World of Warcraft: ACTION RPG Edition - A New Way To Enjoy WoW in 2018

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Uploaded: 13 Mar 2018 Likes: 1783
Patch: 7.0.3 Disikes: 177

BellularGaming on 13. Mar. 2018.
arsaeterna91 on 12. Apr. 2018.
I already tried ConsolePort with my shaman but somehow it doesn't feel like this, maybe beacause I was too used to play in that way and a new way felt odd? idk, but I'm returning now after a while and I intend leveling a nightborne, so maybe I will be able to get use to ConsolePort
Seth O'Quinn on 10. Apr. 2018.
I’ve waited so fucking long for this
Mudshrooze on 10. Apr. 2018.
Question what happened to making the older content more exciting and voice acted?
Ichi Rei on 10. Apr. 2018.
The main problem with this is that all the UI elements and text are too small and not designed to be read from the couch at a distance. Sure you can increase the size of the UI, but you can't choose which individual elements of it to increase. Console games have their text, item names etc. much, much bigger to be comfortably readable from a long distance, WoW not so much. Heck even on my monitor I had to squit my eyes to see what items where you looting and what did the quest say, no way I'd read any of that from the couch.
Rick Diculous on 9. Apr. 2018.
Still same crappy tab target combat
Faysal Hmidan on 8. Apr. 2018.
This looks really cool and has somehow convinced me to come back to WoW after a very long break! I can imagine that this would be really fun on these new Classic servers I keep hearing about!
Tony Kunnari on 8. Apr. 2018.
This actually made me feel that I could actually enjoy WoW again for a moment. Better yet, why not make an actual mode for that? Blizzard might get something out of it too.
John Gaver on 7. Apr. 2018.
Why games background stutter really badly when I try this. Anyone else have this issue?
Starsider Sajun on 5. Apr. 2018.
My concern with this would be how much does it interfere with higher end content such as mythics. I'd much prefer the entire game to be built around this sort of control scheme, that's what made EQOA so much more enjoyable and meaningful than WoW has ever been for example, but in that MMO it worked because the game was built around using a controller and all other players were using it too. How much would this sort of control scheme hinder your ability to perform actions quickly in high end content?
Ryan Lynge on 5. Apr. 2018.
I wonder how healing would be for a controller? This looks awesome.
JStryker47 on 5. Apr. 2018.
This seems like it'd be more appropriate for an offline single player game.
Cesar Bracho on 4. Apr. 2018.
Can you still play it with keyboard?
blacklite911 on 4. Apr. 2018.
I haven’t played since wrath of the lich king so I may check this out. Thanks.
Sawney Bean on 3. Apr. 2018.
I'm intruiged
Specter Eye on 3. Apr. 2018.
If blizzard ever truly revamp wow to anything like this, sales would go through the roof.
Erica Hoffman on 2. Apr. 2018.
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Raymond Alexander on 2. Apr. 2018.
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Hiteki on 2. Apr. 2018.
I would use it if I could get FF14 Controles with it but i just can't get it 100% right. And if i try using it it just messes with my head why i try to play it like this.
Andrew Alex on 1. Apr. 2018.
WOW for consoles? ... let me dream
From the gayst clan around! on 1. Apr. 2018.
What I need is a new game that plays out like this
Cinder Woods on 31. Mar. 2018.
Wow, maybe I'll actually level characters now.
Baron Von Hugen on 31. Mar. 2018.
Im having a problem with looting. For some reason it wont let me loot the last lootable. Any solutions to this?
Bysentenial on 31. Mar. 2018.
2 questions 1: is there a way to change the view from over right shoulder to over left shoulder or behind? What's with the black bars at top and bottom of screen?
Bysentenial on 31. Mar. 2018.
There's a mod that I know doesn't exist but hope does: VA for every quest in game It would be at leats a TB of audio files for kalimdor alone but THAT would just put the final touch onto this. Does anyone know is something like this exists?
Siddharth Shenoy on 30. Mar. 2018.
This looks brilliant and I want to try it out! How does healing and / or raid frames work?
Darth Chocolate on 30. Mar. 2018.
Absolutely brilliant! I'm really excited to try this!
Durff 123 on 29. Mar. 2018.
So... How do I install it? I've gone through and read the tutorial a number of times now. I have no idea where I put these files that I am meant to download. I know that I'm missing some information, but I don't know what that information is as this isn't something I have done before. Is this an addon to go into the addon folder? If it is not, where else would I be putting files like this? The tutorial does not mention these things.
ErikNordström on 29. Mar. 2018.
I love you for this
Karnaly on 26. Mar. 2018.
Tried everything, cant manage to get ConsolePort to work...using xbox controler and when i press A button to calibrate it, nothing happens ...just keeps telling me to press A..Shame really wanted to try it out. (My controller works perfectly on other games)
Denraisr on 26. Mar. 2018.
can I just the take the talking head with the menu feature and apply I on my UI?
Dan Arden on 26. Mar. 2018.
wow is to easy atm.. can get from lvl 1 to 110 without dying lol
Ivan Curic on 25. Mar. 2018.
Hey I have a weird bug, so im using MS-professional joystick and am using xbox simulator, all buttons funcion properly (I tested) but in game my R2 (flash heal on my priest) casts randomly and it drives me insane.. help pls :/
Dick Ass on 25. Mar. 2018.
I can confirm with the steam controller it works perfectly. I even do bgs with a controller and it’s fun. Look im 34 years old and i’ve been playing for 13 years. When I come home from work, I used to debate playing wow because I was tied to my computer chair. Not any more.
The Me Eseeks on 25. Mar. 2018.
That's the interface of RPG?
The Me Eseeks on 25. Mar. 2018.
What monitor is yours?
Zack Neill on 24. Mar. 2018.
Is there an option toggle to get quest items to dynamically appear in the circle menu??
Zikkori on 23. Mar. 2018.
Will definitely give this a go to level an alt! :)
Benjamin B on 23. Mar. 2018.
I'm probably dumb, but I've gone over this video and medium post a few times and can't figure out the camera offset... Where is that option?
Spencer Palladino on 23. Mar. 2018.
worth at least a try
Northman_Ast on 22. Mar. 2018.
So immersion is a thing having to do with UI and camera position, good to know. And playing TW3 or AC on a kb/m setup is just not really ideal. The amount of things this guy just dont get is huge.
Heliomachy on 22. Mar. 2018.
Are you using DynamicCam or using the settings from Console Port? Is it even worth using Dynamic Cam, since console port has its own dynaCam thing? Also link to whatever you're using to upgrade your sound please?
cgallivant on 22. Mar. 2018.
Does anyone know if we can do this without getting banned?
Flemo on 21. Mar. 2018.
Has anyone had any luck with Moonlight on Android Tv with GeForce Experience on pc?
fluffyncute063 on 21. Mar. 2018.
All I see with this is backpedaling hunters and mages/warlocks unable to aoe. Other than that, it makes it impossible to do advance mechanics.
Svenssko on 21. Mar. 2018.
Any way to toggle the minimap visibility/ size? Been using the "m" hotkey for so many years that I've almost entirely disabled minimap, as it's a bit of an eyesore.
prime on 21. Mar. 2018.
Seems great until you're on day 18 and only level 30.
Luxbell on 21. Mar. 2018.
The Xbox elite controller paddles work and so does the controller chat pad, it takes getting used to but it works very well.
Nate Hillier on 20. Mar. 2018.
Looks great, however I play on a mac...I know shame on me. I was wondering what you you recommend using instead of wow mapper?
Sean Mills on 20. Mar. 2018.
What about Boss mechanics, though?