Why Diablo 3 Players Are Upset. Again. D.va Lore Clarification; League of Legends Annie Lore

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Loftydrum on 3. Feb. 2018.
Up vote so people have Time Stamps! general gaming news (Monster Hunter World/Red Dead Redemption 2 and Anthem) : 0:24 / 0:46 Heroes of the Storm/League of Legends: 3:35 / 3:47 World of Warcraft : 5:27 It Lurks Below by David Brevik : 6:09 Diablo : 7:14 Overwatch 14:33 :)
Jesse Bognanno on 25. Feb. 2018.
if there is a new diablo game im hoping for it to be similar to fallout new vegas and fallout 4.
dmt Handmade on 24. Feb. 2018.
EA buyout? please no, we want EA to Die Out.
rbm10101 on 23. Feb. 2018.
Are diablo 3 players ever "Not Upset"
MikeCrazyPhucker on 23. Feb. 2018.
@Rhykker there's more people, besides you, playing D3?
Kilgoran on 22. Feb. 2018.
First, you gotta give it to Blizzard for continuing to support a game now for 12 seasons with asking for any money. I'm surprised they did that without some kind of monthly fee. However, the community for Diablo 3 is starving. The second that Blizzard reveals ANYTHING new for Diablo, people buy it. Hell, people are buying the collectors version of other games like WoW and StarCraft just to get a cosmetic reward for D3! I don't understand why they don't see this. Maybe they are just making too much money and don't think it's worth their while. I see a large community that wants a pay to play system where people can buy cosmetics, support a staff that provides better content and updates, and just altogether makes D3 all that it can be. Call it D4 or whatever but there is a demand for Diablo to come back to life! Ask the player base for support and start adding things to the game!
Dreadnoughtus on 22. Feb. 2018.
That Nezah Lucio skin is an attempt to make lucio this http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Nezha
Dreez76 on 22. Feb. 2018.
Don't care about anything Blizztard after they ruined the Diablo-brand with D3. I hope Anthem fails and EA disolves Biofail.. and disney revokes the SW-IP from EA.
Cinomod6066 on 22. Feb. 2018.
Basically what I got out of this is Diablo 4 if it even is being made is still FFAAAARRRRRRRRRRR off like past 2020 far off if they still hiring those kinds of people for it.
Landon Marek on 22. Feb. 2018.
I wouldn't pay for special wings or other cosmetics. Blizz should add a sort of "Record Book" system, similar to Destiny 1, where we can achieve certain requirements and work toward these cosmetics outside of seasons.
Al M on 21. Feb. 2018.
no stick to diablo 3 cuz it sucks like Rhykker's videos lately..
Broken Gimp on 21. Feb. 2018.
Other countries can have their own things with D3, what's available in other countries doesn't matter, no point in being jealous or forcing them to conform to our ideals.
Sebastien on 20. Feb. 2018.
Never forgive EA.
BasicRNGesus on 20. Feb. 2018.
I think that they should put a little prompt up before you go up to click play on D3, asking if we'd want purely cosmetic micro transactions similarly to overwatch. that way, we'd get more content in the game because blizzard would get a more reliable income. Though the issue with that would be bringing new/old players in. I don't know, figured id share my mind. ideas?
Xan Tosh on 20. Feb. 2018.
World of Diablo confirmed! lolololol
Brett Petracek on 20. Feb. 2018.
Still waiting for ea to fix SimCity 5...
Professor H. Farnsworth on 19. Feb. 2018.
Aww, I was gonna say.. What if they just want to overhaul the Diablo 3 engine.. :P Although I have to agree, this won't be for Diablo 3... Whatsoever - sorry. You don't overhaul your game engine. It's not profitable.
Psykrom on 19. Feb. 2018.
so someone found a tiny exploit but people are botting 24/7 anyway, so what gives. Leaderboards should be removed for good, problem solved.
WildWestNeko on 18. Feb. 2018.
A list of available jobs for an unannounced project isn't good enough proof for me to confirm a new Diablo game. And as Blizzard notoriously handles announcements, we won't hear anything until such new game is at least in beta phase. Maybe BlizzCon 2018 will shed some light on the future of the Diablo franchise. Until then I pray and hope, that Diablo isn't being trashed, as it currently feels it is.
Veggieburger on 18. Feb. 2018.
fukn diablo fans seems to be mad every year since its release. Just play another game... there are so many other top down ARPG games
BlackIMoon on 18. Feb. 2018.
EA is evil ... we must go to EA and save the princess (Bioware) To make good games and a true sequel to mass effect ... Burn Down EA ... dont buy their stuff
Zutang777 on 18. Feb. 2018.
yo i never seen you make a video like this. well put together. i would sub if i see more like this. i enjoy the "right to the point" "fast pace" info.
Artanis on 18. Feb. 2018.
Cause D2 that's why...
bob smith on 16. Feb. 2018.
what kind of major game company puts out WANTED ads for all these MAJOR roles for making a game for a major franchise like diablo? production director... senior everything designer... game PROGRAMMER..... like what the hell, how do you even green light a project like that without already having personnel in mind for each major position ? Expecting to find people by responding to your job opening posts and counting on them to make like every major decision for the 4th iteration of a game... like holy fucking shit, no wonder diablo 3 was such a bumbling mess
Titchzx45 on 16. Feb. 2018.
I have no doubt that there will be a Diablo 4, can't see it happening before 2020 though.
Bell Idrael on 16. Feb. 2018.
A lot of people abuse voice chat knowing Blizzard has no way of monitoring it. If they ban via what they see in Youtube videos and Twitch streams, they can see the voice chats there.
Yukmout B on 15. Feb. 2018.
There are diablo3 players still ? Lol
Lukáš Červeňanský on 15. Feb. 2018.
Destiny 2 sucks
Jarlaxle Daerthe on 15. Feb. 2018.
Honestly, just re-release Diablo 2 with a new skin... D3 was an abysmal failure and I'll never forgive them for shafting my god tier gear on 3 characters! In D2 when they patched gear the old versions remained the same and were almost always better, thus rewarding veterans and encouraging a rich trade environment. And try not to rush the end game acts this time... They need to completely forget D3 ever existed and just work from D2, otherwise it's going to fail miserably. Again.
fallenj on 15. Feb. 2018.
Is it bad that I hope anthem fails...
Rose Blight on 15. Feb. 2018.
Blizzard can start those Bans for seeing things done and posted to YouTube with xQc. He is rather toxic to EVERYONE. On Diablo 3, I would like to see Loot Box type drops for China released microtransactions, or buy them outright (I like pets).
Shawn Adams on 14. Feb. 2018.
Nope...I have not bought an EA game in over 5 years. Just dont trust them anymore.
Andrew Nagy on 14. Feb. 2018.
Definitely try monster hunter world!
War Against Myself on 14. Feb. 2018.
7:12 this game looks cool
Dane Fergus on 13. Feb. 2018.
Is there a Way to get what you wount form a Season with out Doing a Season all I wount is the Stash Space in Diablo 3
Opmehoofd on 13. Feb. 2018.
EA is literally like cancer too games. if you feed it it'll grow and ruin gaming for millions
Sondan1988 on 13. Feb. 2018.
No new Warcraft movie...the first one was TERRIBLE !!
Ruke_Ironheart on 13. Feb. 2018.
I mean, if you are broadcasting yourself breaking a rule then you should be banned. Just because "No one saw you so it is ok" doesn't mean you didn't break a rule. If you post a video of you robing a bank , you can't get mad if you get caught even though "The cops didn't catch you so it should be ok"
MrConyoK on 12. Feb. 2018.
You should give a try to Monster hunter World, this is a really good game !
Ronnie Ferdinandsen on 12. Feb. 2018.
Kinda busy testing out HUNT: Showdown so haven't tried too much of Monster Hunter yet but what i've played so far (all the way up to hard mode) was a lot of fun! even more so if you play with friends! :D
Crazy Cat on 12. Feb. 2018.
I would like a proper Battlefront III based on the earlier Battlefront games. Those were awesome, and nothing like the new ones.
Ace Strife on 12. Feb. 2018.
DFO #2 revenue.. yet Nexon America shut it down many years ago and basically gave the middle finger to everyone who played it and paid for microtransactions in it. Sure the actual developers ended up re-releasing it again a few years after that.. but gone was all our old stuff (didn't transfer Nexon's database), so most people never went back. Still pretty upset about it to this day.
Flassk on 12. Feb. 2018.
B4A sorta pissing me off before it came out just because all the new races are reputation locked.
Flassk on 12. Feb. 2018.
okay as much as i dislike microsoft lately i would totally be all for seeing them buy out EA
Wild Reality on 12. Feb. 2018.
when are they going to make diablo3 good by completely overhaul the skill system?
R Bogdan on 11. Feb. 2018.
Would I want to see another Warcraft movie? Does the bear... OF COURSE I WOULD !
Ken Chiu on 11. Feb. 2018.
MHW has game play like diablo 2, you have to check it out!
Triod on 11. Feb. 2018.
What if it's not Diablo 4? What if it's Warcraft 4??!!
Anton Shields on 11. Feb. 2018.
And if I look at this there are only a couple of ways Diablo III can go. I much rather them work more on the creativity of player mechanics and content especially. D3 needs a fresh perspective considering I enjoyed some repetitive actions but the game deserves much more. And just to address the job postings and this is course just my opinion but I’m very familiar with the corporate world, due to my job and sometimes those postings for jobs are for legality reasons. To ensure they give equal opportunity. In my experience they usually already have someone in mind.
Luís F on 11. Feb. 2018.
Why D3 players are upset: they realize they paid at least 80$ for a shitty game that still expects them to pay an extra 20$ for a shitty class xD