WoW: Legion in 2018 - Is It Worth YOU Returning OR Joining?

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Geezer Warrior on 11. Apr. 2018.
Nice vid. Curious, I have not played WoW in many, many years I was wondering if some dynamics from back then are still lurking about? 1) Pet Bombs 2) Funeral Raids 3) Reckoning Bombs (They can stack without limit and then you could detonate ALL of them at once) 4) Death By Summoning (Character summoned to a raid falls to their death when the summoner positions the portal inches from a cliff) 5) Corrupted Blood (Pets infected are released into the general population spreading the disease) 6)Get Kazzak'd (Lure Kazzak into a city and he wreaks havoc on the world) Anyone remember these and other surprises from back then? Battle On!
RetributionAngel on 11. Apr. 2018.
After 2 weeks you have seen everything. Then your just grinding the same content for little upgrades. PVP and Raiding has super long Que Times. 15mins upwards. End content is only about daily grinds.
Pierre-Luc Asselin on 9. Apr. 2018.
WoW may not be dead but it is dead to me, let it die a noble death. Damn game is 14 years old, time to move on folks.
riverw007 on 6. Apr. 2018.
I have always bought one expansion and skipped one. That's always been good to keep me from being burned out. I skipped legion so I guess I will probably play the next one coming out.
BearM07 on 6. Apr. 2018.
World of Warcraft is always worth playing/returning to, the main reason is that there is no game that can actually contend with it it is by far the best mmorpg out there
Darrel C on 5. Apr. 2018.
After watching this video, I'm going back to Everquest 2. WoW was fun for around 5 years, and still looks boring.
Alex Mercer on 3. Apr. 2018.
Still holding out hope the alliance might get High Elves one day. But between Void and gold Blood Elves, it's looking less and less likely all the time.
Luke Bradshaw on 3. Apr. 2018.
Not played wow since wrath of lich king. Played hard-core TBC 4/6 pre nerf sunwell, 6/6 after. Vanilla I was mainly leveling the whole time. Seemed to take months and months to get from 1 to 60. Sometimes weeks just for a level or two. But that's why I loved it. The grind and mystery of what happens next. Vanilla wasn't hard. It was just the fact 90% of people didn't have a clue what we was doing. It was a brand new game and we was all terrible at it but it was so fun. Game mechanics now are probably much harder but players are also allot better now. It was all about the grind back then and having a laugh with your guild. 14 years is a long time to play a game. I was 12/13 when I was playing. Am now 25 with 2 kids and a house. One thing is for sure Wow will always be important for me. Learnt me to grind and work hard for what I want (jobs, money, love).
8419teejay on 1. Apr. 2018.
I just got back in and didn't realize how much I missed playing a druid . Thanks for your videos, you and others on YouTube definitely help with all the great info to get caught up and back in to the swing of things! Definitely subbed.
Ziek on 30. Mar. 2018.
From someone who hasn't played wow at all, what?
Tiaam Majzoubi on 30. Mar. 2018.
Wait is it out yet?
Mavidyatunes on 29. Mar. 2018.
mr cat on 28. Mar. 2018.
i played for 10 mins and nearly threw up. didn't load it up again.
Raemin on 28. Mar. 2018.
I wanted to start the game but game isn't what it used to be. It has progressed so far and all the newbie areas are probably dead. If there are some hard content that needs party i probably wouldn't find anyone to party up . If every player that plays wow starts over on fresh server than i would start. Otherwise it feels too overhelming to start now.
Jonathan wetter on 27. Mar. 2018.
Nope all there is is leveling max level everything is scaled all u can do is mythic dungeons raids and pvp with scaled gear nothing matters anymore I don’t hate wow ... but wow isn’t wow anymore I came back for 1 month and I’m bored waste 12 days of my sub cause it’s boring same thing ...
Annomaster3 on 26. Mar. 2018.
Is the game worth playing ? I never played it but I wanna start playing a QUALITY MMORPG, Is there a monthly fee ?
brassyjazzful on 26. Mar. 2018.
I can't seem to post on the forums because my membership discontinued a while ago... is this game worth playing still? I stopped playing in 8/2016 towards the and of Warlords of Draenor
thecanadianwill on 26. Mar. 2018.
I'm just not coming back because BFA looks like total shit with nothing new to offer other then zones and classes with extreme micro thx
Dazboot Mcbooterson on 23. Mar. 2018.
He just said M+ will always be's not relevant right now.
Mladi Vid on 23. Mar. 2018.
thanks for the video. explained the topic i was researching for days
holyfingshit on 22. Mar. 2018.
I just started playing again, last time was 2 years ago, I'm trying to level my druid through draenor and the damage and survivability is really low, in all specs, is it just a druid thing or a draenor thing or does dps pickup in legion content?
Georgi D. on 21. Mar. 2018.
Worth it or not..I am downloading the game while watching this video.Btw haven't play wow since cataclysm,so it's gonna be a bit shocking for me anyway.What's your opinion guys about DM's is worth playing it for 2's and 3's or I should stick with my rogue (main) ?
Karel Box on 21. Mar. 2018.
Play it! I feel alone being new to the game
Karel Box on 21. Mar. 2018.
Play it!
Tom Watson on 19. Mar. 2018.
Checked out those class mounts because you mentioned them a few times. How badly did us Paladins (and Warlocks) get shafted? ANOTHER horse?! Are you serious. Shamans got a big boy elemental, warriors got a proto drake! And that priest owl things... wow that was so sick
ragingpower80 on 19. Mar. 2018.
Nope, not worth
Nemo Karamachi on 18. Mar. 2018.
Lol exactly the vid I needed
KADAMASOUL on 18. Mar. 2018.
Ie: It still sucks. Everything is easier.
xEthqs on 17. Mar. 2018.
Wait I’ve been away from any wow news for months are new races out now?
Lom zo on 16. Mar. 2018.
Is that gw2 UI
kabztunes on 16. Mar. 2018.
Good video cheers man. I'll wait 'till the BFA pre-patch
Jonathan Miskelley on 11. Mar. 2018.
Wow you really blasted through this, everything takes a hell of a lot longer if your just coming back, because you won't have flying unlocked like me, I only had 2 lvl 100 characters and it took me 2 days to get to 110 and I'm still grinding rep for flying a week later.
Zack Neff on 11. Mar. 2018.
Why Grind for Artifact power and Appearances When come next Xpack we arnt even gonna have our artifact weapons?
muffemod on 11. Mar. 2018.
Left out a bunch of filler content on that patch timeline.
Ben Richards on 11. Mar. 2018.
Your video seemed tempting enough to have a look at returning (I left at... um... Uldum, I think it was called? Some titan dungeon that was so frustrating to heal for they made me quit. IIRC that was ~2/3 through Wrath of the Lich King). I got as far as seeing the prices at the store page. Whereupon I literally laughed out loud and closed the page. Of course i'm not paying that sort of premium price for that sort of budget and retro content, they're nuts.
SKMC69 on 10. Mar. 2018.
Unsubbed to save some money. Nothing to do if you played the Exp out. The DEAD zones between Expansions is ridiculous. of course I'll be back for BFA...duh !
Sbiaw on 9. Mar. 2018.
Clear the spiders there is like 30 of them
Criss Winchester on 9. Mar. 2018.
Relics are fast to get? I call BS, the Argus world quests only prioritise relics reward world quests when you already have relics of a certain item level. So, if you are expecting to get relics when you have no relics or have blue, or low ilevel relics(below 840), it will take some times. It will spawn more often once you get your hands on relics of epic quality of ilevel higher than 865+. Did it on 10 characters, saw the same results on all 10 characters!!!
ClawsofUrsoc on 8. Mar. 2018.
I'm thinking about joining the game... But I don't know what faction, race, or class I would play... It all sounds so confusing aha! I liked WC3 though, that game was my childhood. I still remember when my dad came home.with the game and I got to try it on his laptop lol... Good times.
Jeremy T on 8. Mar. 2018.
To be completely honest I started watching wow stuff again because of the interest in vanilla. Seeing this stuff now it;s just more of a reason to stay away until Vanilla comes back. You can keep the garbage i'm seeing now. What a piece of crap this game turned into. So looking forward to Vanilla again.
Timendeavor on 8. Mar. 2018.
What addon's is he using here? - Specifically im interested in the UI add-ons being shown :D Really like the video, will be resubbing soon for those mage towers. Any reply is appreciated, Thanks
Yasai Picles on 7. Mar. 2018.
legion started off so good and ended up being a cluster fuck of things.. I played the beginning extensively, then came back 4 months later and a single quest got me more Artifact Power than I got in 3 months of grinding. Total mood killer, this game just doesn't seem like its worth it anymore as they keep fucking over progression making it a worthless experience.
Irina Serban on 7. Mar. 2018.
Quit a month ago. Only coming back about a month before BFA releases. Really no point in playing right now.
TwiIightWyvern on 7. Mar. 2018.
I actually kinda got convinced to try Legion again by the 7 free days they handed out a month or so ago. Just did a WoW token with my in-game gold over the weekend and been grinding away at it again and strangely not bored yet. I already accomplished my primary goal of getting Legion flying finally, now working on the Allied Races reps and getting some Argus gear for both my Horde and Alliance mains in the process. Definitely want to get the Mage tower skins for my druids before they go away forever. Getting the rest of my alts to 110 to try to make enough bank to do WoW tokens and not go broke, hopefully. ... and then they go and reveal the Zandalari dino druids and I've lost the desire to keep leveling my 104 Tauren. :(
Snoozing Slowpoke on 7. Mar. 2018.
Really found this helpful but here's my problem I play GW2 and after the graphics and the simplicity of it I want something like it but can't find anything please help me Thanks in advance
Sonicgott on 7. Mar. 2018.
I've got quite a bit of WoW burnout at the moment. The $15/mo doesn't bother me since I have a stable job, but I do feel a bit "ehh," after buying the expansion, and then not really wanting to play.
gtnogme on 7. Mar. 2018.
Haven't played in over four years. Transferred with friends and guild before leaving I now have all the classes at the time 85, but on 3 different servers. Don't know if I would have to relevel alts again with some that have vanilla pvp titles. The new level scaling looks very interesting and would like to catch back up on the story.
zawarudo on 7. Mar. 2018.
If you've ever wondered what your class would be like if it were boiled down to three buttons you will love Legion.
curtis on 7. Mar. 2018.
Is it worth gearing alts or is the bfa beginning gear just gonna out rank high item level gear from legion
TGS WHITECHAPEL on 7. Mar. 2018.
where can i get t22 gear highest ive gotten is t21