Why I Stopped Mythic Raiding

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Marmite on 30. Dec. 2017.
casual haHAA 12 btw haHAA
Kris Krangle on 30. Dec. 2017.
red diamonds on his sweater - someone call pyromancer and tell him his theory is right
Picnic Meen on 30. Dec. 2017.
yo asmon why are you a goofy looking mofo?
Zoggosh on 30. Dec. 2017.
quit raiding mythic after nighthold, best choice ive made playing wow. all of these reasons are dead on. for the amount of work that goes into mythic, its just not anywhere close to worth it.
Nate on 30. Dec. 2017.
Not that anyone gives a shit, but I quit high level raiding a long time ago. For me it is mostly a gear/loot issue. When legion was released, the first piece of gear I got was better than my mythic HFC gear. I understand that its a new xpac and things like this will happen eventually, but I remember 90% of my 25 man raid team clearing Naxx in WotLK still wearing T6 gear because there was nothing better from leveling. WoW isn't geared for the hard core audience anymore, which is why I am so looking forward to Classic. Until then I will just keep enjoying the game for what it is and I hope you do too.
Oanish Nomz on 30. Dec. 2017.
Hello, I've been listening to your real talks for a very long time and I can say I agree with what you're saying. I'm young. I'm 20. I picked this game up 11 years ago and only started raiding in MoP, in SoO. I can say that raiding was an amazing experience, I always enjoyed it and made me feel proud, made me feel like I had something to show. After my first guild was disbanded, I started living the so-to-speak drama of being in a group of people forced by circumstance to work together. It was nothing based on friendship, but strive and expectations. This year, the very GM has gotten sick of the game, but sticking through and trying to push us all for progress was what killed the whole mood, aura and fun everyone had. There is no more constructive criticism, there is constant fighting and contradictory ideas. There is the leadership forbidding players from participating in guild normal runs, and what made (at least) me see the flaws of the team was Mythic Mistress. With probably 20 con
OrangeLazarus on 30. Dec. 2017.
Even the biggest dick of all has to go soft eventually. Whatever, keep talking about WoW and i'll keep listening.
Luke Grim on 30. Dec. 2017.
I feel like titanforging should either: 1. never exceed base mythic ilvl or 2. Give equal potential for ilvl increase (normal antorus gear can go to 960, heroic to 975, mythic to 990, etc) instead of lfr being able to roll 70 ilvls compared to mythic's 25... It's absolutely ridiculous that I had more Heroic/m+ pieces equipped than mythic ToS pieces after 240 hours of progression. QQ about how I'm anti-casual if you want, but the amount of effort it takes to successfully mythic raid warrants guaranteed better rewards.
mhdoe on 30. Dec. 2017.
I stopped Hardcore raiding back in WoD and just pug or do heroics now for the simple fact I play WoW to relax and spend some free time with friends not to be forced to be on a set schedule or be made to feel bad when I cant make that schedule. And after 11 years I still enjoy the game almost every day because of that change.
Steve0hhh on 30. Dec. 2017.
You can get anything you want in the game now though. You just throw up a group on stream and you basically get a full group of who you want. What fun is that?
Joseph Mikolash on 30. Dec. 2017.
Mythic raiding turns the game into a middle manager simulator for the leaders and a mind numbing office job for the participants
Cheers m8 on 30. Dec. 2017.
Almost the same boat as you, to be honest. For me, mainly stress and not always being able to keep to a timely schedule in my current life position. Ever since becoming what people call "casual", I'm just a lot happier, I'm stress free, relaxed. Enjoying my time playing, which I like to be stress free and just fun and enjoyment. Everyone is different though.
Michael Coffey on 30. Dec. 2017.
@Asmon, I am glad you understand what happens when life makes you grow up. This is why I never understood people who ONLY seek LFR. As long as Mythic has the best base gear it is fine. Life> Game period. We often do not live that way until we are forced to. When you play for passion an play for enjoyment. You tuber or not you will have a better channel, streams, and channel. Here is hoping you continue to grow and understand fun trumps everything. Even if none of us are wise enough to see that until late 20's mid 30's or whenever life takes up that precious free time.
Wommy on 30. Dec. 2017.
can you go back to making more videos about the game and less videos about yourself? i know you started streaming and stuff but your stream only consists of like 10000 viewers. you have 258k viewers on youtube! please start making videos about the game again :(
Kyvrn on 30. Dec. 2017.
Video starts at 15:42 - "Cause I'm a casual." yw
Jonathan Thomas on 30. Dec. 2017.
Come to the casual side of the force
MrGuikim on 30. Dec. 2017.
Hey man ! Remember when you talked with Preach and he told you that he was more about killing the boss and you told him you were more about the purps ? I think he's still raiding, and that might be the reason why he is. Just sayin...
Joel Taggart on 30. Dec. 2017.
go back to making solo achievement videos, but as a level 110 now
Pedro Água on 30. Dec. 2017.
I was looking forward for a video of yours - finally!
Frozyn W on 30. Dec. 2017.
WF/TFing should cap at mythic baseline. Mythic items should have a higher WF/TF cap. There Blizzard, I fixed mythic raiding.
Aaron Godwin on 30. Dec. 2017.
didn't even watch the video let me guess. mythic progression doesn't feel special anymore, game doesn't feel rewarding, give us vanilla etc.
Media Viewer on 30. Dec. 2017.
I think blizzard has made mythic raiding more accessible for people in general, but they have made higher level raiding less accessible (disregarding player skill). Not only do you need to raid long hours to clear a raid quickly, but you also have to invest countless hours farming AP now. Before the addition of artifact power, the only time requirement for high level raiding was the raids themselves plus gearing up outside of raid hours. Now you might have to farm for weeks in order to get ahead of competition both within your guild and between other guilds. That lead to me, and I am sure many other players who do not have an abundance of time, to quit mythic raiding on a semi-competitive level (like server first or regional top 100). I was hoping to return next expansion with a fresh start and attempt to clear all of the new content fast, but now that they have announced there will be a similar system to AP in Battle for Azeroth, I don't think I will have the time to play the new expa
Michael Corr on 30. Dec. 2017.
Asmongold not playing Bloodbath spec with T21? Blasphemy!
Luxorcist on 30. Dec. 2017.
Ive been playing since Feb of 2007, i was still learning the game at the time, so i didnt do any raids until WotLK came out. At that point I cleared all raids at content level, and when Wrath ended i stopped playing for a while. I came back to raid Dragon Soul with my old guild in Cata, SoO in MoP, and a little bit of HC in WoD. But i definitely feel you here. The time constraints, guild drama, and the idea of progression just wore me out after a few years and i finally just gave up on serious raiding. At the most, I'll clear normal raids these days, maybe heroic if i have a good team of people running, but i just cant do it anymore. I enjoy the Mythic+ dungeons as it reminds me a lot of Diablo 3, but i think titanforging(that system) kinda takes the fun out of getting gear. REFORGING was a better idea imo, it let people customize stats however they wanted and made for more interesting gameplay i think, rather than letting RNG decide how strong your character is at the end of the day.
Mike Belcourt on 30. Dec. 2017.
I raided from Kara up to Dragon Soul, after that it was getting kind of stale for me and I was always trying to think of reasons not to show up to the raid every raid night so I found it was time to step back.
Lawlhero on 30. Dec. 2017.
tl;dr, you're a casual.
Cri354 on 30. Dec. 2017.
I raided back in ICC, I remember what it meant to see someone or TO BE someone in heroic gear. That's truly when you felt big dikk and that your time was worth it in the end. Now I have friends that get 940 pieces in LFR due to titanforging. I understand where they came from, the idea to not feel like older content is useless, but at some point I don't even bother with normal or LFR when HC/Mythic gives me the titanforge variant. Just that yea, as you said, the amount of bullshit Mythic requires, it's really not worth it. By the end of ToS I had 940 ilevel and never set foot in Mythic, goes to show how much it matters.
Jorge Chamale on 30. Dec. 2017.
all this sounds like excuses, just don't raid mythic if you don't want to its as simple as that.
The only thing that keeps me raiding is wanting to try and learn how to play as many of the classes, and to play with my friends.
will buchanan on 30. Dec. 2017.
There's no incentive to devote your life to this game. DPS for most classes is dumbed down and cookie cutter, gear grinding is pointless as he stated and Mythic raiding takes WAY too long. The content is great as always, but there's no reason to do it over and over other than gambling your life away.
Handsome lad on 30. Dec. 2017.
Whos got a small dick now BITCH.
Brandon Stott on 30. Dec. 2017.
Yeah I still raid but I don't have nearly as high of a drive so I just stick with heroic. A line from an old blizzcon panel back in classic was, "the world feels bigger when there's unbeaten content." I don't think that applies to world firsts but to personal progression. The world feels bigger and more dangerous/alive when you progress through content instead of difficulties. Walking into the same raid you've cleared before after a ton of work isn't NEARLY as compelling as walking into new lair. It also keeps the place you're in feeling dangerous and immersive instead of just a copy paste with higher stats. An argument against this might be that they can't put out that much content but they managed to pace the game properly even with a small team back in classic. The game was just slower paced and I'm totally down with that if it brings a sense of mystique and prestige. I wasn't at the higher end of that totem pole back in the day either so it's not a matter of "oh I don't want cas
oBLACKIECHANoo on 30. Dec. 2017.
Blizzard aren't going to listen to you, they have made these changes slowly over multiple expansions and have continued despite literally everyone telling them no. I mean really, they removed 10-man raiding because it was too difficult to balance? LMAO, how absurd, it would have took a couple of guys a few days to make the appropriate changes and yet that one pathetic display of laziness and disregard for the game killed so many guilds and made mythic raiding so much more of a fucking chore. Add on top of that garbage like titanforging which no mythic raider likes, mythic dungeons that people now have to grind constantly to keep their gear relevant, etc, and of course raiding is dying and people are quitting but Blizzard don't seem to car, they are transitioning WoW into the "lets milk it while we still can" phase.
Clockwork0nions on 30. Dec. 2017.
I feel you man, I haven't seriously raided since Wrath, and I haven't played the game consistently since then either. Every expansion since Cata has just been meh, they took out all the good stuff from Vanilla, TBC, WOTLK, and replaced it with grindy busywork and long droughts of content and you can get the nearly the same gear (just a few ilvl's lower and a different color) from the easier difficulties of raiding now. Just kills it for me.
Matt Brackenbury on 30. Dec. 2017.
Its your boi Arsemangled
bloodangel420 on 30. Dec. 2017.
I'm still raiding currently 5/11 Mythic Antorus. What keeps me going is I like the community and the team work you have to do to get the job done plus seeing all the different boss mechanics is pretty cool too.
RapidReader4 on 30. Dec. 2017.
I never really raided - to me it is just a shit show of oh hey look at my big dick, hey my dick is huge, hey you over there, see my dick, yeah, it's massive. I only do pvp basically, I feel like in pvp your "big dick" is on display, whether you do well or not. I just don't really care about doing well in pve, pvp is what is more interesting. Anyhow, I enjoy watching your videos regardless just because of the perspective you offer
Widowmakerdamien on 30. Dec. 2017.
So basically you gave it up for twitch $$, don't blame you because money is much better than mythic raiding but how long can you play this game without a challenge after being competitive for so long, seems like you would get really bored
EmptyGlass99 on 30. Dec. 2017.
I have never raided for gear (although of course it's nice). I raid for the challenge with a good group of friends. Having said that, I agree that titanforging needs to go. We did a heroic clear and I ended up with 980 tier legs. I didn't feel good, I just felt like I was somehow cheating.
fluggenn on 30. Dec. 2017.
you stopped coz you are a casual cuck....
Yoel on 30. Dec. 2017.
You're noticing the unhappy.. it stems from playing wow... just ur starting to see it now. XD
Banshee409 on 30. Dec. 2017.
Just because someone shifts focus from raiding to other portions of the game's content doesn't mean that they become a "casual". It's all about how much time & effort you put into pursuing the rewards you find most valuable. I am by all means a casual player at this point in my life, & Asmongold simply doesn't fit that mold, even if he decides to go big dick on pet battles lol.
Ballavar on 30. Dec. 2017.
What took from this: big dick dps guides inc. And hes happier
Vadagar on 30. Dec. 2017.
Games so boring. Lost interest with deprunning of classes. I want 5 pages of abilities to use now it's barely 2 pages.
Anthony R on 30. Dec. 2017.
I stopped mythic raiding after Guldan. For me guldan and elisande was my guild's breaking point. We were so exhausted after completing mythic NH that we only did heroic tomb and we actually had our raid leader officially call the guild for a massive break. We're back for heroic antorus but just like you said yourself You can get mythic gear without doing mythic. So that's what's been happening.
Eyes of Infinity on 30. Dec. 2017.
You probably also need a break from WoW to you know, play RL.
Shokkunin on 30. Dec. 2017.
This video actually makes me like Asmongold more. You said it right, bro. At the end of the day, you gotta do what's best for you. Props to you, man.
Justin McCray on 30. Dec. 2017.
You should get into pvp. Your UI makes it really fun to watch. Make more BG montages
theroyalcam on 30. Dec. 2017.
how am i not surprised? legion is trashtier garbage, second worst expansion so far