Widowmaker & McCree NERFED THIS WEEK! (Overwatch)

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Morty on 13. Jun. 2016.
I think widowmaker just needs a longer charge to be honest, still keeping headshots effective but making the reward for body shots just be a little harder to attain. Like a little quicker then the sniper in TF2's charge. Mcree just needs that small damage decrease to his fan. I can see both of these happening and still keeping the game fun.
legoyoshi 2001 on 13. Jun. 2016.
hanzo does more damge, he can climb up walls, his special is annoying , he has a scattered shot and widowmakers alt. so why isn't he getting nerfed?
SjaduK on 13. Jun. 2016.
hopefully they compensate the widowmaker Nerf with a buff of her ult. like a few seconds more or so. in comparison to Hanzo she does more "steady" damage, but her Ultimate is slightly underwhelming. It's useful, but imo one of the weakest ults in the game.
Krister Lawlor on 13. Jun. 2016.
In my opinion, I don't think Widowmaker has ever been a problem on console. I would decrease her fire rate so she can't spam weaker shots and maybe make it take longer for her to charge up. I don't think they should decrease Widowmaker's damage on console, though. Getting a good shot can be challenging enough, let alone being able to hit highly mobile characters like tracer. And it's not like she can insta-scope kill anyone in one shot, currently, because she has to wait for a charge up.
Dennis “nisdec” Weber on 13. Jun. 2016.
Widdowmakers' damage is fine. The wallhack is the most frustrating part of her.
TheTonicFoxx on 13. Jun. 2016.
Replace widowmaker with mei and you have a deal xD
Jasou2 on 13. Jun. 2016.
A couple, it's actually 1 second. I think it's def the problem with her.
undead Pank on 13. Jun. 2016.
I'd like to see widows grapple nerfed by not having it llock on the ledges but it has to be precisely aimed, give her ult a shout out! every other hero gives an auidio cue to the other team with their ult, she does not. Make her charged shots deal 130 damage and make it charge in 2 seconds.
krzys7007 on 13. Jun. 2016.
They are nerfing Widowmaker & Mcreee, but not Bastion and Junkrat?! WTF BLIZZARD!
iNFiN3CRO on 13. Jun. 2016.
Have nothing against those 2, I agree on the WH longer charge tho, the one thing I would change is Hanzos hitbox, sometimes when I see how I miss by alot and still registers a hit or when it happens to me its frustrating, I understand that it would increase the skill cap for it, but the situation atm is just a bit to ridicoulus in my opinion.
Display 368 on 13. Jun. 2016.
All the people saying mcree is well balanced SUCK IT HE IS OP SHIT DESERVES TO DIE
Cynical Possum on 13. Jun. 2016.
McCree shouldn't have a stun, that is the problem, but this is Blizzard and they would rather eat shit than admit they made a mistake.
CaptainBubblezXx on 13. Jun. 2016.
tbh, widowmaker isn't op. her ult charges way fast, same with mercy.
Rui Olavo on 13. Jun. 2016.
i remember a few years ago, to be a good sniper in games, you had to aim at the head, or it won't kill in 1 shot. Today the games are easier to get more people into it, its a tactic i don't like, but i understand, its money we are talking about. But Widow could have her shot dmg reduced, maybe to 130? to force going for head shots, and making Widow maker a hero only for who is actually good at sniping. I'm saying this, but i know its to harsh of a nerf, so i don't believe it will happen. I like the pulse idea tho.
Third Street Saints on 13. Jun. 2016.
I still think reduce fan the hammer is not the solution of the problem. Yeah maybe the tanks will be safe but there is another 16 heroes who will still suffering from McCree. They should change his stun ability to Disable the special moves for a few seconds.
Lauri Savis on 13. Jun. 2016.
McCree? Nooooooo!
Derrek Adams on 13. Jun. 2016.
But are they going to address server lag? That would fix alot of peoples frustrations IMO.
Matthew Fine on 13. Jun. 2016.
Does any one know blizzards Twitter name is
Ethan Williamson on 13. Jun. 2016.
widow dose not need to be nerfed she is hard to play if u know how to play her she is relly good but if u dont know how what to do with widowmaker ur going to die really quik because her aim is hard to hit and yea zennyta one shot but it is very hard to hit tracer because of her mobilaty in the game and widomaker is easy to hit if she misse you a red out will easly give you an easy kill. ples no nerf to widow.
Casimir C on 13. Jun. 2016.
They're going to combine Widowmaker and McCree. She'll have a stun that poisons and her pistol can scope and snipe people or fire 6 sniper shots in a row. McWidow will be her name.
Matthias Alice on 13. Jun. 2016.
her SMG was not mentioned?
ThEndGuy on 13. Jun. 2016.
Armagedgehog on 13. Jun. 2016.
rip spam the hammer :I
Joshua Vick on 13. Jun. 2016.
widowmaker is fine tbh, how many times do you die from widow maker? OP mcgree (what i call him) defiantly needs a nerf with that stun and triple shot
Krusnik66 on 13. Jun. 2016.
I don't think any form of nerf is going to change much. Widow's is too balanced around player skill than most other characters. Tracer requires skill but even she has limitations. I think her sniper rifle needs to be projectile and not hitscan along with long charge. Force the player to shoot areas of the body other than the head.
NPX Academy on 13. Jun. 2016.
so many console players complaining,... just sell your silly console and get a pc, thank me later
Daniel Woźniak on 13. Jun. 2016.
pls dont change widow on consoles! nerf tjorbjorn instead
Captain Ziggy on 13. Jun. 2016.
Nerf widowmaker.... But bastion stays the same ?? Lmao this is a fuckin joke
Neo Blade on 13. Jun. 2016.
I think Widow should only be able to one-shot head shot Tracer and Zenyatta
Captain Turtle on 13. Jun. 2016.
Mcree makes me sad #thanksforthenerf
evil_befall on 13. Jun. 2016.
hope bastion is next sick of seeing bastions pod every noob can play bastion
Taylor Stephenson on 13. Jun. 2016.
Nerf bastion now!
Netsuko on 13. Jun. 2016.
I really loved the idea that Widow's grapple line breaks when she takes damage. She can still use it to get up to places, but she can't get away as easily when someone successfully flanks her. Though her SMG does stupidly high damage. I think it's 13 or 15 dmg per shot? Dad 76 does 13-17 dmg per shot.
Alex on 13. Jun. 2016.
Keenan Miles on 13. Jun. 2016.
how can you even argue that these characters are balnced
Antonio on 13. Jun. 2016.
How I think they should change Widowmaker: Instead of dealing 150 dmg for a full power shot, how about 100 (or even lower). I also think they should change her ult as well (it's too powerful). HOWEVER, i don't agree that they should change her grappling hook!
Psybermage on 13. Jun. 2016.
People always tend to get frustrated with snipers (at least on PC FPSs). I think they should've explored getting another hero to counter her better rather than just nerf her.
Mike Peabody on 13. Jun. 2016.
But then we can't wave at people through walls when Widows on both teams have their ultis up D:
shufflecholo on 13. Jun. 2016.
Omg no one needed nerfed to be honest. It's just players who can't play and counter attacks. Some attacks are better buts that part of the game jeez.
Nicholas Haydin on 13. Jun. 2016.
I think that they'll change widow makers rifle, as up close it works just the same as like tracers, which makes her fine close range and better far, so rushing her doesn't work as well as rushing snipers normally would in other games. I think they'll add a mercy type pistol for her and make her gun sniper only
RtdXyron on 13. Jun. 2016.
Just delete Mei and everything is okay.
Yuuva on 13. Jun. 2016.
maybe reduce widow's clip size, and damage done to body shots lessened. Mcree's right click def needs nerf though, if you get within 200 goddamn feet of him you're practically dead
Byakuya Kuchiki on 13. Jun. 2016.
widowmaker does not need a nerf. mcree i can agree with and maybe dvas ult blast radius and tobjorn turret range
Marcel Pogorzelski on 13. Jun. 2016.
I hope the next patch will consider the vast majority of players. This patch is suited towards a handful players. McCree and Widowmaker not a problem in quick match. For casual players other heroes cause way more problems. There are 7 million casual players, while pro players are probably at most in the hundreds. Why concentrate only on the smallest group of people that play the game?
Sameji on 13. Jun. 2016.
lol the people who argue against nerfs clearly play Widowmaker and/or McCree a lot.
Foxmang on 13. Jun. 2016.
Fuck McSkill
Xj4277 on 13. Jun. 2016.
PC only?
Dmocification on 13. Jun. 2016.
force just goes to reddit and then makes his videos
Gromulous Straine on 13. Jun. 2016.
Gotta say I'm actually looking forward to these nerfs. Nothing worse than being a Roadhog and dying from McCree's OP 4 step combo or going against a Widow at the other end of the map who can basically see where you are at all times and kill almost anyone in a few seconds.
gasmanoo on 13. Jun. 2016.
People are just too salty getting headshoted by Widowmaker, but once you close the distance she can be easily dealt with. No need to nerf her as for McCree sure lower the damage that the right click does and/or shorten the the period of time that he stuns enemies.