WoW Stories: Stranglethorn Vale

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P.E.P.P. on 2. Oct. 2017.
They should put hemit nesingwary in Heroes of the storm
Mankong100 on 26. Sep. 2017.
Go to the Blasted Lands!
nateyj11 on 25. Sep. 2017.
I remember with the Gurubashi arena my friends warlock summoned me into it, then kicked me from the group and ganked me.
Norbi77 on 25. Sep. 2017.
Of course "so many good times". Vanilla was the golden age of MMORPGs and one of the best games ever created. It was the best times of my gaming life and I haven't felt the same way about any other game since then. And it's not just nostalgia... I'm trying to like other games and I try to like retail wow and resub but I always end up canceling and I enjoy playing on a vanilla server more. It's just a better MMORPG.
Corlwow on 23. Sep. 2017.
ZG island is prob gone cause Rastakhan is an enemy now. In fact, thinking bout it, ZG island was prob the island where the patch 4.1 trailer took place? But maybe it was just a random island cause cataclysm had alr happened then but it's cool in my head XP.
Kharos on 22. Sep. 2017.
eastern and western plaguelands are my best areas from vanilla wow =) had so many good experiences, bloody skulls on the floor upon clicking on them summoning a few 60 elites that i died from.. that was cool man =D
Jesselawls on 22. Sep. 2017.
Who makes his channel art
Wyr3d on 22. Sep. 2017.
Those of you wondering what on earth he's talking about - he means "sinew" (should be pronounced sin-you) Pretty sure you still die in the whirlpool Which kinda sucks if you've come from Darkshore, where there's another whirlpool you can jump into, and survive and there's a hidden quest/achievement. I remember having to collect a billion pages of that damned book just to find one in particular. An the AH full of pages lol. Now you only need to find a couple :/ Fishing tournies are officially "on hiatus" Island got killed in Cataclysm: - my guess is it as a tidal wave :P
Vasaru on 22. Sep. 2017.
You have unspent Talent points.
Darryl Williams on 22. Sep. 2017.
blizz give us vanilla wow you cucks
George Preda on 22. Sep. 2017.
OMG you're fkin anoying with that "aaaam" and i'm at 1:20
Pirate Bina on 22. Sep. 2017.
My favorite Stranglethorn memory was watching my brother (who was 20 levels ahead of me on both our first toons) get his first mount ever in early Vanilla. He made me watch him run on foot from Darkshire to Booty Bay, then was like, "Now watch how LIGHTNING FAST this is on my mount!" and ran the entire way back. I watched the entire thing, genuinely amazed. He was moving SO FREAKING FAST. It wasn't even an epic mount.
BottledDelusion on 22. Sep. 2017.
How are Goblins supposed to fix Boot Bay when they are constantly being killed by players.
Jan Anders Langaker on 21. Sep. 2017.
When is the Orc vs Wild of everyones favourite invasion point Naigtal coming crendor?
Acegro on 21. Sep. 2017.
You have unspent talent points
Salena Budgett on 21. Sep. 2017.
It would be fun to bring back Boar Thrills have him survive the Broken Isles and Argus. I loved the series!
Noobie2k7 on 21. Sep. 2017.
Do Orc vs Wild: Grizzly Hills
Kaos Lord on 21. Sep. 2017.
I would like to see more Orc Vs Wild, but in places like Ungoro Crater, or Shalozar basin, perhaps the Krasarang Wilds, the timeless Isles might also be a fun place, for that matter a lot of the pandara zones would be good for that.
bornalive91 on 21. Sep. 2017.
I remember playing shingle horn one of my buddies in cataclysm told me I should jump the swirling pool of death will I went in there and I ended up dying no big deal so I ran over to my body to revive but then I realize I can't revive in that spot because of that I so he told me to send me a GM ticket cuz I was stuck there I spent a good 20 minutes just sitting there waiting for a ticket to get answered only to realize I could just revived at a graveyard...
Grimbooze 7 on 21. Sep. 2017.
By far my favorite zone, tons of memories
Moonis on 21. Sep. 2017.
You have unspent Talent points.
Demha96 on 21. Sep. 2017.
you have unspent talent points.
Maple Chan on 21. Sep. 2017.
3:30 The Goblins haven't repaired it because nobody's paying them enough!
Solomon Boukai on 21. Sep. 2017.
Thank you for the nostalgia. Leveling in STV on a pvp server was a nightmare. I still have good memories of that zone though.
iCresp on 21. Sep. 2017.
I spent wayyy too long in vanilla. Many crocolisks claimed my life in the rivers. I remember seeing my brother playing and he called me over in amazement, it was when weather used to be something, and it was raining so heavily you couldnt see more than a few meters in front of yourself. Good times.
SuperKingclay on 21. Sep. 2017.
IT'S A CONSPIRACY! If there is one thing the goblins know, it's that time is money (friend)!!! Therefore, the goblins have been stretching out their repair times for years to stretch out their income! The more time they waste, the more money they make!
Insert Name Here on 21. Sep. 2017.
Crendor trying to pronounce the word "sinew" is giving me a brain aneurysm
notgoingto usemyrealname on 21. Sep. 2017.
i love these rant videos!!!
mulkytool on 21. Sep. 2017.
All we had to do was collect the 8 gorilla sinew's CJ..... Also I remember hiding in the basement of that zeplin and then coming upstairs and killing horde, then hiding in the basement again, repeat for a couple hours.
drawing_bored on 21. Sep. 2017.
good ol myndflame...It's this way, I'm 100% certain
Epic Always on 21. Sep. 2017.
Crendor, why is your rain so great xD is that a STV thing or a setting?
Matt Darko on 21. Sep. 2017.
Jesus Christ my OCD is goign ape shit over the pop up for the talents ;_; I CANT WATCH THE VIDEO ONLY LISTEN ;_;
Lurtz Uruk on 21. Sep. 2017.
Probably my favorite zone
Sandro on 21. Sep. 2017.
My feelings towards Stranglethorn are mixed. In vanilla it was a dangerous place where you were almost guaranteed to get killed by a higher level player and it was filled with tedious and dangerous quests that put you in the middle of a lot of beasts where you can't run away easily. The arena in the center was a death sentence if you even went near it. The worst part was that you pretty much HAD to go to STV to level up to a certain point around level 30 or so and therefore it was a prime area for gankers since there would ALWAYS be vulnerable targets there. There just wasn't any other place to get those few crucial levels. To be honest most of my memories of STV are negative. Filled with irritating deaths and looking for Nesingwary's stupid pages for his stupid book. Still there was a certain atmosphere to the zone that was entirely unique. The jungle and the music are well made and it was very immersive. I did eventually manage to win the fishing contest on the pvp server. It was o
Zeth Palmer on 20. Sep. 2017.
Like the series Crendor. More stories pls. <3
jean maillard on 20. Sep. 2017.
of course stranglethorrn is the most nostalgic place since it got changed the less
Nitro2200 on 20. Sep. 2017.
I remember trying to quest in Stranglethorn Vale and I kept getting ganked by an undead rogue and him dancing on my corpse. He later whispered me "Get Good noob"
Xintho on 20. Sep. 2017.
Crendor, the fishing tournament was added back in a few months ago. It was broken for quite some time now. It's cross realm but I believe the first 100 people or so still get counted as winning so it's not quite as crazy as it once was. Maybe that's because I'm a druid and have movement a little bit easier than most classes though.
Bisquits McKenzie on 20. Sep. 2017.
I miss when crendor said "theeya" instead of "seeya"
Puffycheeks on 20. Sep. 2017.
I am going to put a Crendor Easter Egg in a Booty Bay VR experience.
Mochachocakon on 20. Sep. 2017.
Stranglethorn is/was the zone I dreaded unless I was a rogue/druid/hunter on PvP servers. I tried my best to stay away but you would eventually run out of quests in Desolace and Shimmering Flats that you had to come there. The mobs in the southern area hit really hard, and the ganking was insane in the northern region. It was a clusterfuck but it was pretty fun when you formed "Protection groups" where you quested together not because the quests were difficult, but to just watch each other's backs for ganks. Also, you're forgetting about the Troll tusk or beads or whatever quest on the North-west which also had a lot of grinding, but thankfully you had like, 2-3 other quests to go along with it.
Captain on 20. Sep. 2017.
Next episode: Stormwind/Elwynn Forest
BadEndings on 20. Sep. 2017.
it took 14 min and 30 seconds to get rid of the unspent talent points tooltip. 14:30
Petrizzo1467 on 20. Sep. 2017.
Keep up the good work man :D Can we get a "How to Win at Leveling"
Dadaph on 20. Sep. 2017.
Human Paladin in Vanilla, and I do remember Stranglethorn. Had a love-hate relationship with the zone. Loved the pirates and trolls and stuff, hated the green hills. But hated in a good way. It's a wonderful zone. Would be fun to remember the original Alterac Valley. I remember queueing for 10 hours for that the day battlegrounds launched, just to discover my place in the queue was somehow bugged. My friends who queued after me got in after only 6 hours.
Nicholas Ledwith on 20. Sep. 2017.
Tirisfal Glades
Dino on 20. Sep. 2017.
One of my first memories of WoW was also in Stranglethorn. I remember being like a level 2 wandering around the world, flew with the zeppelin to Stranglethorn, randomly jumped off midair and fell in the middle of level 30 crocs. The only thing I remember after that was a Spirit Healer and a huge damn jungle.
PoPeyePro on 20. Sep. 2017.
when you said "dude" @2:55 it sounded exactly the same as when LA Turtle says "dude" in his videos
Mike Rotch on 20. Sep. 2017.
I'm so surprised Crendor watches his DPS. You have unspent talents BTW.
A Yount on 20. Sep. 2017.
Lol sinoo. Sinew, sin-you.