When Your Friends All Suck At Overwatch

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Srdjan Debic on 8. Oct. 2017.
Generally really like this type of gameplay videos :) Watched several other youtubers before and wondered why more people didn't pick up. I just have one advice, keep the transitions for the "sarcastic messages/notes" much shorter, if they are too long, my feeling is that they lose somewhat of it's "punch". Otherwise, great video, hoping to see lots more :D keep it up!
Symbolesk on 8. Oct. 2017.
Is that wowcrendor?
Merciful Aney Aris on 8. Oct. 2017.
LOL. "Hes a Kiwi." "..thats offensive."
Matrioshka IB on 8. Oct. 2017.
woooo! new zealand!
Jude Hansen on 8. Oct. 2017.
Just saw the title and came to comment that all my friends are dogshite at overwatch and all in silver while im in diamond which isnt even that good but still :(
khaki Man on 7. Oct. 2017.
If you play alot of overwatch more than most games why do you have a lower rank
WARTHOGVANGUARD on 7. Oct. 2017.
When everyone sucks at Overwatch. Including me
fastarrowfin YT on 7. Oct. 2017.
Basicly my life
Dolyttle on 7. Oct. 2017.
Was fun watchin you guys play again, =) we miss ya
TheDbronze on 7. Oct. 2017.
this is great! more of this please!
m3rtt on 7. Oct. 2017.
ultran fas on 7. Oct. 2017.
Hello everyone im wowcrendor and welcome back to pointless top 10s the show where we make top 10s about pointless things, why are we flying by this pointless statue in dorado? I dont know
X_xParadoxFoundatioNx_X on 7. Oct. 2017.
More of these videos thanks lmao
boomers393 on 7. Oct. 2017.
I miss when getting picks matters in Overwatch...
LusterCool on 7. Oct. 2017.
I relate to this TOO MUCH
A K on 7. Oct. 2017.
Holy shit, I heard Crendor and I was like no way that's him, then there he is! In a Force video! :O This was a fun video =D I really do hope you just have more fun like this often ^^
Dragonfig64 on 7. Oct. 2017.
YES I love crendor
Facade Kitsune on 7. Oct. 2017.
as a Doomfist main I struggle to get kills with Doomfist XD
The Avrage Gamer on 7. Oct. 2017.
More like when you bust a nut
Insanity Wolf on 6. Oct. 2017.
Why is Winston nutting in the thumbnail?
Remy Lebeau on 6. Oct. 2017.
They actually did pretty good at least in the few games that we got to see.
ODIO POWER on 6. Oct. 2017.
Steven Wings on 6. Oct. 2017.
This video is pretty fun and refreshing
Noamie on 6. Oct. 2017.
is... that wowcrendor? i thought i was crazy hearing his voice but that name...
Nolan Richardson on 6. Oct. 2017.
Crendor and Gmart :O
DracoMaster4ever on 6. Oct. 2017.
that was hysterical force looking forward to more
Keenan Smith on 6. Oct. 2017.
I've played with dragon xx.
Sorpa on 6. Oct. 2017.
Still a lot better than the randoms i play with :/
KidaBear on 6. Oct. 2017.
Overwatch has a few pretty low skill floor heros, don't know how they could "syck"
Awkwardplay on 6. Oct. 2017.
This was pretty good
Violet Kirby on 6. Oct. 2017.
i have the same problem too
eBunny on 6. Oct. 2017.
This is good Force, nice job :) I really liked the editing. Hope you're still enjoying ya job.
icesun on 6. Oct. 2017.
The question is: Is there a game out there that my dear Mr. wowcrendor doesn't s*ck at? Haven't seen one so far (and I know that dude since the good old huskystarcraft days) ;) I mean, it's not that I don't like him, he's a nice guy overall, he's just not that good at games... ;)
TheSimon on 6. Oct. 2017.
I know this way to well
310Winry on 6. Oct. 2017.
this was a great video :D
Switch Rox on 6. Oct. 2017.
This was probably my favorite video from you so far. Hilarious and extremely relatable
Uninvited Haggis on 6. Oct. 2017.
BovinaSancta79 on 6. Oct. 2017.
Ok, this was pretty funny to watch. Please continue with these <3
Ketolos on 6. Oct. 2017.
This was really good.
Rambles on 6. Oct. 2017.
seen worse players... they are average
Maple Chan on 6. Oct. 2017.
At least you're having fun.
Baroo 182 on 6. Oct. 2017.
tfw force's friends have more personality that him in all of his videos put together
MoonTiger on 6. Oct. 2017.
Oh, Crendor :D
Mr.Irgendwas von Irgendwo on 6. Oct. 2017.
Best endcard in the world
AFlyingTaco1 on 6. Oct. 2017.
Joke's on YOU, Force! I don't have friends!
David Brown on 6. Oct. 2017.
Roadhog is a kiwi
David Johansson on 6. Oct. 2017.
Thank you for reminding me of Crendor! Have to go watch some of his non-content now :D
Salvation73 on 6. Oct. 2017.
With friends like these who need enimas?
Orggs orggs on 6. Oct. 2017.
D Bottz on 6. Oct. 2017.
Keep at it Force