WOW! 16 New Devs on Diablo 4 Team, New Overwatch Hero Coming November 7? (Gameplay)

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Ponury Grzybiarz on 11. Aug. 2017.
I couldn't care less about e-sports. I'm an old-school player and "back in my days" games were played for entertainment and that's their main purpose.
pen0rprick on 11. Aug. 2017.
I think a bunch of fat feminists will abusive and ruin report feature
Kobus on 10. Aug. 2017.
dont have any problems with skeletons but then again im playing POE :P Have not played d3 since last year. RIP <3
SantoroPlays on 10. Aug. 2017.
Diablo 2 REMASTER is coming!!!
TalentedCB123 on 9. Aug. 2017.
I think it is just d3 stuff, I mean they released the necro for 15$ and people bought it, they can keep doing that, and if only 1 million people buy....thats 15 million dollars per character they develop. Remember that these guys did wow, a game they just kept adding to and are still making money on. D3 has more money to make and there gonna squeeze it for everything they can. This is good because if D3 makes enough, there going to definitely make a D4 eventually.
sillyz 59 on 9. Aug. 2017.
There has to be a D4 in the works, there just has to be
Mirnes Besic on 8. Aug. 2017.
the one reason why im not playing diablo 3 becuse it is too much money for the game i have played d1 d2 like a lot of time but now it seams it was a too much time wasted and the path of exile is not better then diablo but it is free man they should set a little bit money for d3 gj Rhykker your the best d3 youtuber for me
Lokus122 on 8. Aug. 2017.
wooohuuuuuu diablo 4!!!! Now we only have to wait 10 years
Clarissa Smith on 6. Aug. 2017.
Would love a "craft all" type of option for combining gems.
Kakarot overNineThousand on 5. Aug. 2017.
* Two things I would like to know about D4: Are they keeping J. Wilson away from it and did they give it back to David Brevik?*
SpeedeyFreaks on 5. Aug. 2017.
I have a complaint, more like a question ... Why is my barb weak blizzard?!
Jo Are B on 5. Aug. 2017.
How do you have your mouseclick markers like that?
Sasha Alex on 5. Aug. 2017.
I want to see an open world. Huge areas to explore. Similar to what Lost Ark had in the beta i played. This time hopefully no cut content like what they showed at 2009 and so on blizzcons and then they removed all those good looking features just at release . Hopefully lots of features and gameplay systems this times , more variety to the game.
Neonmirrorblack on 5. Aug. 2017.
Cool, so Diablo 4 in 2022. Although unless they are going to do a drastic overhaul of how they handle gear and stats, they may as well just created another full blown expansion for Diablo 3. Of course with more than a single new act and class...(which was actually what the Necromancer pack was supposed to be).
Sergio Solis on 4. Aug. 2017.
I could be doing anything in the world right now, but here I am. And wanting more at that! Thanks for all the content you produce for us. I get countless value with every episode.
Nshankoff1 on 4. Aug. 2017.
Diablo MMO pleaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaase
Wazzzock on 4. Aug. 2017.
Diablo 3 Mobile remake
Tempesta Solarum on 4. Aug. 2017.
Alkaizer "best" diablo player. Well back in the day he was definitly a big influence but now he just plays alot. Give any random diablo 3 player 20 hours / day paid to play diablo and im sure they can achive just as good on the leaderboards if not better.
Sendtohell on 4. Aug. 2017.
Interesting news but comes way to late to save Diablo or Blizzard. Once a great gaming company now just another has been company. At least as far as I am concerned. It is a crying shame, They need new management at the top not just new developers at the bottom. Rhykker get a job at Blizzard and turn the company around.
kaizerdeath12 on 4. Aug. 2017.
Why does the diablo team want so many 60+ year olds on the team?
boohoow on 3. Aug. 2017.
Rhykker, I've only just watched one of your videos but just needed to applaud you for your calm and sensible style. Watching your videos doesn't make me wanna kill myself with irritation. You have really great observation, insight and opinions on game development. Thanks for making the Youtube gaming section a bearable place.
James on 3. Aug. 2017.
issue i have with report buttons is it will get abused by all the butt hurt kids(and im not just talking about young players). Report features are always heavily abused.
Gael Mignot on 3. Aug. 2017.
Rhykker I already comment this on another vid, but I'd love to see a zmonk guide. There are so many dps out there, specially since the necro release, so I reckon it would be valuable.
Dragonar King on 3. Aug. 2017.
man i think i have played too much diablo 3 because my paragon lvl is 2270
Illuminati Jones on 3. Aug. 2017.
or....7 and 11 is how you win craps.. the game they are playing. OR TheIlluminati
TheRiveNix on 3. Aug. 2017.
yo i got a big question is rhykker the savage in Diablo 3 a rare mob cuz i have seen him last time i played :0 ?? Ty for the answer :3
Jhazzrun on 3. Aug. 2017.
even if those people are for Diablo 3 then that could mean we would actually see some things happening.. hopefully. but i do hope work is being done on a Diablo 4. there is a lot of things that could be done better for D3. but at this point it would be hard to go in and change too much. starting from scratch with all they learned would probably be better. heres hoping!
Shadow_AquilaX on 2. Aug. 2017.
Yeah the skeletons and the mages seem to behave funny. Many time they seem to just sit there and do nothing. I'll have 6 mages out and only 3 of them are attacking screen. Or 2-3 of my skeletons are stuck somewhere...behind enemies...not attacking them...
Matt Pearl on 2. Aug. 2017.
I hope we get more of a traditional rpg or mmo for Diablo 4. After 3 games in an isometric perspective, I would love to be able to explore sanctuary from a different perspective.
Dangerz Daniel on 2. Aug. 2017.
follow rhykker in instagram @rhykker for more
Andrea Phillips on 2. Aug. 2017.
challenge rifts are a nice challenge. I even enjoy the ones I can't complete.
da maxi on 2. Aug. 2017.
I like how he says where the particular games start, even if this costs him watchtime
Prideless on 2. Aug. 2017.
what's the challenge on us? cause it's easy as hell on eu. probably cause I played that exact build to death
Rainbow Sam on 2. Aug. 2017.
Jesus came back to life a couple days before he died again. One last shot
Muddles on 1. Aug. 2017.
the most frustrating feeling, treasure goblin heading into a portal and 20 freekin mages just staring at him!
JReyesTbn46 on 1. Aug. 2017.
On necro, my minions have, at times, just sat there and not attack as well.
marlow.e ncna on 1. Aug. 2017.
My guess: 1 more class pack. Remaster of d2 (ala sc). Then new diablo game
cjkone978 on 1. Aug. 2017.
The only issue i have with the necro is that they didnt make command skeletons transparent
Rebecca Arcangeli on 1. Aug. 2017.
Hey, Rhykker!! I was hoping to find something in this video about the alleged new hero leak! Have you heard about it? Someone claiming to work with Blizzard says the next hero will be a Greek defence hero, code name Psyren, and even a character design, ult name and backstory were released to support this claim. Apparently they revealed all this because there won't be another hero release for a while after Doomfist and they want to keep the hype going - even if it doesn't make sense for this "leak" to come out so soon after Doomfist's release (just a couple of days). If it were to keep the hype up, why not wait until everyone's over the DF excitement? With all the details we were given about Psyren, it looks like it's either legit or a nice fan work, but what do you think?
Matt Wilson on 1. Aug. 2017.
Yeah, I had the skeleton mage bug happen to me, that shit was weird. I was doing the Set Challenge for my armor set, I had about 6-8 of them spawned and they just stood there. I was like wtf is happening? When the pets dont work on your pet build there's a problem.
antonio garcia on 1. Aug. 2017.
hey if overwatch is getting this cool reporting system where they get notified if they get penalized then please do it with WoW HOTS SC2 and Hearthstone
BANANAerne on 1. Aug. 2017.
You nerds still believe in D4 lol, even if it's going to happen, it will be shit thanks to the retarded D3 Community.
Lord Vaako on 1. Aug. 2017.
Alkaizer is asian, nuff said.
ghettobible on 1. Aug. 2017.
Skeletons also look crap, their shiny armor. I can't see what they can do with d3, d4 is the only way to go.
Stephen Tranter on 1. Aug. 2017.
The mages sit around not attacking a lot
Marino vucko on 1. Aug. 2017.
Hey folks we will see diablo 4 somewhere in 2021 ..
l2ave on 1. Aug. 2017.
@Rhykker I am runner up. LUL
ButtPirate on 1. Aug. 2017.
I really hope they actually make a D4 and this isn't all misinterpreted nonsense. I would love another Diablo with the polish that Blizzard puts into their games, however, I want them to take a look at Path of Exile. That game translated the D2 formula into 3D fairly well, something Diablo 3 didn't seem to even try to do. And as much as I like PoE, I really want Blizzard to take another stab at it and do it right this time. D3 isn't bad, but it was disappointing from a big fan of the first 2 games and them saying they couldn't make it similar due to engine differences holds no water at this point. Because PoE did it.
notrix on 1. Aug. 2017.
rhykker you should make separate videos for D and OW, it's just a bad idea to combine them and i understand why you do it...
Joe Cronin Show on 1. Aug. 2017.
Congrats on people getting the act 4 goblin spawn nerfed because we had to make videos on it.... Good job Fuckin idiots