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lherrebout on 11. Aug. 2017.
In already triggered from the title.
Mr Bagel on 11. Aug. 2017.
In my 1st six packs I got 5 legends...
Ken H on 11. Aug. 2017.
I opened 6 legendaries in 80 packs. And one of them was golden!
Zabesho on 11. Aug. 2017.
Trump sponsort by blizzard and got his rates raised - confirmed :D Happy for you dude.
Jay Hanson on 11. Aug. 2017.
I guess I will have to take up Arena to enjoy this game. I cant really compete in standard anymore as a free to play player. There is so much past set synergy that I am lacking(especially where legendaries are concerned) that I might scrape rank 15 every month but that's pushing it...
Selfless Grape on 11. Aug. 2017.
This set, I decided to finally preorder. I got blood queen lanathel, deathstalker rexxar, and 4 cost prince. What the actual fuck blizzard
Santo Suarez on 11. Aug. 2017. - Video title!
David on 11. Aug. 2017.
guessed 9 cause i thought that was the new pity timer (1 in 10) guess i'm wrong it that, but guess was right for new packs =)
Cloudy Kun on 11. Aug. 2017.
I got 4 Legendary's from 36 packs. 0 IRL cash spent btw
Günther, ein Ritter des heiligen römischen Reiches on 11. Aug. 2017.
this used to be a darkest dungeon channel
Snowybird77 on 11. Aug. 2017.
62 packs. Thrall and a Lana'thel. Not even a Doomerang. Feelsbadman.
Rogoth01 The Master Wizard on 11. Aug. 2017.
ha, 2-3 legendaries in 50, i got 1 in 56, had to buy another 15 packs before i got my second one.
kinlopunim on 11. Aug. 2017.
wow...i had the exact same amount of cards and i only got 3 legendaries. 2 of the princes and the rogue deathknight. i don't even play rogue. 400 dust for a legendary is pitiful...
pizza dog on 11. Aug. 2017.
There should be a perk to running all the princes. battlecry: at the start of the game lose to agro.
MrTindervox on 11. Aug. 2017.
Who in the right mind spends money on packs besides HS Media... Either you are dedicated enough so you grind up and you don't actually need to buy them or you should not buy them because you won't be dedicated enough to play :|
DreYeon on 11. Aug. 2017.
2 leg. In 35 packs 4mana prince and arfus plus the DK hero card from the adventure. I got prist wich was the only one that i really didn't wanted :( can't even make new cool decks much :(((
Eric Lin on 11. Aug. 2017.
The first 3 free packs I got were insanse. Got rotface... hopin control warrior is okay
Keenankid11 on 11. Aug. 2017.
i think they have a wayyy higher legendary drop chance, i opened 11 packs and got 2 legendaries..... one of which was golden
Hayden Muhs on 11. Aug. 2017.
he said Lucksack...
McPokeman on 11. Aug. 2017.
I thought the title was gonna be sad and trump would get terrible luck again lol
Tribeking JR on 11. Aug. 2017.
Opens 10 packs, gets doomarang and sindragosa... nothing else
Innersoulwithinme on 11. Aug. 2017.
87 packs, 8 legandary, 18 epics, 94 rares ;)
tehtayziez on 11. Aug. 2017.
11:54 "Roolll credits"
Blob Dat on 11. Aug. 2017.
I opened Blood Queen Lana'thel in a pack and got the Gul'dan hero card from the prologue reward, I don't know whether to be happy of disappointed
SkyTimp on 11. Aug. 2017.
I didn't get a Legendary in my first 10 packs :/
Steve Dale on 11. Aug. 2017.
This so makes me believe the pro's get higher draw than the rest of us. Amaz got a shit ton in his packs. Trump gets crazy amounts. Reynad gets three in one pack. I opened them get one more than my guarantee in a 100 packs. All pros open on stream get a shit ton. I think it's rigged towards them
Monkey Gaming on 11. Aug. 2017.
It Felt Good, Didn't It Ricky on 11. Aug. 2017.
KFC Pack Opening!!! TriHard
H8er! on 11. Aug. 2017.
I got the lich King and a golden gul'dan from the 3 packs :)
Hokage696 on 11. Aug. 2017.
And i just got 3 of 56 Packs...
Velarana on 11. Aug. 2017.
got 3 in 18 packs lol
Dan B on 11. Aug. 2017.
I had 90 packs, i got only 2 legendaries....I guess i must be a very popular person to get more. Thanks Blizzard :)
Myztyrio on 11. Aug. 2017.
T H E L U C K S A C K (Normal people hate him)
bundung123 on 11. Aug. 2017.
99 packs and 5 legends S A D
dave reel on 11. Aug. 2017.
this is some blizzard BS. 1 legendary every 10 packs on average. i smell streamwatchers bait! 5 legendary in 110 packs vs 9 in 90 packs...hmm and another 2 legendary out of 26 packs. yeah Blizzard smells foul to me...has been so for a long time now.
theXAKARI on 11. Aug. 2017.
jens makes me glad I DON'T watch trump live
G Snyder on 11. Aug. 2017.
I opened my 3 free packs and got Lich King and Deathstalker Rexxar FeelsGoodMan
Cory860 on 11. Aug. 2017.
Hmmm looks like Trump and Blizzard are collaborating a little more than usual ;)
energigamer on 11. Aug. 2017.
i opend 67 packs got 3....3!!!!!!....
Devin Ross on 11. Aug. 2017.
So if I open 10 unguro packs am I guaranteed a lengendary because of the new rule or is it only kotf packs?
Sawai The gamer Godess on 11. Aug. 2017.
Try Control warlock, play jarraxus then after play Bloodreaver Guldan. I probably was the worldfirst to pull of that insane Combo. #MakeControlWarlockGreatAgain
raynaldo arlen k.eman on 11. Aug. 2017.
i got 5 lengen 3 from frozen throne 1 from ungoro, 1 from gadzestan
OrderMan on 11. Aug. 2017.
I got from 43 packs
SaphG1 on 11. Aug. 2017.
9 legendary for 90 packs and then the nerve to get more legendary cards in the bonus round, so lucky!
Klaymen on 11. Aug. 2017.
Could someone let me know what the ending theme/song is called?
Энрике Йэепере on 11. Aug. 2017.
0.58-was that music from Samurai Jack?
Piotr Kuraszkiewicz on 11. Aug. 2017.
In the meantime, I get 1 legend in 34 packs..... where is Justice :/
Tyler Murrow on 11. Aug. 2017.
I'm pretty sure blizzard messed up the code and the guaranteed legendary in the first ten packs actually changed the ratio to 1:10
Lutina Wolfenstien on 11. Aug. 2017.
I opened 92 packs and got 9 legendary cards my friend open 124 got 6 legendary cards. He was a little salty
Tyler Wolff on 11. Aug. 2017.
I got Lich King on my first free pack.