Zenyatta, DVA, McCree BUFFS & MORE! (Overwatch) July 2016 Patch Details

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Nevoy Gnome on 14. Jul. 2016.
LeAve names for xbox to squad
Wooper on 14. Jul. 2016.
As a Mercy/D.Va Mainer; I couldn't be anymore happier...irked me that D.va dies by her own mechs
Iamthe0c3an kooldude_377 on 14. Jul. 2016.
So soldier is csgo now
Jason Ramirez on 14. Jul. 2016.
D.V.A Should get damaged by her mech , its her fault for being in the same radius that just makes it easier for her to continue non stop fighting while her mech explodes
CurvingFyre “Talos” on 14. Jul. 2016.
lets just agree that NO-ONE should have less than 200 health. no-one should be instakilled by anything except a sniper headshot. #tracerlivesmatter
CL4P-TP theTR-8R on 14. Jul. 2016.
fuck yeah blizzard I can't stomach those 6 dvas during competitive play sudden death.
Tolgore _ on 14. Jul. 2016.
Oh they left pharah as she was and nerfed soldier? lol
Chandler LeBoeuf on 14. Jul. 2016.
wow why the fuck Nerf my main. Rip Roadhog ult.
Galaxies Hand on 14. Jul. 2016.
i loved zenyatta at first site and i can tell you these buffs are gonna be way more usefull
MeanManSlayer on 14. Jul. 2016.
finally i wanted that soldier 76 nerf a long time now ... i hated so much that he had such a big accuracy
KomAr43Here on 14. Jul. 2016.
Well, this puts Zenyatta in a better position for higher up play. More viable, too.
Nathan Maelstrom on 14. Jul. 2016.
Zenyatta's gotta go fast!
Jmyster4 on 14. Jul. 2016.
Anyone know when the update will be officially rolled out?
Cole The Wizard on 14. Jul. 2016.
As a dva main with a 52 average eliminations in competitive, there are going to be a lot of new dva mlg wannabes with her buff
Garrett Z on 14. Jul. 2016.
I like the changes for McCree and Zenyatta, but as a D.Va player I honestly don't like the buffs. I could get used to the new Defense Matrix, but it would be great if it was still bound to E (I know you can do this manually, but there's no point in not having that as default). The ultimate changes are nice, but I almost preferred the original detonation time (it's hard to do a good mech toss now). Otherwise, I really like the update, but the D.Va stuff is a bit off right now. Edit: Also had to say, the Mercy Ult charge nerf is actually pretty good, because that's less time you're waiting with your ult charged for your team to die, which translates to less of letting your team get killed.
Kyota “Gildewarz” Lannelongue on 14. Jul. 2016.
Defense Matrix from D.Va seems way OP now, she was already a pretty good tank, but now add the "Reinhardt like" shield seems too much...
Sumowning on 14. Jul. 2016.
Lucio speed buff + Ana's Ult on Zenyatta's Ult.. That heap of metal is gonna turn into a bullet xD
MunchingTV on 14. Jul. 2016.
1 Hero Limit? That sounds like something the Chinese Ripoff would do
HydroAutumn 42 on 14. Jul. 2016.
Overall this is a great patch. So glad Zenyatta and D.Va are getting buffs. I have mixed feelings about the hero limit, but it is what it is.
GraceWoW on 14. Jul. 2016.
been waiting for that dva buff
Knobby Gaming on 14. Jul. 2016.
I think Blizzard might be jumping the gun here. Nerfing and buffing this many heros at once can be extremely bad for gameplay because you dont know what one buff on a hero can change with other hero's. For instance when Widowmaker got nerfed it was a slight buff to Zenyatta because he could no longer be one hit body shot by her. I think it would be better if blizzard made small changes at a time just to see where the game sits and then continue the changes afterwards. I am not saying this is a bad thing because these changes do seem good however i hope blizzard does not intend to constantly keep changing heroes like they do in heroes of the storm where every single patch the team comps change drastically because of the changes to heroes.
John9 - CSGO, Overwatch & More! on 14. Jul. 2016.
watching hte game in the background is so cringe sure its commentary but still could show some better gameplay
Tyler Neal on 14. Jul. 2016.
No Torbjorn turret nerf though.
Franco Bonavento on 14. Jul. 2016.
Force jou jumped too quickly with this news, Blizzard alredy said that they will change some of this things. Mercy dmg amp will go back to 30% because of the efect it had on Mc Cree so they prefered keep mercy the way it is bus still buff him. Also they said that the 200 hitpoints zen was maybe a little too mutch (flankers like reaper and genji should be able to take him down before dyign because of the discord) so they are going to test a 175 zen instead, also in the ptr projectile hitboxes are the same as hitscan ones! i dont know if this will go live but is a huge nerf to hanzo.
Amazing Meloetta on 14. Jul. 2016.
u235u235u235 on 14. Jul. 2016.
what's best script/program to skip youtube ads?
Austin McCormick on 14. Jul. 2016.
DesiredHeadshot on 14. Jul. 2016.
And were still stuck with 20 tick servers.
Nora Babcock on 14. Jul. 2016.
One hero limit is NOT A GOOD MOVE. If pros want to impose that limit on themselves fine; but having multiple of a hero is a legitimate strategy, and if teams are unable to handle that then that's on them for not better coordinating their team to deal with the situation. To be honest one more thing in addition that could have been done to overtime is that the meter refills like D.Va's new shield update and that would deal with those tracers and others that just tap the site for a second and die. So if they are able to win that overtime it was because they were just better and able to stay on that site. The other problem I have with one hero limit is that diversity of team comps will diminish until there is a single or very few team comps that will be viable and it will become very boring very fast. It limits the skill cap of the game significantly and is just not as fun to play or watch. Although I would be able to settle on a two or three hero cap if they really felt it's
rdhao on 14. Jul. 2016.
So anybody read the patchnotes and notice that the only selfhealing hero that didnt get her ult cost increased was mei?
Crazyzjm on 14. Jul. 2016.
That is a huge DVA bufff
Duncan Wood on 14. Jul. 2016.
But wouldn't the mercy nerf be nullified by the increase in charge from her self healing. Do the self healing and the healing to another player both count towards it?
MichaelChiklisCares on 14. Jul. 2016.
I still love Soldier 76 after nerf, love all the buffs and nerfs.
Redd on 14. Jul. 2016.
So now Mei and Reaper got a buff, because they both have self-heal abilities yet their ultimate times were not adjusted. Just thought I'd point that out.
TekaiGuy on 14. Jul. 2016.
Blizzard is the balance god.
ImTotallyNotSenpai - Katsukawa on 14. Jul. 2016.
Ana could be the safer version of Mercy. She can snipe teammates to heal them... Whats not to love?
Potato on 14. Jul. 2016.
There's one thing I'd add to Zenyatta's buff. Increase the speed at what his Orbs of Destruction travel. Like twice as fast. So it's more based on accuracy and less based on whether we can get a few lucky headshots at shooting in the general location the enemy is in. That's it. No more damage, speed or anything. Just a boost to his Orb of Destruction travel speed and maybe even so his alternative fire charges twice as fast. That's it.
MichaelChiklisCares on 14. Jul. 2016.
Already seen D.va on Pornhub
Jonah Joyce on 14. Jul. 2016.
I have been a Zenyatta main the hole time this makes me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
LE0NSKA on 14. Jul. 2016.
holy shit! DVA WILL BE NUTS! but overall awesome! so glad for zenyatta.. is my fav support but god damn, you died fast.
Fyvi on 14. Jul. 2016.
Soe xcited for D.va. Omg! :D Great video. :3
High Elf on 14. Jul. 2016.
Yess! Embrace the Iris!
Colby Buggi on 14. Jul. 2016.
I better start maining zenyatta now
Tony Basso on 14. Jul. 2016.
Right mouse button?
Ryan Stoner on 14. Jul. 2016.
What Reinhardt skin is that?
nick Castronuova on 14. Jul. 2016.
When Ana buffs a Reinhard all hell breaks loose
Claes Gill on 14. Jul. 2016.
Good update!
Niklas Laerbusch on 14. Jul. 2016.
POkemon GO ist ein dummes scheiss Spiel!
xXSonicBrawlerXx on 14. Jul. 2016.
I main Zenyatta so these buffs make me really happy. I also main hanzo so its cool that he didnt get nerfed!
gabriel hawkeyes on 14. Jul. 2016.
dva buff though..