WoW Classic Rogue Tale : TDP

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Chris Nale on 17. Dec. 2017.
i cant believe how angry this story made me ...
Kratatch on 14. Dec. 2017.
Rogue had 2 purposes. 1. Wpvp. 2. Farming materials (Mining/herbalism)
Brian Cates on 12. Dec. 2017.
I wouldnt have even seen if it dropped. I wouldve /quit the instant that officer logged onto his rogue
muffemod on 12. Dec. 2017.
what does it mean TDP?
Undertanker Video on 12. Dec. 2017.
CHT is Domo Chest.
RageJ on 12. Dec. 2017.
Raiding 31/8/12 seal fate in MC was fuckin abject misery. You never had enough energy to do anything except keep SnD up and maybe a 3 point rupture which still out damage evis because evis was fixed damage that didn't scale with anything. Not to mention getting enough hit on your gear to make it so you're actually able to take advantage of your white damage felt impossible and on top of that being melee was terrible since everything cleaved, and their cleaves cleaved and those cleaves death coiled.
tkdwar76 on 12. Dec. 2017.
I experienced this kind of bastarderie in Dragon Soul. Got recruited on my resto Druid because they were in dire need of a decent healer. Steamed through the first 2 bosses before I saw any loot and then it was passed to one of the officer healers because “officers put in extra time and effort”. It really pissed me off because all the officers were SO bad. It continued all the way through, and I was g kicked after only 6 weeks because I rose the issue with the GM. It had a silver lining though; I ended up in a guild who got server first madness, so meh.
Ian-Devon Lewis on 11. Dec. 2017.
That guild master sounds like Exousia-Greymane's original guild master; Kallozar. Whose guild rank was called, Purple Eater. lol Granted the guild was pretty bleeding edge for their time going into TBC.
TimmyTechTV on 11. Dec. 2017.
<3 TDP
Anony mouse on 11. Dec. 2017.
My Warrior and Pally eat rogues
equipbasicsword on 11. Dec. 2017.
Man, I would totally told the guild right there and then, if we need the additional healing, you go back onto your Priest, or I'm out as well and then you're two healers down. Take your pick. However, I do hope that the people who did this watch this video so they can see what a colossal cunt they were (are).
Molivos on 11. Dec. 2017.
Edit nevermind I was wrong, disregard this comment!
Smiding on 11. Dec. 2017.
TL DR: @20:43
Flameroller, Pale Shitlord of the Cis on 11. Dec. 2017.
I had a similar situation happen to me. I was raiding in BC on my holy paladin and I was hands down the best healer. I went into gruul's lair, my first time I might add and I'm outhealing this other fuckin paladin while wearing worse gear. I had the level 68 blue plate healer shoulders from steam vaults on and the fucking healer plate shoulders from gruul drops. They gave them to that asshole even though he was wearing season fucking 2 epic shoulders! For those who don't know, those were considered BETTER than the drop from gruul, because they had more crit and holy paladins needed a good chunk of crit. I was definitely not appreciated and also left the guild shortly after. They couldn't even fucking clear SSC anyway.
falconsrage on 11. Dec. 2017.
I dont even know why people get upset with the story.. haha literally half the guilds out there right now are a bunch of elitist loot-hugging mofos.. and they usually have some core of real life friends that run everything as they see fit...
kevin timperley on 11. Dec. 2017.
I was in a husband and wife run guild once, they had a guild meeting one night berating everyone, even the casuals got smacked around, needless to say a good 20-25 people quit right away, GM was a bitch. To this day they are still a guild on my server with 200 members ( this was during wrath)
william cortes poppe de carvalho on 10. Dec. 2017.
You think your rogue name is edgy preach? My goblin rogue is actually named edgy because i though that meant small blade
Avipt on 10. Dec. 2017.
tbh every class in vanilla PvE is pretty much 1 or 2 buttons spaming :P
Narboots Oner on 10. Dec. 2017.
A hunter took my Core Hound Tooth and gquit right after getting it...
randomguys2 on 10. Dec. 2017.
You're probably thinking Pertition's blade from Ragnaros, the Core hound tooth is a random dropp in MC apparently :) Story is fucking infuriating though, I would have left the moment the guy logged his rogue. That fucking second I am gone.
Matty McGoo on 10. Dec. 2017.
back them you couldent just leave a gild
Yodakohl 2.0 on 10. Dec. 2017.
Husband and wife guild = OH NOOOOOOO! :D
Brian Miller on 10. Dec. 2017.
so glad that personal loot is a thing i will never raid with it turned off because of shit like that
mncrimsondog on 10. Dec. 2017.
Dumb question, but around 2:45 Preach mentioned/said if you remember I did something bad to my first guild. Is there a specific video he discusses this/link to video? Or could someone briefly explain what happened?
Ragzz1234 on 10. Dec. 2017.
anyone know which realm it was on?
Magicmano on 10. Dec. 2017.
"They were Tyrannical" while doing a key with tyrannical on it. lul Also the game chosen in the description, good meme
Luke Ayling on 10. Dec. 2017.
Please do more of these!
Zent Gaming on 9. Dec. 2017.
you're a better man than I preach...I would have been out for blood if they pulled that crap
Jon Vadmand on 9. Dec. 2017.
Love the storytime, thanks
MegaCocacolafan on 9. Dec. 2017.
In one of the storytime videos preach talked about the rogue and his guild. In BC he stole quite a few of his members to form some "realm first guild" that preach thought was going to be a thing. The rogue messaged him why, after all I've done for you. Mike told him to fuck himself. Incase anyone wanted justice on that.
Killval on 9. Dec. 2017.
What does TDP even stand for?
Mike scott on 9. Dec. 2017.
This format is shit!, play the game or tell the story. 10 min sweet story ,that could have had impact and great hilarious moments was destroyed by being distracted. all the stories moments was cancelled when the game was more important then telling a interesting story .
MrJustinArt on 9. Dec. 2017.
That's why I don't main a rogue. It does things to people.
MrBorgeus Borg on 9. Dec. 2017.
Not wanting to give gear to a trial I can understand. The fear of "gearing up a player that doesn't raid with us in 1 month". However. "my alt needs it more than any main" is just stupid. No wonder the GM was fully set geared, they took it all for themself. No sharing, no "what's best for the guild". Just selfless bullshit.
kubasniak on 9. Dec. 2017.
I will never forget the guild "Altercation" I joined on Burning Legion in WOTLK in ICC to heal. So basically my first raid, we killed the 2nd or 3rd boss that you go on elevator after to Saurfang and the ring dropped. Nobody needed it and I was a trial. They disenchanted the upgrade for me. They preferred disenchanting, they did not want my gold for the material even than give it to me. I quit after that raid lol. Fucking bastard with retarded guild master.
DawnCrusader4213 on 9. Dec. 2017.
Ahhhh the good old communism guilds
Marko Cirkveni on 9. Dec. 2017.
Conspiracies, Mike. Conspiracies everywhere. That was vanilla in a nutshell.
adam lane on 9. Dec. 2017.
That reminds me of a guild I was in back in the day that used DKP and the way they used it was they could win a piece of gear for offspec over someone else's main spec.They didn't care one bit about the raid group as a whole it was all about how much loot they could get for themselves.It is the one thing above everything else I can't stand in wow.Greed!Everyone deserves a chance at loot in my opinion.No one is special we are all equal in this game.Thanks for sharing this story with us.Its interesting to see how people act online just shows what kind of person they really are.
Ryan W on 9. Dec. 2017.
Game 'Rogue: 1980' wtf
Richard Jones on 9. Dec. 2017.
those kinds of guilds never kill end game, and if they do it's either after severe nerfs or it's stupidly easy content like dragon soul... sorry i mean antorus.
Moonbrony on 9. Dec. 2017.
So many rogues are played by idiots, like DKs. Ninja pulls? Nearly always a rogue. Inability to even spell the name of your class? Definitely a rogue. Or 'rouge' if you actually play a rogue.
Unlimited Power on 9. Dec. 2017.
Here’s the reality of playing a rogue in classic: You will be more often than other classes the highest dps class in a raid. That doesn’t mean YOU will be highest dps individually because there will be 8 rogues (1/5 of the entire damn raid, at least). Competition for gear is tight and, in my experience, unless you get to know other guildies through 5 mans or hanging on discord, nobody cares about the rogues or bothers to remember their names. Outside of the suppression room in BWL, they never do anything other than straight DPS. You never have to acknowledge a rogue for doing anything special in an entire MC run where almost everybody else has something to offer that the raid leader(s) will be aware of people of other classes as they will have more opportunities to stand out. You will PvP great and have great dps, but it’s hard to have any identity on a rogue as one of eight yellow names in the raid UI. And if you remotely feel like you’re going to get tired of the play style (spam p
MihaZ on 9. Dec. 2017.
That policy is stupid af. I was class officer and I made sure all my guys were geared before I was. At some point, they were all passing on gear even though they needed because they were happy that I would get it and knew I wouldn't roll on it. That's what I call team spirit and we all played toguether from December 2004 up to 2009. Best time I ever had in a video game because of these wonderful people.
layton thompson on 9. Dec. 2017.
Random question. Is that dBm? Or bigwigs?
Goose Bottle on 9. Dec. 2017.
game: rogue 1980 lmao youtube
Michael Pimentel on 9. Dec. 2017.
I feel like this entire time you are talking about the Perdition Blade?
Daniel Aminyah on 9. Dec. 2017.
Tell us who the guild is so we can expose them xD
Brekner Catalin on 9. Dec. 2017.
I'm quitting my guild this Tuesday. Been like 8 months or more since i joined and i can't say i bonded with any of the members, and i gotta say EPGP with titanforging and 5 other hunters in the raid and 2-3 shamans and 2 warriors...and 2 monks...yeah....
Flakey Jake on 9. Dec. 2017.
I played a Hunter and they seemed to be the rock to a Rouges scissors because i just butchered the fools every time, all this Rogue fear meant nothing to me on Vanilla. Dont trinket the Cheap shot, wait and trinket the Kidney shot then Hunters mark FD/Frost trap and begin the rape. Also would pwn Rogues for DPS and we had some great ones, its a shame so many huntards out there have given the class a mediocre reputation at best.
zap branigan on 9. Dec. 2017.
Jesus preach, ive never seen a talent like yours to tell a 4 min story in 21 mins