We Need To Talk About This Girl Gamer Overwatch Video; Rhykker At BlizzCon 2017; Diablo 3 Season 12

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Rhykker on 28. Oct. 2017.
To clarify - my greater point, which I include in text at 7:16, is that discrimination of all forms is wrong. If you've been harassed for your accent or for being a guy, I'm also opposed to that. Saying, "I've been discriminated against, therefore other people should stop complaining about being discriminated against," is terrible reasoning - wouldn't you prefer that none of you were discriminated against? Discrimination is a mindset, and the more we reinforce that it is acceptable/unacceptable for some situations, the more that will spread to other situations.
Chuck Miller on 30. Oct. 2017.
7:23 thumbs up!
4B6174 on 30. Oct. 2017.
Personally I haven't had the same brunt of it that my fellow female gamers have. Yes, I've been on the receiving end of the usually "Holy shit is that a girl?!" and the stupid flirting. But the threats and such that we see here I haven't had to deal with. I'm not entirely certain why that is. I admit I do less talking if I'm not with at least some people I've played with and know that I -can- actually play the game.. or for other games I use my discord entirely. That said.. there is one very big thing I feel needs to be addressed as far at this tends to go. And that is other male gamers. We know very well you all outnumber us in the industry and we're still a rather new-ish thing. Even though some of us (like myself) have been gaming as long as it's been a thing. That said... if you see other men pulling this kind of stuff call them out on it please. Don't leave a female gamer alone to deal with abuse. We call people out for feeding and being other flavors of toxic in games and this n
Sunne Tang on 30. Oct. 2017.
Yess, thank you Rhykker
Andrew Vader on 30. Oct. 2017.
These male players have no idea how to treat girl gamers, sad and i hope these guys never find a girlfriend.
Derpcicle on 30. Oct. 2017.
I haven't talked in a public chat room since 2013, I don't watch YouTube gaming videos because "Gamergate" gave me such a bad feeling about anything to do with it. People like Rhykker are why we can have all genders, at least in some places, comfortable online and playing games again. Ty Rhykker, NEVER STOP.
O Fronix on 30. Oct. 2017.
If she was a 12 year old kid with a high pitch voice they would say "shut up little kid" and probably worse stuff. So this only shows that assholes can change what they say depending on who they are hating at, girls are not alone in getting verbal hate in games. And to be honest the Mute & Forget rule works perfect in all situations, but if your feelings are truly hurt from what people say all i can tell you is: This is the internet. Get use to it. I've had all kinds of hate during my 13+ years of playing games, how come just because it's towards women it's an "issue"?
Jimmy Post on 30. Oct. 2017.
I agree that the volatility towards female players is horse shit. Immature kids playing games bring immature attitudes to games. I do, however, know several girls who take advantage of fellow nerds and get basically anything they want, simply for being a female (some of them are vomit inducing IRL, but they get to hide behind a monitor). So I think it goes both ways, simply in different aspects.
Evelyn W on 30. Oct. 2017.
THANK YOU! I usually play with a group or never play with my mic on, and talk in discord because of the HEY ITS A FEMALE. Its pretty pathetic, I've even seen this hate speech come from other females as well.
Pär'a on 30. Oct. 2017.
it's really sad how men treat women... no wonder those "Gamers" are single & never actually randomly "Encountered" a woman before.
thogglelyfe on 30. Oct. 2017.
Sadly I dont think anyone who thinks its okay to treat em like they do would ever watch this video :(
Nataly Rod on 30. Oct. 2017.
Female here. I personally have been lucky enough not to have encounterd the mysoginist gamer yet. However if I did, I would probably mute that person. I know it doesnt solve the issue, but it is not my responsibility to fix their screwed up thought process, neither do I want to waste my time on some duoche I dont even know. So I just would not deal with some one who obviously has some issues towards females, thats their problem. I think of this mysoginism on a by person basis, not an issue of gaming itself ( althuogh some games are... questionable, GTA ), so, just as I treat a toxic shit talker who is hampering my enjoyment of the game by either blacklisting them and doing everything in my power not to encounter them, I would treat the mysoginist gamer the same way. They can go fix themselves.
PhantomOdin130 on 30. Oct. 2017.
Disgusting to see. This guys need some teeth knocked out.
Erik Asplund on 30. Oct. 2017.
Big up to Rhykker for addressing this issue. Women stand up for themselves already, it's about our time as males to stand up for them too.
9 REEN on 30. Oct. 2017.
this guy is the biggest clickbaitdramaqueenhypocrite I have ever seen.
Andrew Crouch on 30. Oct. 2017.
But seriously her mercy play was pretty sad for someone in diamond.
Dan Xander on 30. Oct. 2017.
Everyone's making such a big fuss about the the threat of penalizing spamming voice lines. But here's the thing nobody seems to get about rules: THEY ARE OPEN TO INTERPRETATION. You can go ahead and imagine the worst case scenario where someone gets banned just for saying "Hi" too many times in chat or something. But the reality is, the people implementing these rules are human beings with every bit of deductive reasoning as you do. They will look at the case. They will analyze the situation. They will try to weigh the situation from both sides. Everyone who plays this game is a paying customer, so I promise you that every single player's experience is equally valuable to them. But that also means that no single player's experience is any MORE valuable to them than any other either. So if one person spams a voice line so many times that all five of their other teammates agree and go on record as saying was harassment, guess which party Blizzard is probably going to side with? Blizzard
lefthandedpolack on 30. Oct. 2017.
overwatch as a lot of fun until day 1 of competitive mode.
lefthandedpolack on 30. Oct. 2017.
make it so number one.
Goldshire Innkeeper Farley on 30. Oct. 2017.
Really..I get hit on all the time by guys in vidya games. Also, I’m a guy.
Bill Jensen on 30. Oct. 2017.
So much hate for no reason and to no benefit.
malletin on 30. Oct. 2017.
I am not surprised in the slightest, many people act the miscreant they can't in real life when put in a situation where their is no personal consequence to whatever verbal diarrhea they decide to spew. Many people hide behind the argument that " its the internet therefore you should expect to be shat on " I say hide because really it is just a pathetic excuse used by people who can't come to terms with the fact that they are the worst pieces of trash in online gaming.
Gypseytails on 30. Oct. 2017.
i think no one should be harassed for anything who they are but the gamer side says grows a back bone and pull voice when you know you lost
Alexander Pugh on 30. Oct. 2017.
That was truly disgusting to hear. Thank you for sharing this problem. I as a male gamer have never heard that sort of hate before, and I was stunned by it. If it is really as common an issue as that video made it seem, that is a major and disgraceful problem in the gaming community, which we all need to stand against. Online gaming should be an inclusive environment, we're all here for the same thing, to have fun, why ruin it for an entire gender?
Flea on 30. Oct. 2017.
I remember when I used to play WoW and use to move twink (which that term itself has some history) items from alliance side to my toons on horde side, so I named my female human mage "Whorde" as a satirical name. I ended up getting hit on every time I logged into that toon (mind you, I'm a dude) and it was horribly cringe inducing. My fiancee doesn't really deal with this issue because she generally plays single player games or with our circle of mature gamers. I think this sort of vitriol is spewed primarily in competitive games, beyond just Overwatch, and that competitive games just have much more toxic communities in general. The misogyny is much more prolific than misandry because video games have been a predominantly male consumer industry, though times are changing.
Riceforlife GAMING on 30. Oct. 2017.
I smell a sensitive white knight
w3sp on 30. Oct. 2017.
Tbh, I imagine plenty man are just fed up with female streamers due to the fact that many of them are just showing their cleavage into the camera and get tons of donations/subscribers from that. I guess if twitch etc wasn't infested this way, then things would be different. If all female streamers were offering high skill gameplay or be entertaining, then there'd be much less discrimination going on I suppose. There's a reason why ppl hate Kaceytron etc. PS: I'm not justifying gender discrimination of any sort, I'm just pointing out one of the major reasons it occures in first place.
Eric Fries on 30. Oct. 2017.
Recommend putting and episode # and a title of some sort? Just a thought
Mrfiufaufou on 30. Oct. 2017.
What's the difference between attacks on your gender, or on you? Those are still just attacks. Gender related attacks surely feel more personal, but it doesn't matter really, since they are just attacks that everyone gets. Why is the gender part always the part where everyone loses their shit? Since girls are rare in internet, compared to men, men will act like this as long this is the case. And no, there is no 50% 50% ratio women and men in internet. More like 10-20% women and rest men. Those split even statistics have taken in to account stuff like mobile games. Every gamer knows, there is very little women in gaming. And no "girls are just quiet" doesn't cut it. Have you ever been in gaming guilds? This is enough proof of what I say. And not to mention, those males who attack gender specifically, are really just kids, or really stupid adults(30 years +). you can't fix stupid.
Porkella on 30. Oct. 2017.
I think first off we need to stop using the term "Girl Gamer" it creates a line and a difference where there isn't one. We are all simply Gamers.
Baalor204 on 30. Oct. 2017.
Really? Never been insulted for being male, white, or Canadian? ....Really? I don't care to write down, record or keep a list of instances of them, but I've definitely been insulted on all three. Especially in PVP based games. Even worse when you're losing. If women want to be treated equally, then toxic behavior... targeting their gender, is par for the course. It isn't hate speech, and I would not support any law unnecessarily punishing people who insult women, or men, for anything. Ban them. However, if you're just going to ban men for "hate speech" against women, then you're giving women a special treatment... unless you also ban men who insult men.
Baalor204 on 30. Oct. 2017.
Not retroactively updating the legendary items was a giant middle finger, and a fart in the communities face. The argument that it was a buff, so it would impact the game if they changed it doesn't fly. You know for a fact that if Blizzard needed to nerf a legendary, they'd retroactively update your items. This was just lazy, and quite frankly... rude. Their game is already kind of dying, they don't need to help kill it.
David Chavez on 30. Oct. 2017.
When Ryhkker says Go @#$% yourself i just about cried laughing.
Zoe Gaia on 30. Oct. 2017.
After reading these comments I realized that I was wrong, and that only men face harassment
Cohnen on 30. Oct. 2017.
This kind of stuff is disgusting and should never happen, most of the time it's little boys that think they are being funny... Me and my GF have experienced something else in our years on pretty much every "big" game. She doesn't get any crap because she is often one of the top ranked players in the region. In our case more often than you would really believe we would join a group or a game only to be met by what she calls queen bee's. The types of girls that use their sexuality to manipulate guys to get what they want usually ending up in some ranked positions acting like they run the place. When they want something they just play it up to all the little boys who do whatever they say. I can't stand these sexist little boys but i also can't stand these manipulative girls. Regardless of where you go in the world you will find these types of people it's not new to gaming but if more people start calling it out maybe something will be done about it.
The ABC Jug Band on 30. Oct. 2017.
Great video. Not only do girls have to put up with guys being sexist but thinking they’re cool. I shudder to think which is worse...
Lavsa on 30. Oct. 2017.
First of all: thanks for bringing up this discussion. Unfortunately still a hot topic, not only for female gamers. As a gamer girl I've had a lot of crap on my plate in the past, ranging from "Go back to the kitchen." to "Do you want to marry me? You are taken? Well then I will just come over and abduct you!". And ofcourse you have to prove yourself 10 times more if they know you are a lady, or else you get a load of flaming or 'jokes' about how you perform. It got better since I started playing with a fixed group of people. Sometimes weirdos still join, but I always try to shut this crap down as fast as possible with snarky remarks (or my friends do). Fortunately there are a lot of people out there who are genuinely nice and just want to enjoy playing a game with you.
Karlton Johnson on 30. Oct. 2017.
I deal with toxicity over my inability to react as quick as normal person. My response time is slowed due Multiple Sclerosis or lesions on key nerves. EVOC potentials were measured & its quite a small delay but highly noticable when playing a game like Overwatch. I'm perfectly happy playing D3 though.
Hvergelmir on 30. Oct. 2017.
I think one of the biggest issues with the discrimination of girl gamers, is that it is such an easy way to trash talk by simply targeting their gender and how they apparently aren't suitable for gaming. I can't pretend to understand the logic behind salty trash talkers in gaming, but I do suppose it's harder to cook up an insult towards female gamers than it is towards males, so it's just really easy to just target them for being the gender they are. Thankfully most guys are rather accepting of female gamers, and likewise most even welcome them - to some extend possibly even worship them. I just really don't get the mindset of the guys that talk down to female gamers by claiming they're not suited for gaming simply because of their gender, as they most likely aren't professional gamers themselves, so that doesn't even make sense. Last I checked "casual" competitive gaming were for everyone... even professional gaming.
digitalbuddha48 on 30. Oct. 2017.
Every gaming community has a degree of toxicity and this isn't going to change. This is part of human nature when competition is involved. These comments are disgusting, but dealing with your teammates is part of the game. Remember: you don't have to like your teammates, you only have to work with them for the short time you're playing with them. If I insult or call out someone it's usually directed at their play because at the end of the day, all I care about is how you play. If you are bad, you're bad and I'll let you know if you either don't correct it or reduce my chance of winning. Games are meant to be fun, but they are also competitive so the only way you'd noticeably reduce toxicity would be to act in a way that can only be described as authoritarian (which I'm obviously against). If you find yourself simply not being able to handle the level of vitriol I have three suggestions: 1) try to learn to brush off these ad hominem attacks 2) consider playing a different game 3)
halffox102 on 30. Oct. 2017.
depressed introverts lash out against women, shocker. lets move on shall we?
Kauhmbou on 30. Oct. 2017.
2:23 I don't play Diablo III, but here I am. I occasionally watch Diablo III videos in the hope that the game changes enough to get me to buy the expansion. The sale mention is appreciated. Necromancers are my favorite Diablo II class. Great video. It's unfortunate that appeals to common decency need to be repeated so often, but it is important. Be excellent to each other.
JimmyJRaynor on 30. Oct. 2017.
if i'm banned for spamming voice lines Blizzard has seen the last of the $10,000 i've spent on Blizzard products. I won't spend one more dollar. I heard they were also banning people who selected characters 1 of their team mates disagreed with. Again, if i'm banned for that i'm done. So keep fucking around Jeff Kaplan... keep fucking around big guy...
JimmyJRaynor on 30. Oct. 2017.
i've never used MIC to play Overwatch. i like the game just fine with no MIC. People are too toxic and the best way to deal with that is to play with friends you know personally and build a REAL, IN REAL LIFE community of people to play with. Just like it used to be with Arcade games in the 1980s. Everyone was polite in 1984. Mouth off.. get your face smashed outside the arcade. Simple and everyone follows basic etiquette and politeness rules this way. No one was ever rude to any woman ever in any of the arcades i hung out in.
Adonis Giovanni on 30. Oct. 2017.
Most of these guys are just looking for an excuse to target anyone in a game. Unfortunately most women also don't even say anything back, if you know they're going to say something as childish as "go back to the kitchen", say something in response "as long as you promise to finish your vegetables this time". If they act like kids, treat them like one and humiliate them in the process. Only reason they do it is because they think they will get away with it and most of the time they do. Also this same kind of hate is targeted to anyone who has an accent, high-pitched voice, etc. Solution? Either mute them or say something in response so they know you won't just sit there and take it. Either way these people will always exist because it is the internet after all, having thick skin or quick wit is how you deal with these fools.
Scott Dunkle on 30. Oct. 2017.
The gaming community, being marginalized already, should be the last one that is attacking each other.  No matter the situation, no matter the current stage, no matter the content, we should be supporting each other.  I cannot tell you how many times I have been booted from groups from MANY GAMES when I said either in game chat or voice chat that I wouldn't play if other people were going to keep on throwing out the words fag, faggot, bitch, lez, etc., and told before a boot that I needed to just get over it.  No woman, no man, regardless of gender or sexuality, should be exposed to harassment and vitriolic bullshit because some guy in your team decides to act out, and yes, I am talking about heterosexual males (especially if he has party leadership).  I have moved to single player games mainly because of this trend of abuse, and as a gay male I still feel even more sorry for girl gamers for the abuse heaped on them.  Maybe one day I can log into a chat line and not hear the fag bit, b
Mythra Red on 30. Oct. 2017.
Pshaw, about Overwatch or any video game being an issue for female gamers. The individuals highlighted in the clips are not the type of player who want to work as a group. The players that scream at a teammate for being a female and starts to troll, would have trolled at something else. They have no intention of working as a group. A large percentage of them (to my personal belief) do not possess the maturity to realize they would accomplish more if they spent their efforts in communicating and working towards team play, instead of tearing their teammate down. The fact they picked the "go back to the kitchen" line, demonstrates how slow witted and unoriginal they are. These are not the best nor brightest of gamers. There should be no special consideration for a girl gamer, cause we are just gamers. There is not toxicity towards girl gamers, so much as a lot of toxic players that play Overwatch.
propa gandhi on 30. Oct. 2017.
Go back to the kitchen Rhykker!!!
lonewhitewolf216 on 30. Oct. 2017.
We as gamers do not treat women right. Some men just are not willing to give up what they think is thiers. It is like women in the work place it took 50 years for them to be accepted. Well not totally but you get my point. I hope sexiest hotshot men go by the wayside. I can dream eh? Also I have seen gay gamers get scorned a lot too and thrown in the same category as women. We just need acceptance for all.
Ram Kitten on 30. Oct. 2017.
Just mute them. Boom. Done.