You are luckier than you think in overwatch....

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ARabidBadger on 4. Jul. 2017.
Reins hammer is bugged, the hit detection works as wells as Ragtagg's eyesight.
Charlie on 4. Jul. 2017.
lol rein in 2k17
David Lewis on 4. Jul. 2017.
i use this definition of luck, minus the idea that luck has anything more than a minimal effect on how successful a strategy is. if you plan for something to work, and some bullshit accident happens in where the other guy is lucky, like you were here, i say that is bad luck on my part. if i die because i was in a bad position, or because i failed to successfully predict the outcome of a fight, my incompetence is more to blame than my luck, but when i go up against top 500 in 1v1, and am given the options of genji, widow, or hanzo, that is fucking luck, and i don't care what you think about it, any random quantity is governed by luck, and if i can't control it, then it is my bad luck that it happened.
BIG WELD on 4. Jul. 2017.
today I killed pharah 3 times in one match just with blind fire-strikes as rein.
Curry on 4. Jul. 2017.
You're a massive cunt.
TRiCKZ on 4. Jul. 2017.
congrats on 100k FUCK HANZO
namcon555 on 4. Jul. 2017.
Every time you're lucky, its because the enemy is overextended/out of position. Sure getting the kill is partly luck, but it's mostly punishing the enemy for being out of position. Literally every 'lucky' moment you had was the enemy making a mistake.
Ollie Topps on 4. Jul. 2017.
luckiest moment in overwatch for me has to be defending first point hanamura I fire striked a junkrat anticipating that he was gonna land on high ground. what I did not anticipate was him ulting right as he landed so I ended up knocking out his health and destroying his ulti right as he was casting it.
Volt Egyszer on 4. Jul. 2017.
c'mon man, you should continue that song in the end of the video...that was f.cking awsome
Jillian Harte on 4. Jul. 2017.
Don't tell me how lucky I am RagTagg I rolled 4/5 fails on 90% chance to disarm in Darkest Dungeons today.
x1234JeMaIsHierx on 4. Jul. 2017.
that preview of the song was just lit!
Slurm its highly addictive on 4. Jul. 2017.
I get so damn lucky as hanzo, I have maybe 3 games with him and everytime I play him I do quite well. like you dont even really just shoot a arrow in that Mccree's general direction and you'll get a headshot.
Kelsey Neale on 4. Jul. 2017.
Congrats on 100k subs, fully deserved. May your subscriber count and SR keep climbing.
sharv88 on 4. Jul. 2017.
I went to hook a in-front of me, it RNG'd to the junkrat behind her :D, I got lucky cause I can't stand seeing Junkrats in Comp!
Pharaoh Horus on 4. Jul. 2017.
Man I'm sorry but I have to sub to you. Your content is just a breath of fresh air compared to the other cliche Overwatch YouTubers.
Soldier 76 on 4. Jul. 2017.
Here's how lucky I am: I had not 1, not 2, but 3 Hanzo mains on my team. I was one or two games away from diamond and these 3 cunts were all arguing about playing Hanzo for the WHOOOOOOLE GAME! So, the guy who picked Hanzo was happy. But the other two cunts picked symmetra and Torbjorn and threw the game. I hate my life.....
THEatticmonster on 4. Jul. 2017.
I've realised that the game is pretty buggy lately, like abilities on my HUD literally disappearing or when I'm pressing buttons nothing is happening, that or it does that thing street fighter used to do and purposely not let your combos work
Juha Lähde on 4. Jul. 2017.
That song is now officially the genji main anthem
TheMadYetti on 4. Jul. 2017.
100k?? wow, nice :D I guess all aholes complaining about cursing, or singing etc.... yeah, forget about them and do your thing cause its good :)
Nick Gur on 4. Jul. 2017.
I don't think a team kill with junkrat is a chance at luck
R3boot 7tea7 on 4. Jul. 2017.
fucking great Content Mr tag love your vids
EGRACOOP on 4. Jul. 2017.
That's not a luck this is how the hero abilities works
paciulook on 4. Jul. 2017.
why no 60 fps videos u cunt
Ben Booth on 4. Jul. 2017.
I love this video it's a really great thing, keep up the good work u cunt
FateValkyrie on 4. Jul. 2017.
luck? I call it fate, fated to eat a ragtag firestrike to the arse. Now that's what I call a hot donkey!
n4rzul on 4. Jul. 2017.
The more I practise the luckier I get - Garry Player
Papa Ducknips on 4. Jul. 2017.
I have the worst luck, if a Rein charges you can be garunteed that it will hit me, I won't be the target, sometimes they won't know I'm even there, but they'll hit me. It's like I have a magnet shoved up my arse that attracts his armour to me.
jojoprins on 4. Jul. 2017.
holy fuck reinhard is broken.
TJ's Legacy on 4. Jul. 2017.
Rag tagg keep being hilarious and I'll stay till the end of time
shadowdawg23 on 4. Jul. 2017.
Every helix rocket I have ever hit as Soldier has been lucky as fuck
Tristi on 4. Jul. 2017.
Congratz to 100k Rag Dadd
Garry on 4. Jul. 2017.
I got it now. Seagull is lucky in all his matches - ty Rag Tagg.
Dan McGrath on 4. Jul. 2017.
I feel so sorry for you and other rein mains. Fuck dive comp it's ridiculous :(
Chase Maupin on 4. Jul. 2017.
When I saw the thumbnail, I thought " Hanzo has been found guilty. Time for his punishment!"
Tamoeh Kings on 4. Jul. 2017.
I need this song in my life!!!
SHaskel on 4. Jul. 2017.
Hold on you're only in diamond? Even though this was a lucky match you're playing really good for your rank
DeathLurker on 4. Jul. 2017.
Congrats on 100K subscribers. The last time I checked, you were on 50K
Classy IRAQI on 4. Jul. 2017.
Younes Seriegh on 4. Jul. 2017.
congratz on 100k subs!
Kieran on 4. Jul. 2017.
I was playing as Pharah yesterday, the enemy rein charged at our team and our Junkrat mined him into the air and he charge killed me in the fucking air :|
ɗєʀєηɗєʀнυηтєʀ w on 4. Jul. 2017.
In every game im the one people get lucky against i always am really unlucky and it really doesnt help my morale and ofcourse then i tilt and then probably loose. For example people almost never miss pins against me and pin without seeing me and hit me or even kick away 2 of my teammates and then pin me or when i pin i kick away literaly everyone tho there is someone exactly in the middle of the pin but no, somehow they get kicked away and survive, its really frustrating.
cooltreecko on 4. Jul. 2017.
that song at the credits, do you have like a full version of that because that was genius XD
ArmouredLemming on 4. Jul. 2017.
Being in the right place at the right time tends to get those lucky moments cropping up far more frequently.
EndermanSniper on 4. Jul. 2017.
Ha lucky! What the fuck is that?....
tracephage on 4. Jul. 2017.
fucking rock god xD
ManiX207 on 4. Jul. 2017.
he luck as tracer .. YEP THAT SHOT WAS SO FUCKING CLOSE but thank god i didnt get hit
Elle R'hur on 4. Jul. 2017.
Mixu82 on 4. Jul. 2017.
I got 3 (mighta been 4) elims with one firestrike after being charged by Reinhardt. Talk about luck
ThatsTheBadger on 4. Jul. 2017.
fucking love you Ragtagg. if you were my uncle I'd defo let you touch me up.
Dorsh joins the drama Dorshified on 4. Jul. 2017.
Raggtagg You have got to stream