Why This Was A Good & Bad Week: Destiny 2, The Internet, Diablo Loot Boxes, Overwatch Skins, BF Leak

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Shane Delancey on 17. Dec. 2017.
Ark is doing the same thing Destiny 2 did. Lowering the max level but letting you raise the cap back by beating the boss of their new paid expansion.
BRBingeDrinker on 17. Dec. 2017.
"Monthly bandwidth" What cancer.. Yeah, I don't have that right now and certainly don't want that to change.
Xtazic on 17. Dec. 2017.
Damn... I just learned how it was working in America... My god what a shock ! Like... Seriously? In europe you pay for the access and the speed of the internet. What you do and how much you do online is your buisness....
Daniel Feeny on 17. Dec. 2017.
I love your journalistic approach. All of the direct sources are very helpful and actually show you aren’t just someone trying to stir the pot or feed off rumors.
David Fozdar on 17. Dec. 2017.
I guess we'll see what happens over time with the ISPs. I'm pretty sure the net neutrality fight is far from over.
kingofzero on 17. Dec. 2017.
The fact that we have data caps on internet is just barbaric. It's stupid and utter greed.
Necroticus on 17. Dec. 2017.
Heres the thing about having a video internet package or a gaming internet package ect. This is basically the cable tv model. So tell me. I dont watch sports. I do like documentaries. I HATE sitcoms and night time tv shows. My ideal package is my local news, the discovery channels that acutally show documentaries(meaning discovery 2 or 3 since normal discovery channel is all duck dynasty and ancient aliens) So I should get that package right? WRONG. it doesnt exist. ANY package I get will have spanish channels that I cant understand, USA/TNT ect that I dont watch, QVC which I will never use, ect. How many of those channels up my cost I wonder? now how does that relate? how much of my internet will be throttled because I dont have the video package? also, being the internet, the potential exists to target blocking. by this I mean, Comcast gets a contract with EA and At&t gets one with blizzard. Say I have comcast. EA gave comcast a list of its gaming servers and ip's.
Mathew Begnoche on 17. Dec. 2017.
The real question is what was going on before 2015? Oh that's right nothing. So Government decided that they needed to stick their fingers into it. What do we know about the government? They will fix anything that isn't broke till it is broke.
Luke Soltysiak on 17. Dec. 2017.
In Poland You can have 100Mbps for 12$ with no data caps
rebbyra on 17. Dec. 2017.
PSA Sitch did a good rundown on net-neutrality, where it originated and what its biggest offenders have done
wille514 on 17. Dec. 2017.
Destiny2 is the biggest money grab this side of EA’s shenanigans.
Hugo Yendo on 17. Dec. 2017.
We have a voice, but our memory seems to be short. As soon as people saw the Last Jedi, Youtube was flooded with Battlefront 2 let's plays and giveaways...
David Walsh on 17. Dec. 2017.
The problem is not government regulation - the problem is the hijacking of Congress and government by corporations The corporations have the Congress Representatives on the payroll - they literally pay their campaign expenses and give them all kinds of perks as well as a guarantee of lucrative jobs and/or consultancies if they lose their seat. So their ongoing employment and financial security depends on pleasing their corporate sponsors. That shill Pai is a perfect example of a corporation man in a government position. He is there to represent his corporate masters, not US citizens.
PoliteTimesplitter on 17. Dec. 2017.
No timestamps :(
Drees Dre on 17. Dec. 2017.
In all honesty diablo NEEDS Microtransactions maybe not lootboxes but some cosmetic stuff is totaly fine with me even if thoose are randomized. Please blizzard earn some money with diablo so we get better and more updates. :) I love diablo but i doesn't earn blizzard enough money so why should they care about it.
allunira on 17. Dec. 2017.
poor usa and there crappy net XD
WhyDoUWannaKnow on 17. Dec. 2017.
Yeah but... In about 5 to 10 years everyone's gonna have unlimited bandwidth so its kinda pointless
adradox on 17. Dec. 2017.
Am I ok with randomized loot in (((expansion))) packs? Is this even a question? Of course not! This sounds like terrible, terrible idea which will alienate even more people from Diablo games! If they gonna pull something like this in upcoming Diablo 4 game, I'm sure that I wont even pick this game up, lootboxes and randomized monetization, abusing of gaming addiction by big companies should be regulated and cease entirely. People wnat full expansion packs, not slot machines.
Zooks sFX on 17. Dec. 2017.
Just sitting here in the EU @ 100m/bit download & upload for 20$ with net neutrality - cheering for you americans, keep fighting guys!
Kylo Ren's Rage on 17. Dec. 2017.
Gamin companies will continue to take the advantage out us all.. I hear you say 'change', lol, it's gettin worse, look all around in the gamin industry...
ForTheLoveOfMusicAndPeople on 17. Dec. 2017.
I don't trust gov and the companies AT ALL. But if i have to choice, i think gov is better because the companies pay gov to do things for them. But indirect customer abuse is better than direct customer abuse. companies are there to make as much money as possible they are not there for us.
Jim Mathin on 17. Dec. 2017.
0:03 - Hey Folks this is Rhyker
Zefyris D on 17. Dec. 2017.
That dva skin is better than any of the current dva skin rofl
NIX on 17. Dec. 2017.
60$ for a game and then 20 for DLC LUL.. wish there was a way to remove D2 from the bnet launcher
01gharms on 17. Dec. 2017.
I cannot believe the naivety of a LOT of you here. You "won't trust the ISPs", but you'll trust a government who spied on us and lied about to it control the single most used means of communication? This is like saying "I don't like that fox over there watching the hen house. Maybe let the wolf inside so he is afraid to come in". These companies ALREADY HAD the power everyone is so certain they are going to abuse. During that time, our speeds went from 128.8kbps to what we have now. Notice how since NN is in place, there have been no jumps in tech anymore. Notice how the service has gotten worse and more expensive? When the companies were in charge, the service was better, the speeds were improving constantly (I'm one of those speed snobs, an I was having to upgrade speeds once every 6 months at one point) AND it was cheaper. I now pay Comcast 150 bucks a month for internet. JUST internet. Net Neutrality has been a NIGHTMARE. It keeps smaller competitors out. It stifles the very thin
01gharms on 17. Dec. 2017.
That Death Stranding game sounds and looks moronic. But Kojima made it, so 90% of gamers will act like he shit a lump of gold for them.
Mooncalf on 17. Dec. 2017.
Finally i am so tired of losing and losinh and losing games due to cancer teammates boosted to master thanks to jeff giving them 300sr extrs per season placements
Torgul on 17. Dec. 2017.
Thx for including both sides of the story on NN.
Meta Cube on 17. Dec. 2017.
Wow, you still have data caps in america ?!!
tekoa on 17. Dec. 2017.
Net neutrality isnt just about consumer price points. it is so so much more than that. when you give huge corporations control over the flow and distribution of entertainment, news, information and knowledge... all at the same time... that is bad. the industry needs to be regulated to protect the people and citizens of the country. if you leave the moral choice to the billionaire corps they will ALWAYS choose money and control over the well-being of people. always.
AmonRa on 17. Dec. 2017.
rip net neutrality rip life
Ex hausted on 17. Dec. 2017.
Well at the time Destiny 2 base game players got their "content" back, Players who have the DLC got no content whatsoever... well that is total bullshit right here
Jeremy Batterbee on 17. Dec. 2017.
the reason that the arguments for it doesn't work is that in America ISP's do not compete with each other in almost all areas, thus no benefit.
Ahzathoth on 17. Dec. 2017.
Note that picture of Tracer also has the Sorc from D2 on the left!!!!
Charlé Ouel on 17. Dec. 2017.
Damn love the Zarya and Symmetra skin the other 2 are great too but just less interesting for me (still look really good)
bill smith on 17. Dec. 2017.
New York state is leading a group of lawsuits against the FCC against the repeal of net neutrality because (no surprise here) the online comments were from hijacked accounts, dead people, children, or 'other'. Totally despicable and I wish we would hang these mother effers out and beat them to death. That would send a strong message to other groups putting profit/money over human life. ALSO, another thing I wish we would do like other countries, is to have our internet like other countries! There is so much competition in other countries that every company has to try to out do their competitors... which results in outstanding, blazing fast internet for cheap! The USA internet is sooo archaic compared to other countries... this needs to change.
Osogitz Graymane on 17. Dec. 2017.
on net nuetrallity: we know exactly is gonna happen, Companies are gonna be scum bags and abuse their new found power to do all the things we dont want them to do. They basically will become EA
Darth Revik Liso on 17. Dec. 2017.
Yes yes... keep thinking that your net neutrality was working properly. Only if you remove it will information and outlets be supressed. Those that have been in power of information have never censored before. If you let neutrality expire, then greedy boogeymen will come for very lives! Yeah if you think net neutrality doesn't stifle competition, then you are 100% wrong. In all seriousness, actually do some research, rather than listening to people just tell you net neutrality is wrong. Ya'll keep forgetting the power ultimately lies with the consumer. If you stifle options, through government regulations then you have to settle for what you get. Why else would every media company who is paired with Internet providers are against the end of net neutrality? Spend your money where you get the best quality. Stop spending money with companies that keep screwing you over time and again.
Brian G. on 17. Dec. 2017.
Cable companies are losing customers due to cord cutters. This is a way for the Time Warners of the world to now force you to buy "packages" like in the world of cable TV. Want to stream Netflix, pay extra for it...
regenosis on 17. Dec. 2017.
So this week Star Wars died, and the internet died. Merry Christmas everybody!
Dylan Noonan on 17. Dec. 2017.
The mtg burn hurt a little bit.
Tyrant on 17. Dec. 2017.
Soul Reaver had a similar 'death' mechanic.
Neinn on 17. Dec. 2017.
Destiny 2 problem: isn’t it nearly the same that happened with every World of Warcraft Expansion?
Robert Fierce on 17. Dec. 2017.
Lootboxes in Diablo? Oh hella no. This ain't magic the gathering. I can say bye bye to Diablo so hard if it comes to this Blizzard won't even know how they lost my money.
ae Casso on 17. Dec. 2017.
I would support any kind of purchase possible cosmetic & pets.
[SMG] InternalRemedy on 17. Dec. 2017.
Hey this, Rhykker is folks.
kablam86 on 17. Dec. 2017.
Data cap on wired internet? what?
OohEhOohAhah TingTang on 17. Dec. 2017.
You know, when you want to get the electricity in a new appartement... you call them, give info, ask for electricity, pay them money for electricity. Everybody gets the same, and you pay a fee for your monthly utilisation I'm pretty sure we have the technology to make this, with the Internet, no? Reasonable fees tho.. you know..
Electromancer64 on 17. Dec. 2017.
Net neutrality WAS government regulation. For once it is something i want the government to regulate considering how scum filled all big companies are.
Бармен on 17. Dec. 2017.
Russia. 200mb per sec cost 10$