Wolcen: Diablo 4 & Path of Exile Competitor? Impressions

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MRSketch09 on 26. Feb. 2018.
12:50 That skill tree concept is freaking awesome! Being able to rotate is really neat.
Jake Wilferd on 26. Feb. 2018.
being able to move the camera about is VERY good especially in some titles. just look at the myriad of games with poor camera control and poor camera positioning. poor camera positioning is no longer a worry when you give me control of the camera, which also cuts down on time spent having to build maps and cells. even better if i can zoom in thus reducing the effect of foliage from trees or some boulder on a mountain blocking the screen. totally agree on the optimal build thing though. more customization is not always better, especially if there is really only one optimal path to take anyway for the build your going for. otherwise its just confusing extra crap you really don't need. poe comes to mind. i love that there are so many options, but is showing me EVERY single node on the tree really necessary? especially when im clearly going for a build that has nothing to do with 90% of them?
Jesus Enrique Gonzalez on 26. Feb. 2018.
this looks amazing :O
Paul Spalek on 26. Feb. 2018.
Why is this game set to Path of Exile in YouTube?
LoordGabriell on 26. Feb. 2018.
I really hope they dont fu*k up that game because it looks really good to me
Wing Zero Straight Edge on 26. Feb. 2018.
Click bait garbage, Diablo 4?
Ken Wohlin on 25. Feb. 2018.
Added to my wish list!
dave william on 25. Feb. 2018.
Hi can some one please say what is the maximum party size in Wolcen ? POE is 6 D3 is only 4 what is Wolcen party size?
steven on 25. Feb. 2018.
path of exile is fun game that is shit. 90% of the time when you die you can't even tell what killed you because there is so much clutter on screen.
zukabazuka on 25. Feb. 2018.
That looks like Sacred 2 skill system
floyds11 on 25. Feb. 2018.
this is dota fool
Xogi35 on 25. Feb. 2018.
Hybrid classes, eh no thanks and way too much on the screen going on during fights, looks like a Syfy space shooter
russianRumble on 25. Feb. 2018.
From my knowing the reason why games are bad these days is because there just the same game from the past or worst and sadly i have not seen some new from games these days (except artistic games)
Fakku on 25. Feb. 2018.
the game looks epic but it has been in early access for 2 years without much content being added, at least that's what reviews say. i hope get's to where it's better than all the available arpgs
M1p3ify on 25. Feb. 2018.
Gimme controller support to poe fagets
Kamran Kazemi-Far on 24. Feb. 2018.
I the game I’m waiting for is Lost Ark, it looks amazing.
Jonas Haraldsen on 24. Feb. 2018.
POE is a game that is in constant improvement / development - just in 7 days now they will give us a new league that gives you the ability to catch monsters ! and MUCH MORE - they have done magic work since the game released in 2013 and yeah they have balanced the game more over the years so builds have been nerfed to the ground and other builds becomes more viable ! in my opinion u can put every aRPG game up against POE and they will lose on many counts .. ive played d1-d3 and grim dawn etc. none off these games comes close to a challenge for POE. and this game Wolcen looks great with the cry graphic engine, but currently not even close to a competitor to POE. and i don`t know why Diablo 3 is even mentioned anymore... yes i am a POE fan but ppl that really play POE is a FORMER d3/grim dawn etc. fan and yeah if u played POE 1+ years ago it wasn`t the most appealing game Gameplay wise - but try it now with 10 acts, more bosses ! more atlas customization and much more overall ! Go and st
Sutra Kevin on 24. Feb. 2018.
Too soon to compete with tops like PoE, aren't ya? The nonexist Diablo 4? Take it slow, try compare it with single player arpg like Grim Dawn or Van Helsing. oh wait, those are finished product. Try something else that still unfinished.
Nathan Rocha on 24. Feb. 2018.
it is payd, can't take PoE with the F2P system ...
TheOneTheOnly W on 23. Feb. 2018.
Makes me wanna replay the following: Diablo 2 Baldurs Gate 2 Champions of Norrath Those 3 are the absolute best games like this!!! If you like this kinda game play those 3 in particular!
Sto Karatów on 23. Feb. 2018.
Damn, that sounds hype.
JESSEverything on 23. Feb. 2018.
I want to buy the early access, but they stated you will never get to try anything past act 1.
Scott Moffatt on 23. Feb. 2018.
a good game.. but its been out a while and ive finished almost all content in 4 hours.. i was expecting more when i bought it after this video... i know its an alpha and a work in progress but you talked it up so much it seemed like it would be nearer completion..
Sulaxo on 23. Feb. 2018.
Lectric7 on 23. Feb. 2018.
@Rhykker haters gonna hate, great video man! This game looks awesome and competitors or not, this game will do good.
Raghnall86 on 23. Feb. 2018.
3:41 and of course for females you get the "Beaver options"
c5on on 23. Feb. 2018.
No thanks. I dont take recommendation from Blizzard wank channels.
Wolf Doggie on 23. Feb. 2018.
Anything competing with Diablo 4 is like a full grown Lion VS a hairless Sphinx Cat with Cancer. You don't need to challenge something that already lost. The Series is dead.
Bo0gster0781 on 23. Feb. 2018.
This game looks like it's going to be fantastic. The physic effects of the grass and wind and everything looks incredible. Definitely going to support it. Thanks for introducing the game to us.
Pumpkin Pie on 22. Feb. 2018.
Diablo 5 competitor
Wrath God on 22. Feb. 2018.
disappointed.new stuff same gameplay
Cool Ski Mask on 22. Feb. 2018.
cool, a poe clone
I Nizyrith I on 22. Feb. 2018.
When you come from POE and you see a game like that, you are like " ho nice, good tree tho !" and then you see the 3.2 POE teaser and you realize the truth : Not a single game can be more complete than POE in his category. The Tree, the Gems, the Stuff, the Classes, the Ascendary, the News Seasons... POE is doing what we really need: Not the best graph, not a custom creation like this, but a deep gameplay and endgame containt.
Cyberhawkzz on 22. Feb. 2018.
Honestly the thing that made D2 great for me, back in the day, was the trading. Trading with the community was why I farmed gems/Meph/and eventually keys. To trade up, and make my character even more powerful. The only current game I have found that can do this, like D2 was, is Warframe. A completely different genre of game, yet it's rewarding, fun grindy(for the most part)....and FREE(although you can spend on money on the game if you wish). Trading was everything for me in D2..and is the only thing that I miss about D3. Sure there is those Fotm characters in D3. But I did it all back in D2 with a Concentrate Barb, when everyone else had something "better". It's all about the deals in the trade!
DEAN on 21. Feb. 2018.
I'm a Diablo fan since the very first one. This game looks amazing. What platforms are they releasing this game on?
galkanftw on 21. Feb. 2018.
In ARPG's the world doesn't matter one bit because the game play is incredibly shallow.The combat is hallow the entire experience is SHALLOW.the ONLY purpose of these games is to play for a certain amount of time to build a character that can 1 shot everything,so MINDLESS combat and shallow.Looks good,yep,doesn't matter just remember "1 shot kills" oh so fun..NOT.
Alejandro Roberto Villa on 21. Feb. 2018.
This is a hack and slash, not an ARPG.
Shan Shin on 21. Feb. 2018.
I like what I see :D Everything that I enjoyed about POE is here and with some new additions. The only question is: Does it have hard mode and hardcore mode where you have to restart upon death?
fksosun on 21. Feb. 2018.
The thing about poe is its constantly growing player base. If you play the game you will never be out of content. Because the game itself is designed to be evolve every league and expand exponentially.
solomon faber on 21. Feb. 2018.
I've played wolcen for about 4 hours and enjoyed it very much. I think the look of it reminds me more of GRIM DAWN than Diablo or Path of Exile. wolcen has great potential and I am dreading when my character gets canceled in Alpha mode. Oh well! Try Wolcen, its cool!
MOTat18 on 21. Feb. 2018.
You need to buy a de- esser.
The Regent on 21. Feb. 2018.
You know there is a chance of d4 not being an ARPG right ? there is a possibility even ever so slight that they will make it an mmorpg, seeing as the director of wow moved over to the diablo department.
chris roberts on 21. Feb. 2018.
dose this have like a rift system like in diablo
To Release is To Resolve on 21. Feb. 2018.
This game has been in alpha for 2 years...it is going to be awhile before this is even finished.
Gaming Power on 20. Feb. 2018.
"The Wolcen skill tree is an improvement upon Path of Exile's tree because it... rotates" Stopped watching there. If you have no arguments whatsoever, don't say anything. Are you being payed? Is this payed content? It sure feels so in the video when you repeat untrue facts and biased arguments, heavily leaning towards this game, while sounding very promotional. Also FYI, like 90% of this game is copy pasted from Path of Exile, they didn't even bother changing the most basic names for skills and classes. The tree is identical, the skill augmentation, the flask system, etc.. Developers who are only capable of copycating other's talent will never achieve greatness.
Ascendant Exile on 20. Feb. 2018.
cant wait looks great. as an avid Path Of Exile player the complexity and diversity of the systems they have planned has the potential to make this one of the best ARPGs and that has me very excited to sink my teeth into it.
thebombjo on 20. Feb. 2018.
When can we assume to have this game finished ? 2019 ?
Omega Point Singularity on 20. Feb. 2018.
cryengine, implement crycash for buying and selling items? could be nice.
GARGAJO EPICO on 20. Feb. 2018.
shit game
Willzyx Petrov on 20. Feb. 2018.
Mildly put I'm aroused.