *NOT* exploit myself, but I think no one should get *ANY* punishment; only a rollback. Blizz is a bunch of cop out pussies. Cry more. Cry more Rhykker.. If it was an actual hack/cheat or whatever, sure ban away, but Blizzard fucked up! To use one of your analogies... Banning the people who "exploited" is like banning a baseball player cause he hit a homerun down the left field line on a field that is only 125ft from home to foul pole.... rather then hitting one out in center where it's 400ft.... Wikipedia..... really dude... really..... Really dude.... Wikipedia.... wow..... Not our fault we're smarter than Blizz... Roll back and
Robert Allen on 15. Jul. 2017.
Who does the gameplay in the backround
Cornelious Stradivarius on 15. Jul. 2017.
/sigh..so once again Blizz admit they fucked up and STILL punish players. lmao this fascism is a joke.
Samsus H on 15. Jul. 2017.
wait I take back my comment. This is an exploit.
Zackrey Garner on 15. Jul. 2017.
XD I'm almost speechless at this. This company is so trash and it really doesn't surprise me that this happened. Their communication, clarity, and patch system is so far from being anything even close to reasonable. This was not an exploit the devs are just salty about their mess up. Oops released a skill that was too powerful better punish the player base for discovering optimal use of their time. Gw has Economy manipulation, Csgo had the week of R8, League had irelia, on and on and on. Blizzard is just trash. Guess they gotta get that $$$ somehow. Back to a decent company with 10 acts of Path of Exile.
ug le on 15. Jul. 2017.
THink youre alone on not digging doomfist skins... must be your hate for African culture. jk
Gilded Gremlin on 15. Jul. 2017.
What was different about diablo 2 that people say it's so much better than diablo 3.
Samsus H on 15. Jul. 2017.
You keep calling it an Exploit but Blizzard didn't see it as an exploit. Blizzard saw this as an oversight on their side. That's why they did what they did.
Cornelious Stradivarius on 15. Jul. 2017.
HAHAHAHA first minute of this sounds like my gaming life. I PRAY for the day of TRUE offline games...(bring back Ms-DOS era PLEASE) NO connectivity. I find sometimes the pre-requisite of having to be online and be flagged as such to ALL friends intrusive as fuck. I hate Facebook and all social media bar Skype for this very reason. LIke you rightly said sometimes you're just NOT in the mood to socialize.
Drkliter Plays Poorly on 15. Jul. 2017.
that doomfist flying is crazy
Brian Boyer on 15. Jul. 2017.
Am I the only person who gives zero fucks about people abusing bugs in diablo? like honestly this isnt a competitive game. nobody should get banned or punished for things that get them higher on the leaderboards. its just a thing to gloat about to your friends. they arent using an aimbot in csgo or overwatch. like honesty the community needs to chill the fuck out
James Bowen on 15. Jul. 2017.
rather have play offline mode...
Gloweye on 15. Jul. 2017.
I think it's an edge to call it an exploit. About Mirinae, they should trigger it 3x as often and reduce HP gain to 1%.
B. Samples on 15. Jul. 2017.
Lessons learned: 1). From this point forward I WILL take advantage of exploits similar to the Frailty/GR interaction because Blizz doesn't really punish those who use it. I could have much better gems had I just done the exploit too. 2). The Mirinae nerf should not have been "fixed" as it was the most fun build and as stated, wasn't even the to build when it was killed off. 3). I will not purchase any further DLC from Blizz on launch, but will instead wait to make sure Blizz doesn't "hotfix" things within a short window of launch after they have money-grabbed the community.
Riikimaru07 on 15. Jul. 2017.
people with paragon 1000 got progres like people with paragon 4000 and their games got revoked to a level that they don't deserve.
Darthelmet on 15. Jul. 2017.
"People can disagree on important issues..." like whether or not people cheated at a 5 year old video game that's so dead that the devs couldn't even be bothered to implement something in a way that makes sense. People didn't steal things from a bank. They had some fun laughing at some broken nonsense in a video game at the expense of pixel monsters and anyone who gives a crap about standard ladder in an old single player/co-op game. I'd be a bit more sympathetic if it were something really non-obvious. But come on, how dumb do you need to be to implement a kill spell as dealing a max damage value in a game that has a number of interactions which either modify or care about the damage you do? You can't possibly argue D3 is a game they give a shit about if they couldn't even be bothered to check to make sure their new character didn't have any weird interactions with even the base toolsets of the other characters. It's not like PoE where there are an absurd number of combinations of
Voltron Defender on 15. Jul. 2017.
Nerfing Mirinae or patching the glitched interaction was a colossal mistake! When you talked about "fun" game play you nailed it Rathma is NOT fun - just button mashing. Trag's is NOT fun - just running around waiting to come off cool down... at least Inarius set gave you something to do while waiting for Land of the Dead to come off 120s cool down.... without Mirinae proc's you are too squishy to actually do any melee fighting so ONLY Trag's is end game viable... the point of a game = fun! Why nerf a fun set out of the game?!
Alex AbdullahGM on 15. Jul. 2017.
I took part in the exploit. At first I was hesitant and didn't want to, but I eventually "joined in on the fun because everyone else is doing it." I have mixed feelings about the punishment. On one hand, maybe it wasn't quite severe enough because my bane of the trapped is level 132 (whereas before the exploit it was 128), and I get to keep it. HOWEVER, I also have been suspended until Monday night and I feel like my only offense was playing the game that I just paid $15 for. I give Blizz my money for a game and they thank me by handing me a suspension for said game? They really should have fixed the problem during the PTR when it was reported to them. Or at least they should've been more careful to make sure that there were no items or skills that were capable of amplifying Frailty's 2^128 damage.
Gilbert Logsdon on 15. Jul. 2017.
The ones that didn't take part didn't lose anything. In fact they are the real winners because they keep their integrity. They can be proud of the fact that they truly have earned everything they have got. They don't have to look over their shoulders worrying about any actions on their accounts. Now I don't agree with the punishment. I would've went with a rollback of offending accounts. Then I would either use bans or suspensions for the ones that abused the exploit the most. But I will abide by their decision as far as punishment.
GrizzaSMASH on 15. Jul. 2017.
I will always say what my friend told me about Diablo 3: "Diablo 3 is a game that respects my time". Meaning that I can jump into the game and farm a bunch of rifts, maybe get some legendaries, etc all in, like 2 or 3 hours and feel like I've done something.
Shadow0013 on 15. Jul. 2017.
What about the fact that I have found an exploit in the game, wrote to Tsarnis (a blizz member who said write me if its sensitive exploit), and after half a year, I still did not get a reply, and you still can get literally infinite number of killstreak with it... Is that still an exploit? I do not think so. since he did not reply for half a year, which is 4,5 months more than it reasonably would have been to fix the exploit... (Just asking since Rhykker is questioning the definition of exploit)...
SymplyOP on 15. Jul. 2017.
Whats the difference between just "killing something with less than 15% health" and "deals a huge amount of damage to something less than 15% health"? It all depends on how blizzard coded it. It sounds like they coded it to be a high amount of damage to outright kill stuff at an appropriate rift level instead of "is it below 15%? Yes, kill it automatically." It sounds like its "is it below 15%? Yes, deal 4592703452904785 damage." If it is the latter then its Blizzards fuck up and they cant really dish out punishment. If they didnt intend it to do that then they shouldnt of coded it to be a numerical damage value so that other classes could be paired with it to do an even bigger amount to get a higher rift level. Sorry but even if it isnt what Blizzard intended, it sounds it was coded that way, and the community found a way to pair it with another ability to push higher. You cant really blame the community for that. Its like saying that the Wizard using the wall with their tornadoes to
Freeze on 15. Jul. 2017.
your diablo videos are the best on yt
The Line of Epic Heroes on 15. Jul. 2017.
So, if i used (i didn't, it's an example) the exploit and my gems were 110 level before the exploit and i ugraded them to 140 with the exploit, with the "punishment" by Blizzard, my gems now became lvl 132. But, if that's the case then still the positive effects of the exploit still exist because my gems became 22 levels stronger by using the exploit and by receiving the "punishment" by Blizz. So, is this really a punishment?
Amatsuo on 15. Jul. 2017.
I'm glad with the level of punishment but when you said they fixed it, does it have zero interaction with the Demon Hunter or did they fix the damage now and does the correct damage with the necro and hunter rune combo?
Duane Hayes on 15. Jul. 2017.
Hey rhykker do u know of the exploit/hack when u transfer ur account from ps3 to ps4 thess is the single reason there is now reason to play seasonal on console,,, now with that said we know pc players hate on consolers but need u to address this problem maybe im wrong but keep up the good Rhykker raider out,,, lol
Navneet Singh on 15. Jul. 2017.
Talk about playing at minimum 160ms ping. I sure want offline for that. But this is just to "appear offline" -__-
bweaty Fingy on 15. Jul. 2017.
Blizz slow on fixing exploits. (Was found on PTR). Soft on cheats. Fast on fixing bugs that allowed a 2nd viable set/spec to work. 'Buff/fix' to pet spec still left it many g rifts behind. Thank fuck for PoE V3 SooN!
sergey zx6r on 15. Jul. 2017.
I stayed away from this exploit but next time I won't!
Tailhorn on 15. Jul. 2017.
this background footage is annoying , YOU MISSED SO MANY ORBS :(
Frustrated Nerd on 15. Jul. 2017.
I can't wait to see what the community creates when Blizzard adds the map creator in. CSGO surf like maps, platformers, Lava game shooter maps.